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Archive for May, 2009

May 29th, 2009 by Kate Seidametova   Posted in Job News, Unemployment

May 22: Monsanto lays off 55 in Mississippi.

May 21: The UPS airlines arm cuts 80 mechanics on slump in shipping volume.

May 19: Hewlett-Packard cuts 6,400 workers and announces 17% decline in quarterly profit.

May 19: Medtronic cuts executive pay by 5%, freezes salaries and slashes upward of 1,800 jobs.

May 18: American Express cuts 4,000 jobs, adding to 7,000 job cuts announced last October.

May 15: Following review of operations announced in February, Nike cuts 1,750 jobs.

Source: Forbes

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May 28th, 2009 by Andrew Kucheriavy   Posted in Resume Writing

We’ve recently compiled a list of Top Ten Resume Tips that everyone needs to know before sitting down to write or update their resume. This list was compiled with the help of our LinkedIn Job 2.0 group. Without further adieu, here it is:

Resume Tips Everyone Needs to Know (see the complete artcile)

  1. Don’t lie on your resume.

  2. Keep it simple – use simple language and straight to the point.

  3. Tailor your resume for each specific job application.

  4. Customize cover letter that you submit with your resume.

  5. Keep it Short. Use bullet points to deliver key points in your resume.

  6. Include your accomplishments and not just your job duties.

  7. List quantifiable results along with your accomplishments.

  8. Proofread, proofread again and then have someone else proofread your resume.

  9. Keep it professional. No photos, no colored paper or fancy typefaces.

  10. Include reliable references that will guarantee excellent feedback.

The complete artcile is available at

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May 14th, 2009 by Andrew Kucheriavy   Posted in Job News, Unemployment

May 5: Microsoft sends layoff notices to 1,000 employees

April 30: Tribune Co lays off 61 people

April 30: Nokia cuts 450 jobs

April 21: Yahoo shrinks workforce by 675

Source: Forbes
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May 11th, 2009 by Sergey Novoselov   Posted in Career Advice, Job News, Unemployment

The job market is still getting worse. ADP National Employment report said the private sector reduced payrolls by approximately 491,000 jobs in April. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported on May 8 a decline of about 539,000 jobs in the private and public sectors combined and the unemployment rate increase from 8.5 in March to 8.9 percent in April.

With the labor market so weak, it’s hard to understand why so many positions are open. According to a BusinessWeek recent cover story, employers reported 3 million openings they were trying to fill as of the end of February while more than 13 million people were unemployed in March.

Are US employers too picky and rejecting reasonable candidates?

Employers claim that jobless people don’t necessarily have the required skills. The sectors with the most openings (education and health care) are different from the ones that are losing the most workers (manufacturing and construction). Even within the same industry there are people whose skills are outdated or out of sync. The BusinessWeek story, however, has comments from people saying that employers just want to avoid paying for training, want to export jobs, and prefer cheap foreigners on H-1B visas.

So the employers are picky these days, but there are also workers with unrealistic expectations. The next question is what can be done to increase your changes in the tough job market?

We have a few ideas and will share one with you today - updating your resume. Though it may seem to be a boring exercise, it can help you to rethink your skill set and to make a timely decision or maybe even the right career choice. For those who is doing it first time, haven’t done it for a while, or just want to get it redone completely, there are easy-to-use tools, such as, Resume Assistant, as well as, many useful resources on resume writing, interviewing, salary & benefits, unemployment, and many other topics. You won’t get marketable skills just from reading this, but it can at least point you to the right direction.

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May 1st, 2009 by Tatiana Varenik   Posted in Interviewing

When filling out a job application, creating a resume, or interviewing for a position in the United States, you are protected by several federal, state, and local laws which limit the types of questions that you can be asked when applying for a job. If you are asked one of these questions, you should politely answer it in a way that protects your rights. Try to understand what the employer is really trying to find out. For example, if you are asked if you are a U.S. citizen, you might respond that you are authorized to work in the United States. Here are some of the most common illegal interview questions:

  • Are you a U.S. citizen?
  • Where were you or your parents born?
  • What is your native language?
  • How old are you?
  • When did you graduate from college?
  • What is your birthday?
  • What is your marital status?
  • Who do you live with?
  • Do you plan to have a family? When?
  • How many kids do you have?
  • What are you child care arrangements?
  • What clubs or social organizations do you belong to?
  • How tall are you?
  • How much do you weigh?
  • Do you have any disabilities?
  • What is your medical history?
  • Have you had any recent or past illnesses or operations?
  • When was your last physical examination?
  • What is your family’s health history?
  • When did you lose your eyesight?
  • Have you ever been arrested?
  • Were you honorably discharged from the military?
  • What branch of the armed forces did you serve in?
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