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October 15th, 2012 by Robert Moskowitz   Posted in Resumark News

Male Executive With Severe Headache - IsolatedWe all report to someone, and eventually - perhaps often - that very same someone will put us on the spot by asking an unanticipated tough question or making a pointed remark that requires an immediate response.

Some people are born with the ability to think on their feet and come up with a good answer to such a challenge. The rest of us need help in developing this useful and important ability. Once we master it, we will not only be able to come up with something worthwhile to say, we will have the ability to say it effectively. Those are valuable personal attributes, because people involuntarily tend to feel confidence in these kinds of remarks, and respect as smart and trustworthy the person who makes them.

Here are some suggestions to help you improve your ability to think better and faster on your feet:

Speak From a Place of Confidence

If you have inner doubts in unanticipated situations, as soon as you open your mouth they will come pouring out for everyone to see. So the first rule of learning to think on your feet is to follow that old saw: “Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.”

Of course, NOT speaking because you’re NOT thinking is NOT going to get you very far. So the second rule of learning to think on your feet is to steadily build your knowledge of the various situations in which are likely to you find yourself, and do some thinking about them before you ever get to that unanticipated situation.
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March 1st, 2012 by Robert Moskowitz   Posted in Resumark News

Opportunities for New Leaders Part 2Whether you slide into a leadership position with a new company, or get newly promoted to leadership within your present organization, fitting yourself into a new-to-you leadership role automatically creates some wonderful opportunities (that are less-readily available to old-timers) to upgrade your level of success.

Last time we talked about extending your time horizon, your readiness to share credit, and your willingness to let others lead.

Here are three more suggestions on how to take advantage of opportunities that come with a new leadership post:

Gather Your Information From Many Sources

One of the most common ways organizations begin to flounder and fail is that good, solid, timely information stops trickling upwards to where leaders can make proper use of it. This happens because short-sighted or selfish leaders tend to rewards bearers of glad tidings, and punish bearers of sad tidings. The result: honest information has a harder time moving up the chain of command.

As a new leader, you have an unparalleled opportunity to forge brand new channels of communications that will keep you aware of what’s really going on around you. To do this, try:
  • Keeping your eyes and ears open. This is primary. Although you can’t possibly see and hear everything that goes on around you, the more you’re directly in touch with people and events, the better you can evaluate the accuracy of other, secondary channels of information.
  • Establish regular channels of communication with knowledgeable people both inside and outside your organization - including constituents, stakeholders, or whatever you want to call them. Keep these channels wide open by using them frequently, and check what you learn from each one against what you learn from the others. All together, they can bring you a broad, accurate picture of events and trends in your organizational environment.
Keep Sending A Consistent Set of Messages

If you’re phony, it takes a lot of time and energy to remember what you’re supposed to be communicating to each person or group in your environment. And should they start talking to each other, they’ll discover the inconsistencies and become suspicious. That’s just one reason it’s so much easier and more effective to start off simply, openly and honestly in your new leadership position.
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November 29th, 2011 by Juliana Weiss-Roessler   Posted in Resumark News

Quick Tips to Personalize Your Cover LetterEvery single cover letter should be personalized. If you’ve been out in the world looking for a job for any length of time, you know this. You’ve been told over and over. And it makes sense - if you’re an employer, are you going to give precedence to the cover letter that says something unique and interesting and shows that the jobseeker took their time and cares about getting a job at your company… or the one that reads like a form letter?

Here’s the problem, though: really and truly making each letter personal by rewriting it from the ground up each time to fit the needs of every single job you apply for - that just isn’t feasible for most of us. Nor is it practical. You should be spending your time looking for more jobs rather than agonizing over perfecting a cover letter that - let’s face it - most likely isn’t going to get you hired.

So what’s the answer, then? Too generic and you get ignored. Too specific and personal and you’re likely wasting time. What you need is a middle ground. A way to make each letter feel personal without actually needing to start from scratch each time. Check out the tips below and you’ll be ready to do just that - employers will be beating down your door in no time!

Name the person you’re emailing. I know it’s difficult - and sometimes impossible these days with internet postings that can even withhold the name of the company - but do whatever you can to get the name of the person to whom the email is going. Call the company. Go to their website. When all else fails, don’t do the generic “To Whom It May Concern,” Instead, address your application to the “Hiring Manager”, “College Recruiter”, or “Selection Committee.”
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November 28th, 2011 by Robert Moskowitz   Posted in Resumark News

Increase Your Workplace Visibility - Part 2In a perfect world, everyone would recognize and appreciate your capabilities before you ever had to ask. In the modern workplace, asking is rarely enough. In fact, it’s easy to get lost amid the complexity of most tasks and the cooperation required within most teams.

Last time, we covered ideas for better positioning and extended networking to win yourself appropriate visibility. This time, let’s cover a few more ideas to make sure your work is properly noticed:

Log What You Do

Don’t trust your memory to keep track of everything you work on, every goal you accomplish. It’s too easy to forget some of the work, or some of the people. Instead, keep a written and dated log or diary of your projects, the work you do, the people with whom you interact, and the results you achieve.

Use this log to prompt your supervisor’s memory prior to and during your performance and compensation reviews. Also, review it as necessary so when management asks if you know anything about X,  or  Y, o r Z, you’re primed to give chapter and verse on all you’ve accomplished in those areas, and the extent of your expertise.

Don’t forget to include in your log all the praise, compliments, and positive work reviews you earn from customers, clients, and colleagues.

All this information will also be useful in establishing your value within the organization.

Learn to Like the Spotlight

It’s not psychologically healthy to be the kind of person who is happy only when he or she is receiving attention, adulation, or acclaim. But it’s neither smart or healthy to shy away from kudos you have honestly earned.
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October 5th, 2011 by Danielle Kogan   Posted in Resumark News

Unemployment Extension


President Barack Obama has implemented a 2012 unemployment benefits extension in California and Florida, two of the highest unemployed statesin the country. These Federally Extended benefits, or emergency unemployment compensation,  have been extended by Congress nine times since they were first passed in June 2008.

Studies show that unemployment insurance extensions increased the share of workers who became re-employed by about 1.3 percentage points in January 2011 by reducing the fraction who excited the labor force, and what this extension intends to do is exactly that- increase the number of Americans who find new jobs.

References for filing an Unemployment Extension for California, Florida, and any other US State can be found at  Unemployment-Extension.Org.
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