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10 Best iPhone and iPad Applications for Job Seekers
May 14th, 2010 by Juliana Weiss-Roessler  Posted in Job Search, Most Popular

ipad-iphone-job-searchOut of the house? That doesn’t mean your job search has to be put on hold. These applications allow you to take the job hunt with you, so you don’t miss out on any opportunity that becomes available.

LinkedIn (Free)

Many people update their Facebook statuses from their iPhone, but have you ever thought of keeping your LinkedIn status up to date? This app allows you to do just that, as well as receive the latest updates from your network. If you’re about to head into a meeting or meet someone at a panel, you can quickly look them up to see if you have any connections to them in your professional social network.

Internship Seeker (Free)

If you’re just starting out, an internship can be a great first step in your career. This application is uniquely focused on helping you find the best internship by interest and location. The application also makes it easy to forward positions to your email or friends that might be interested.

LinkUp (Free)

Stay up to date on the latest job openings no matter where you are. This application posts listings found only on company websites, so you won’t run into any scams, headhunters, duplicates, or positions that have already been filled. Easily search by keyword, location, company, or category, and then apply straight from your device or email it to yourself to apply later.

Jobs by (Free)

Another job search application that is connected to the popular website Like LinkUp, you can search and apply for jobs right from your device. What makes it unique is the ability to utilize GPS to find jobs nearest to your current location!

10-apps-greatcareerSnapDat (Free)

At a networking event, but forgot your business card at home? No problem! With this application, you’ll always have a virtual copy ready. Design your electronic business card with your own logo and layout. Then, send contact information to a SnapDat user just by inputting their username. If they don’t have SnapDat, you can send the information via email with your vCard.

Craigster ($.99)

Take Craigslist on the go. You can view the latest job opportunities posted to the popular website, and then email it to yourself to apply for later. On your splash screen, the icon will show up as CraigsPal, but don’t worry, you have the right app!

iGetAJob ($.99)

If you’re juggling multiple interviews in a week, this is a great application for you. You can keep track of phone calls, e-mails, and personal visits, as well as jobs that you are interested in, including job name, contact person, date, pay rate, and any other information you need. It conveniently organizes all of the contacts that you use for your job search in one place.

Resume PRO ($2.99)

Input your job experience, skill set, education, extracurricular activities, references, and even a photo if you want, and this application will create a professional-looking PDF resume. Then, when you need to send it along to someone, you can simply enter the email address into your phone, and it’s sent off to the company or recruiter. You can even include a generic cover letter if required. A great way to get your resume in first!

Great Career from Stephen Covey ($4.99)

If you’re a personal development fan, you’ll enjoy this application from Stephen Covey, author of Great Work, Great Career. Watch the videos, read the content, and use the interactive exercises and tools to discover your strengths, create your “contribution statement,” build a network of people to help you, and more.

Business Card Reader ($5.99)

You’ve attending a networking event, and now you have a pile of business cards. How do you keep them organized? Save yourself the time of inputting the information with this application. Simply photograph the business card, and the Reader will instantly enter the information into your contacts.
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  • Allen Crosten

    As a job seeker, I believe, one must put efforts to add skills in their resume. While surfing iTunes, I have found out some really good iPad apps, which has good potentials to grab attention of the recruiters. These are the language learning apps.

    I am learning the German and French language courses from Hello-Hello French & Hello-Hello German apps, there are other language apps too, available in iTune, but personally I found their teaching methodology and graphics comparably better. But, you all make your purchasing decisions, as per your own preferences.


    Looks like a ton of great info. to implement, a bit overwhelming! how do I start?

  • kellynowlin

    How about the iPhone app, NameCatcher Biz for job seekers? It helps you remember people's names, including the gatekeepers!

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