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What to Do After Job Interview - Effective Ways of Improving Your Chances
April 21st, 2010 by Kate Seidametova  Posted in Career Advice, Interviewing

Thank You NoteSo you’ve just had a job interview? Congratulations!

You must be wondering: Did I get the job? Will they call me? What do I do now?

Well, there are actually several things you can do to get extra points and hopefully improve your chances of getting hired. Following up after the interview will help you stand out and may demonstrate that you are a strong candidate for the position.

In fact, if you don’t follow a simple post-interview etiquette, you may actually harm your chances of getting the job. According to a survey conducted by CareerBuilder, 15% of hiring managers wouldn’t hire someone who didn’t send a “Thank you” note, and 32% would think less of them.

Here is what you should do:

Write a Thank You letter

Writing a “thank you” letter after a job interview is a must!  As a rule, send a Thank You letter to everybody you had an interview with.  Make sure to send it no latter than 24 hours after the interview. You can send an e-mail or just a card. For more information on how to write an effective Thank You letter please refer to our articles:

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Write an Influence Letter

Haven’t heard of it before? Don’t be surprised – this is the latest trend that some recruiters say could be much more effective that a simple “Thank You” note.

Instead of a Thank You note, you can write a letter designed to influence the hiring manager to decide in your favor. How do you do this?

First, start by thanking them for the interview and for the opportunity (i.e. a simple Thank You!). Then tackle any specific doubts about your candidacy that you think they may have (you should have gotten a feeling for any at the job interview).  For example, if you sense they are wondering if you are a good fit, explain how you can meet their needs and back it up by showing how you’ve performed at your previous jobs. Highlight your relevant skills.

Use this opportunity to mention anything you wished you had said during the interview but didn’t. This may be your last opportunity to do so.

Make sure to reiterate your interest in the job and in the company and keep it short.

Before sending the follow-up letter out make sure it is without typos or grammatical errors. Remember this simple rule: proofread it, then proofread it again, then have someone else proofread it. We all know what happens when your letter to an employer has typos in it – it ends up on our funniest typos in resumes and letters list.

After sending the letter, relax and stop worrying! You’ve done your best and it is out of your hands now!  It is just a matter of time before these simple steps will land you a job of your dreams!
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  • Drac

    Great article! Great on providing wrong advice to be precise. Almost all hiring managers don't care about a written thank you note. Actually the vast majority of managers I know personally treat these as junk mail or email spam (so at least as a nuisance). A verbal thank you at the end of interview is more than sufficient. 95% of the organisations don't thank the candidates for their time and effort in writing. If an organisation is deciding whom to hire based on junk mail sent in - is this really the place you want to be?

    Remember - the best companies hire based on the skills and experience matching the job requirements.

    I'm awaiting for a next great article - shall we say "How wearing red tie gives you 20% advantage over blue tie during interview" or "Wearing cufflinks guarantees getting the job!" "Watches - TAG or Omega? Secret to successful job application"...

  • bizlady08

    Funny. In the paragraph about being sure to proofread your thank-you letter, there's a typo! ("then proofreads it again,..." s/b "then proofread it again,..."). heh-heh

  • Heh….thanks for noticing! This proves our point of how important proofreading is, especially if you are writing a blog about proofreading ;)

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