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Top Five Facebook Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Career

Become a Fan of Resumark.comFacebook is one of the most popular social networking websites with more than 400 million active users. Everybody knows that it is a powerful marketing tool. It is also a dangerous tool. If you are not smart about using it you can make big career mistakes. Surveys show that approximately 30% employers are using Facebook to screen potential employees.

Some time ago before the Internet when people were looking for a job all they needed is a well-written resume and a cover letter. Then handle the job interview well and pass a background check. Today, in Internet era, when a simple Google search can reveal a lot of different information, you need to be careful and watch out what you write on social networking web sites.

Don’t make these Facebook mistakes that can cost you career:

Posting Inappropriate Pictures. Think twice before posting a picture in your public profile. Prospective/current employers or clients don’t want to see pictures of you dancing on a table after having a few drinks. Our advice is do not post any compromising pictures or discrediting evidence of using illegal substances; even a drunken college picture can harm you.

Thrashing out Your Work, Your Coworkers, Your Boss or Your Previous Employers. Profiles can say a lot about a person. After all it is a place to showcase your personality. If you are saying inappropriate things about your current or previous employers and coworkers, will the potential employer would want to bring you onto his team?

Posting information conflicting with your resume. If you are looking for a job and sending out your resume to different employers, make sure the information in your resume matches your Facebook profile information.  If according to your resume your degree is from University of Phoenix, but your Facebook profile says you went to Harvard, you’re likely to be immediately cut from the interview list.

Profile Statuses You Wouldn’t Want Your Boss or Coworkers to See. If you write something like: “I hate my job, it’s so boring. I am planning to call in sick tomorrow. So tonight I can relax and have fun.”  Don’t be surprised if you find your name on the layoffs list.  Also avoid statuses like: “Watching a great movie at my desk”. If your boss will read something like this, I don’t think he’ll like it.

Know who you connect with. Even if you careful about what you posting on your Facebook profile, unfortunately you can’t control what your friends write there. They can share some pictures from the last party with inappropriate comments.  And of course it wouldn’t be a great thing if your current or potential employer finds out. That is why you should take a look at everything connected to your profile and keep an eye on what your friends post.

According to, here are the top reasons given by employers for not hiring someone based on an Internet search:
  • Lying about job qualifications - 31%
  • Poor communication skills - 25%
  • Links to criminal behavior - 24%
  • Trash-talking previous employers - 19%
  • Posting inappropriate photographs online - 11%
  • Using unprofessional screen names - 8%
The best advice is to lock down your Facebook profile so that only friends you approve can see it. If you are planning to use Facebook as an online resume, you probably should create a second profile and include only the information you’d like your potential employer to see. Having a social networking profile is a good thing — it presents you as technologically and professionally savvy.
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  • If you are nursing a broken heart, be sure to protect your security, maintain dignity, and remove the former, as far as possible.

  • Mace_loss

    why not having two profiles , one personal other professional!!!! ...set up the personal account with an email address that only family and friends know...and never put your full name...(just a thought)

  • Naomi

    I agree that "Having a social networking profile is a good thing", but I DO NOT agree that using Facebook is the way to "presents yourself as technologically and professionally savvy." Facebook is a social network but to me it is not the appropriate place to share your professional background. There are many online affiliates that are meant for that such as LinkedIn, Xing and many more. Maybe originally Facebook had a different aim but unfortunately, in my eyes, today it has nothing to do with sourcing out business opportunities or a future successful job. If you are trying to present yourself as a professional, I suggest to get rid of this immature yellow gossip platform and stick to the big boys playground.

  • Check out 'Job Seekers on Facebook' from YouTube at >>

  • brice bonjour

    I personally believe that Facebook is NOT a professional oriented social network, reason why your connections are called "friends". Then, one can use it for professional purposes (promotion for instance). Am I the only one to see it this way?

  • williamchapman

    I am very very weary about this, I would much rather use an online resume tool like Facebook has too many flaws and ways that people can manipulate you resume for an online resume

  • hari p

    It is utter stupidity if some one links profiles on internet and taking decision on employing some one. Any way ,it may be one of the so many stupidities we have to live with.

    As we all know, there is a heavenly error on judging people on the basis of resumes and ''communication'' abilities, profile scratching etc. How many of these jerks filtered and selected first by recruiters, then by employers , actuallly perform?

  • Ed Vargas

    The idea of locking the profile down is to prevent potential employers from coming across inappropriate content that "friends" have posted, not necessarily content you have put there.

  • Afaq Shakoor

    Instead of locking down your profile, why not let it be seen to all, this will be a deterrent to posting inappropriate comments and pictures.

    Well written post..

  • Nicholas Christakes

    The 1st thing that comes to my mind is that Facebook profiles can be set to friends only. That would keep unwelcome visitors from gleaning potentially damaging information..or any information for that matter.

  • Social media and the hiring process have evolved into an interesting relationship. With all the above advice ringing true about having an appropriate boss friendly Facebook page - it is advantageous to understand social media as a potential strength in the workplace. If you are comfortable using Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin etc., you are more likely to add value to future employers who rely on these tools for marketing and brand awareness.

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