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Are You Ready for Your Job Interview via Skype?
October 27th, 2009 by Tatiana Varenik  Posted in Interviewing, Job Search, Most Popular
2 Job Websites not taking you seriously?All companies try to save time and money especially with today’s economy.  Now some of them know how they can save on job interviews.

These days many companies use Skype program to conduct job interviews. It is an Internet-based program that allows real-time international communication.  Voice and video calls are free Skype-to-Skype no matter where you’re located. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection.

For companies it saves a lot of money on travel expenses and provides the employer with a much quicker and easier way to find the perfect person for the position without the time consuming face-to-face interview process.

For candidates for employment, it’s easy to interview right from home and, if you prepare in advance, video interviewing can be much less stressful than interviewing in person.

Here are some tips on how to prepare for a Skype interview:

1. This is an interview. You should be prepared as you go for a regular interview.  Research the company, know your resume very well, read the job description, prepare  answers to most common interview questions. Do not forget to prepare questions for an interviewer. Here you can read more interview preparation tips.

2. Clean up your room. You don’t want an interviewer to see all the mess you have in your home or  office.  It may create the wrong impression about you.

3. Fix yourself up. You should look professional. Wear a nice suit the same you would wear on an in-person interview. Learn how to dress for success.

4. Check your computer. Allow plenty of time before the interview to test all the equipment. Turn on your computer, check your Internet connection, the Skype program, web camera, speakers, and microphone.

5. Keep the noise down. All the noises will disturb your conversation.  Make sure you turned off your cell phone, TV and radio, closed windows, put your dog in a different room, etc. Tell your family to not enter the room until you finish with the interview.
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  • Liam Anderson

    To add to the above, probably a good idea to enchange back up phone numbers etc in case Skype goes down.

    If the people on the other end use MS messenger or gmail, you could even have a back up VOIP system.

    Cameras are nice to haves but they aren't essential, so if the call goes down, you could try reconnecting without the camera, this will reduce the bandwidth used which may well solve the problem, since the picture takes most of the bandwidth and so slows the transmission and reception down considerably.

    Best wishes


  • Jeffrey

    Been there, done that. Tip 6 - Practice on-camera. Get a friend or family member online and spend some time in front of the camera. Get their feedback on how you look and sound on air. I've gone as far as to position a cue card directly above the camera. Tip 7 - Stay calm when the technology crashes. If the problem is on the other end, relax and use the extra time to rearrange and re-adjust. The HR person will need to contact IT and that will give you at least 30 minutes to make any last minute course corrections. There were technology issues in each of the three occasions where I was involved in this process using similar technology as part of the interview process. And yes, I did get the one job that I wanted.

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