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Posting Resume

Who can post a resume?
I am not looking for a job right now. Can I still upload my resume?
I am afraid my employer will see my resume. What can I do?
Can I post my CV / Curriculum Vitae?
Can I post multiple resumes?
Can I post someone else's resume?
Why can't I find my resume in the search results?
You are paying me to invite friends. is this a Pyramid / Ponzi / MLM scheme?
Are there any guidelines or restrictions for my resume?
How can I increase the number of my resume downloads?
How often can I update my resume?
Can I remove my resume if I change my mind?
How can I affect the placement of my resume in search results?
Can I cheat the system?
I am outside of the U.S. Can I post my resume?

Searching & Downloading Resumes

How much does it cost to search resumes?
How do I find resumes that I am looking for?
How do I download resumes?
How do I purchase download credits?
Are resume downloads refundable?
Do download credits expire?
Are download credit purchases refundable?
Where can I find downloaded resumes?
May I share downloaded resumes?
Can I search for resumes in my country (outside of the U.S)?

Commissions & Withdrawals

How can I receive my earned commission?
How much money will my resume earn me?
What do I get for inviting friends/colleagues?
How can I maximize my earnings?
What are the current commission rates?
How do I make donations to my charity or school?
Who pays taxes on my commission payments?

Affiliate Program

Who can join the Affiliate Program?
How much does it cost to join the Affiliate Program?
How can I make money with Resumark.com?
How are affiliate program payments processed?