Our Privacy Pledge

We take protecting YOUR privacy very seriously and we promise YOU the following: 


  1. We take multiple steps to manually screen and verify all employers who have access to download your resume. Only verified employers who have paid you to download your resume would have access to your contact information.

  2. We protect your identity by blocking out your last name, your phone number, your e-mail address, and your street/unit number when your resume is shown to potential employers. Only paying verified employers will have access to that information.

  3. We pledge that we will NEVER sell your information to spammers, other websites, telemarketers, or share your information with any third parties unrelated to your job search. In fact, we will deny access to your resume if there are any indications it may be used for any purposes other than employment.

  4. We will never post your complete resume to other websites without your knowledge or consent. Any links from other websites pointing to your resume on Resumark.com, would always point to the resume with your information protected. Your resume will always remain only on Resumark.com and protected using the abovementioned methods. 

  5. Optionally, you may also choose to restrict your current employer’s access to your resume in the settings under your account.

  6. You can remove (delete) your resume at any time. Such requests are processed automatically and no employers would be able to access your resume following its removal. We also agree not to store any copies of your resume other than for temporary backup purposes. 

  7. We implement the latest technologies and security measures to protect access to your information and your privacy. We employ the same security protocols used by online banks (from encryption to redundant firewalls) and we perform regular security checks and reviews to ensure your information is safe. 

  8. We protect your private information by storing your resumes on servers physically located in a highly secure data-center, access to which is biometrically restricted to a small number of Resumark.com employees who are bound by non-disclosure agreements. The data center is physically protected and monitored around the clock. 

  9. For more information regarding on how else we protect your privacy please refer to our Privacy Policy.

  10. Should you ever have any questions or concerns regarding your privacy, you can always e-mail or call us and we promise to assist you to the best of our abilities.