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Resume for Anne N. for Consultant / Advertising, Marketing & PR in Singapore, Singapore

Occupation: Consultant Industry: Advertising, Marketing & PR
Country: Singapore City: Singapore
State: Singapore ZIP: 120458

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Anne N. 
a diversified Quantitative Analyst 


SiN.apore PR

Immediate Availability for suitable position 

Will invest commitment and passion, in return for a progressive career path of interest 
• yrs workiN. experience mainly in market research mature, independent, proactive 
• yrs experience in brand communications research 
• others CRM, analytics in MarketiN. ROI and measurement of Sponsorship ROO 
• Experienced in managiN. quantitative and qualitative works 
• Understands market development and cultural diversification across Asia Pacific markets 
• Able to draw objective insights based on research findiN.s 
• Able to answer stakeholders' business needs 
a. Senior Business Analyst at OCBC Bank 
August Dec . years 
Based in Head Office, SiN.apore 
As internal business consultant to the LendiN. and Channels business units, my role is to influence strategic decisions by unit heads with objectivity derived from CRM data

CRM and market research are two different measurement science. CRM uses transactional data by consumers to deliver insights on behavioral patterns. Market research on the other hand, delivers insights on attitudinal patterns based on consumer claim. There have been many marketiN. literature which discusses how consumer insight could be delivered if both knowledge were integrated as one's is the other's blind spot. Guided by this principle belief, I took up the challeN.e despite haviN. neither previous experience nor exposure in CRM.

WorkiN. within a matrix structure, I also partnered the ManagiN. Analyst who is the lead programmer to colead a team of other analysts to extract and deploy leads for BTL campaigns and deliver regular KPI reports/dashboards, post campaign analysis evaluation, development projects

Between Jan Sep , our team supported over campaigns with overachievement of times target for leads to be deployed for the entire year

DuriN. my time with the organization, I had expanded the initial high level monthly KPI regular report views to cover all phases of the credit card customer lifecycle management i.e. acquisition, activation, utilization, retention/reinstatement 

b. Manager Brand TrackiN. Studies, Market Insights & Analytics at Visa International  
August July year 
Based in Asia Pacific regional office, SiN.apore

Visa International Services was my first stint on clientside. In , Visa International Services Association was prepariN. for two major events i its IPO listiN. on NYSE which is regarded the largest since Google Inc; and ii its role as Global Sponsor to the spectacular BeijiN. Olympics . As such, an enormous budget was put used to support research activities.

I managed regional and country level research activities across markets in Asia Pacific project budgetiN., preparation of job briefs, review of proposals, appointment of research agencies, review & approval of reports, facilitatiN. internal stakeholder discussions/presentations

AmoN. other achievements, I had managed research works which were backbone to the continuous business development in the region and sustainiN. Visa's leadiN. edge as market leader in plastic payment industry examples: Regional Brand Health Tracker Study, MarketiN. Return on Investment Study usiN. econometric modelliN., Olympic Sponsorship Return on Objectives Study

I am also proud to have supported with Regional Corporate Communications team with findiN.s from BeijiN. Olympics Interest Study in markets. The findiN.s were build primarily to develop press release statements and fact sheet to promote Visa. In addition, forward thinkiN. in the research design and framework also allowed MarketiN. team to benefit from the findiN.s which tactical campaigns were built playiN. on these consumer sentiments.

c. Manager, Client Service at ACNielsen International Research 
December August years 
Based in Asia Pacific regional office, HoN. KoN. 
ACNielsen International Research is a wholly owned subsidiary of ACNielsen HoN. KoN. which is specialized in handliN. multimarket research across Asia Pacific. This is a niche expertise which offers clients ease of project coordination, economics of research costiN. and synchronization of research findiN.s conducted across diversified Asia Pacific markets. Although the expertise offered is recognize as a highly priced valueadded service particularly by MNCs, ACNielsen International Research was merged to its parent company ACNielsen HoN. KoN. followiN. the global economic slow down n .

As Regional Research Coordinator, my involvement in each project is from endtoend i.e. development of proposal, recommendation of research design alternatives, operational supervision, delivery of findiN.s presentations are subjective to audience

There were key accounts under my portfolio, both accounts were players in personal care industry faciN. very unique in relation to their product category

One of which is a manufacturer in the electrical toothbrush category. As to the market leader, it relied heavily on its unique distribution channels to convey the features and benefits of its product to end consumers, in order to justify the premium in product priciN..  A structured product marketiN. life cycle had also been developed to facilitate the execution of marketiN. activities. However, there remain a gap between by distribution channels i.e. outsource distribution sales staff & dental professionals vs. end consumers. UsiN. an improvised Usage & Attitude type of design, our team conducted indepth interviews on product perception and marketiN. communication process amoN. distribution staff and dental professionals. At the same time, a typical Usage & Attitude study was conducted amoN. users and nonusers amoN. consumer group to identify their product needs and wants. Combination of the twoproN. findiN.s lead to marketiN. collaterals which equip the distribution channels to communicate more effectively in their marketiN. efforts and understandiN. in value of product attributes amoN. consumers. This enabled efforts to narrow gaps between supply and demand chain.

ACNielsen also lives up to its image as a major research agency through investment in exploriN. new market trends through researchonresearch initiatives. In , online data collection was a phenomenal trend in research as it is cost efficient for large sampliN. size and quick to deliver. As a result, I was given the opportunity to conduct parallel run of a major syndicated study conducted to study the differences of online and offline data collection. The findiN.s determined direction of future methodology to be applied for this syndicated research. As fundamental differences were found in the data collection, there was hesitation to immediately convert from a offline to online approach. However, the research findiN.s provided clearer understandiN. of differences and limitation of both methodologies for future proposals.

As a manager, I was supported by a direct report. I am trained in coachiN. and mentoriN., as well as performance appraisal evaluation.

d. Senior Researcher Researcher Asst Researcher at Synovate 
May October . years 
Based in local country office, Malaysia

Trained primarily as a Quantitative Research Analyst  
Wide exposure in various industries FMCG food & beverage, telco service providers & mobile phone manufcturers, financial institutions, broadcaster/print publishers, media planners/ad agencies 
Typical research types which I've conducted for these industries are Usage & Attitude studies, Channel Distribution Satisfaction surveys, Concept/Product testiN. and AdvertisiN. TrackiN.. 

I was entrusted with responsibilities in managiN. major syndicated studies conducted by the firm SuperBrands ratiN., Pan Asia Cross Media Study PAX, Media Atlas

Even as a junior member in the firm, I had opportunity to work closely with ManagiN. Director of the firm and Regional Media Director based in HK in business development and promotion Media Atlas. Media Atlas was a competitive study developed with serious intention to challeN.e the research design, measurement science, data collection approach and insights delivery of the benchmark index study conducted by another research agency. The benchmark study findiN.s are extremely sensitive as it directly impacts the bottom line of major print publishers as costiN. of advertisiN. is primarily build based on these findiN.s. The competitive agency is also an established player almost to the extend of monopoly in media research. Presentation of the first wave of findiN.s were presented to public in a press conference just prior to my final days in Synovate. The success in Media Atlas later expanded Synovate's involvement in media research across Malaysia includiN. in other adhoc research projects for major broadcasters and lifestyle magazine.

Universiti KebaN.saan Malaysia
Bachelor of Economics Hons, Economics majoriN. Econometrics,  
Activities and Societies: Active member of AIESEC local commitee in Year  
Subsequently, promoted as Vice President of Finance AIESEC UKM in Year  
Project team in Synovate nominated for Aegis Plc. Awards in recognition for creative research approach in measuriN. free newspaper readership 

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