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Resume for Joël V. for Customer Support / Client Care / Advertising, Marketing & PR in Schaerbeek, Belgium

Occupation: Customer Support / Client Care Industry: Advertising, Marketing & PR
Country: Belgium City: Schaerbeek
State: Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest ZIP: 1030

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Joël V.  

Avenue Clays  Born on Sept. ,

B BRUSSELS  Belgian, married

Phone: +. . /.. home

GSM:  +. . /.. gsm

Phone: +. . /.. office





A challenging position in the



BACKGROUND  Outstanding experience in Customer Service / Commercial / CRM / Consulting areas 

 People manager, excellent communicator, Team builder.

  • Flexible, able to cope with changes in a moving environment.
  • No nonsense attitude, do’er, results oriented facts & figures
  •  Team spirit, dynamic, assertive, innovator, Problemsolver

  • Excellent negotiation and persuasion skills “winwin” approach.
  • Worked in international & national environments as well for “biggies” as for S&M structures

    STUDIES  Degree in Economy ULB University of Brussels

    Numerous trainings and seminars complete list available upon request



    CRM Manager Ad Interim via ESSENSYS, permanent since July



    See details enclosed – Cpys I worked for – NEN Lifesciences – UPC – MOBISTAR – Totem Consult ANTIDOT – Syndicat des Indépendants  

    PROXIMUS Belgacom Mobile                                                                           

    Manager  Commercial and Administrative Support to point of sales 

    ARJO WIGGINS                                                                                                  

    Manager Customer Service 

    ERICSSON INFORMATION SYSTEMS                                                          

    Manager Customer Service 

    BELGIAN IRON & STEEL FEDERATION                                                     

    Economic Adviser

    SVP BENELUX Service Centre                                                                         

    Economic Adviser Project Leader



    MANAGEMENT CENTRE EUROPE MCE   European Headquarters of the AMERICAN MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION AMA. CRM and Database Manager via ESSENSYS Group former ETM – Permanent since July

    Main objectives & results of the assignment / permanent function :

         Implementation of working procedures & processes in line with MCE’ working guidelines.Training, coaching and motivation of the CRM & Database team, in order to deliver the best qualitative & quantitative services to internal as well as external customers Internal customers, e.g. Direct Marketing team, Web knowledge management team.

     Implementation of a professional Customers Database management results reached : Postmail DB multiplied by , Email DB multiplied by  , returns % : less than % for Postmail, between % & % for Emails closely related to the development & improvement of a CRM strategy for MCE.

     Definition & implementation of a set of KPI ’s & SLA ’s related to DB Team activities to closely measure evolution and improvements of service deliveries. Based on MCE’ strategy, definition of the Team’ mission, declined in measurable operational objectives.

     Job descriptions creation as well for the CRM manager as for the members of the CRM/ DB Team.

          Selling DB content to external providers, turning DB team activities into a profit centre instead of a cost one.


    Main objectives & results of the assignments :

     To act as Account Manager for the Company ANTIDOT MOBISTAR ’s supplier of the Web portal for Business Direct & Indirect Sales.

     To develop the Business of a Webbased reseller shop of secondhand Agricultural & Transport machines in the French part of Belgium, as well as in the North of France AGROMACHINE.

     To develop the business of a Web training Company TOTEM Consult.

    MOBISTAR   –  Project Manager Corporate & Professional Sales via AIM

    Main objectives & results of the assignment :

  • Implementation of  a Web portal for Indirect & Direct Sales forces enabling an electronic transfer of activations information from the Sales forces / dealers sites to the MOBISTAR Customer Service operations .
  • Training, coaching & motivations of Sales Forces. Target: to get the “buyin” from external M*’s partners concerning the use and development of this tool. Target: to boost sales results, to reduce operational costs, to increase activations quality, reliability and fastness.
  • Development of a selfservice tool, enabling partners and customers to reduce the number of stakeholders involved in the activation’s process.Ultimate goal, to give customers “Fleet Managers” access to the management of  their GSM’s park in an efficient and independent way.
  • Coordination between Sales, Marketing, Cust. Service, Legal & IT to boost the full automatic activation concept.

       Main objectives & results of those assignments :

  • To set up a Commercial, Marketing & help desk structure for a Small Web portal development Company.
  • To develop a reverse auction concept in the frame of a business development project for a communication Company
  • To prepare an ISO certification for a small industrial Company located in the Brussels area.
  • To counsel a nonprofit organization concerning services offers diversifications, enhancing their image versus their members.
  • MOBISTAR   –  

    . Manager AI Coordination & Support Team inside the IT Department >/.

    Main objectives & results of the assignment :

  • Handle the daytoday business inside the ISD Coordination & Support Dept Team Members.
  • Creation of a Procurement process in line with the Company’s Cost Containment policy +/ billion BEF purchasing inside ISD yearly based. PIU Process Improvement Unit coordinator.
  • Followup, participation, coordination of the ISD yearly budgeting exercise.
  • Ultimately responsible for ISO recertification inside ISD process facilitator, internal auditor.

    . ISD Account Manager AI for the M* CSD/HR/SCM Dpts >/.

    Main objectives & results of the assignment:

  • Interfacing with ISD Client Depts ISD Account Manager for the M* CSD/HR/SCM for all administration activities resulting from the ISD core business. Target: customer satisfaction improvement.
  • Acting as the first and privileged ISD contact for the management of the Clients depts. Explaining, promoting and defending the Client’s requirements within ISD as well as the ISD strategy within the Client’s depts.
  • Understanding and assessing the clients’requirements and ensuring clear definition of the core business.
  • Ensuring that IT  solutions  are  proposed, developed  and implemented.
  • Defining and monitoring SLA between Clients and ISD. Problem solver for ALL IS internal relationships

    . ISD Head of Domain CRM/PRM AI > /. Policy Maker level > N’s level

    Main objectives & results of the assignment : FTE’s team, budget involved .. EUROS, yearly based

  • To advise the IS Director and his clients in the development and use of the IT strategy, by anticipating the clients’requirements changes and guarantee adequate actions to fulfill clients’ needs.
  • To determine/negotiate the SLA to be used within the Business Domain : defining, implementeting, managing KPIs.
  • To ensure correct definition and understanding of the business requirements.
  • To define and to implement the methods and processes on the IT developments.
  • To manage several teams of highly qualified experts which analyse and develop IT solutions.
  • In collaboration with procurement, to negotiate and lobby at direction level with the suppliers in order to obtain the highest level of quality of deliverables and services.


    U.S. worldwide cable operator pay TV, Internet, Telephony – Belgian Turnover BEF million.

    Manager AI Customer Service , Technical Help Desk , Network operations Ad Interim / Staff : +/ .

       Main objectives & results of the assignment :

      To audit en reengineer the existing flows and processes used by the Customer Care Department .

  • Front Office + Call Centre:
  • reception desks in Brussels, in Leuven, selling and counselling customers on the different products & services offered by the company.
  • Claims management + contracts management moving, invoicing, etc…. Call Centre agents in Brussels + Supervisor, classical commercial and administration support to the customers. Hour’s coverage extension.
  • Service level end of September > +/ %, April > +/ %. Target: %.
  • Back Office + Technical Internet Help desk:
  • BO: agents

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