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Resume for Kevin G. for Executive Manager / Advertising, Marketing & PR in Eagle Mountain, Utah

Occupation: Executive Manager Industry: Advertising, Marketing & PR
Country: United States City: Eagle Mountain
State: Utah ZIP: 84005

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Phone: | Email: | Address: Harrier Street Eagle Mountain, UT
Visionary and highly accomplished professional, offering + years of assertive, compelling style that has
proven to be inspirational and profitable. Versatile executive strategist, recognized for having superior
internet marketing skills, exceptional sales abilities, and superlative business acumen. Progressive,
decisive, and highly valued for expertise in online/offline cohesive marketing, translating objectives into
actionable plans, and providing decisive leadership to multifunctional, cross cultural teams. Respected by
superiors, peers, and clientele for being highly collaborative and interpersonal. Currently seeking a
challenging Executivelevel Internet Marketing/Advertising position which will effectively utilize all
acquired skills, abilities, and areas of expertise as follows:
|Current/ New Business Dev. |Traffic/Consumer Trend |Business/Revenue Growth |
|Product Development |Data Analysis/Review |Lead/Sales Generation |
|Product Deployment |ECommerce Operations |Budgeting/Forecasting/P&L |
|Strategies & Implementation |Product Development |Market Research/Analysis |
|Search Engine Optimization |Internet Marketing/Advertising |BB & BC Marketing |
|Search Engine Marketing |Website Development |Social Marketing |
|Local & International Marketing |Channel Optimization |Viral Marketing |
PositionKing, LLC.
VP of Marketing
Startup company. Worked directly with investor and provided many different skill sets from multiple
departments during term. Provided the following including but not limited to; Marketing plan,
HR/Company policy’s, sales team creation/development, implemented and managed lead to sales
strategies. Created, managed and optimized overall products & services developed as well as
fulfillment and customer service flow. Negotiated and managed corporate alliances, managed media
buys, established and managed accounting protocol, created and managed customer service and quality
control, interviewed and hired key individuals, managed company direction and overall cohesiveness.
Media Learner, Inc.
Chief Marketing Officer
SemiStartup company. Directed all aspects of the company’s marketing policies, objectives, and
initiatives, including, but not limited to organic SEO, PPC, social/viral, optimized press
releases/articles, CPM, affiliate campaign, affiliate network, multivariate and split testing, and the
overall development of a consumer friendly/company friendly organic SEO portal. Created, managed
and optimized overall products & services developed as well as fulfillment and customer service flow.
Negotiated corporate lead supplier revenue stream agreements, as well as consulted company
shareholders on marketing other ventures and assisted those individual companies in implementing
their own effective online marketing campaigns. Trained inhouse marketing reps on proven marketing
methods and techniques to educate business customers in an effort to help those customers become
more successful.
Selected Achievements
| |Created and managed a $ online buyer campaign averaging sales weekly. |
| |Per lead value was $ DPL dollar per lead. |
| |Reduced cancellations, refunds, and chargebacks by %, greatly increasing |
| |overall customer satisfaction and LCV lifetime client value. |
| |Created a new, multimillion dollar revenue stream for company as a lead |
| |supplier, selling leads to other telesales companies. |
| |Developed and managed a high quality search engine product with a low |
| |fulfillment cost which sold as Upsell. Search engine product sales generated an|
| |additional $, per week. |
| |Increased online sales from per day to per day. |
Acorn International
VP of Marketing
Startup company. Managed corporate relationships and contract negotiations, directed all multivariate
and split
testing, all crosspromotion campaigns, and all contextual portal campaign placements. Implemented
entire affiliate campaign and network. Created, managed and optimized overall products & services
developed as well
as fulfillment and customer service flow
Selected Achievements
| |Created a new revenue stream by collecting nonbuyer data and implementing a |
| |call center upsell campaign, collecting approximately , leads daily and |
| |converting an average of %% to daily sales. |
| |Implemented a profitable inbound customer service call center, decreasing |
| |cancellations by %, as well as a website exit strategy, capturing and |
| |converting % of exiting visitors into sales. |
| |Increased sales/leads from per day to + per day |
| |Created autoresponder campaigns increasing conversions an additional %. |
| |Organized and negotiated effective email marketing campaigns, averaging %% |
| |conversions, and generated over $M in revenue between April and December of |
| |. |
ROI Blast, LLC
CRM Targeted Marketing Campaign Manager
SemiStartup Company. Optimized and streamlined multiple sales channels and data across multiple
CRM’s. Coordinated all projects between legal, design, programming, copywriting, sales, educational
consultants and customer service teams. Established multiple email campaigns & saveasale/exit
strategy protocols. Projected current and future ROI on all projects for VP. Created data monetization
channel and coordinated monetization efforts with all teams and established rd party monetization
partnerships. Directed the development of a consumer/company friendly organic SEO portal, managed
rd party relationships and contract negotiations, and trained SEO reps on organic SEO and best in
class SEO practices. Created, managed and optimized overall products & services developed as well
as fulfillment and customer service flow. Developed and later managed entire affiliate team for
multiple vendors.
Selected Achievements
| |Implemented tier data mining and monetization strategy, increasing sales % |
| |on first tier, % on second tier, and % on the third tier. |
| |Organized lead generation for a new campaign which generated ,+ leads daily.|
| |Created a residual model, generating , new signups per month. |
| |Implemented an inbound/outbound call center strategy, increasing sales by %. |
| |Opened a new revenue stream becoming a lead supplier to other companies with |
| |sales floors. |
| |Created a new residual revenue stream by offering online marketing education and|
| |oneonone consulting/coaching. |
| |Reduced cancellations, refunds, and chargebacks by %. |
Professional Marketing, Inc. PMI
Executive Sales Engineer
Analyzed client businesses and assisted in offering solutions that met the client’s needs and goals.
Provided technical knowledge of product offerings to support and build sales. Regularly trained fellow
sales engineers/consultants on proven marketing methods and techniques while managing organic in
house SEO and PPC campaigns.
Selected Achievements
| |Consulted ,+ companies during employment regarding business setup, business|
| |management, company website development and successful marketing practices, as |
| |well as all other points relative to owning/running an ecommerce business. |
| |Assisted in the creation of an online educational portal consisting of business |
| |growth strategies, resultsdriven web design techniques, and complete marketing |
| |curriculum courses which included tests per course to verify curriculum |
| |understanding. This introduced a member driven continuity program, increasing |
| |retention and overall customer value while decreasing Inbound calls to customer |
| |service and other consultants. |

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