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Resume for Chetan for Engineer / Aerospace & Defense in Bangalore, India

Occupation: Engineer Industry: Aerospace & Defense
Country: India City: Bangalore
State: Karnataka ZIP: 560029

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Chetan K
|Objective |I would like to work in a challenging and skill intensive environment that|
| |can take advantage of my abilities with continuous learning and |
| |implementation. |
|Skill Summary |I have a Post Graduate degree M.EMechanical from BITS, Pilani and a |
| |Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Bangalore Institute of Technology, |
| |VTU, Karnataka. |
| |I have years Months of Work Experience and months of Industrial |
| |Internship experience as part of M.E Curriculum. |
| |I have years of work experience after M.E and months of Industrial |
| |internship experience as part of M.E. curriculum in Stress/CFD analysis.|
| | |
| |I have years months of work experience after B.E as design engineer. |
| |My analogous knowledge and experience in the CAE domain includes FE |
| |Analysis, CFD Analysis, Optimization and working on software such as |
| |Ansys, Abaqus, Hypermesh, Patran / Nastran, Fluent / Gambit, Ansys CFX, |
| |ICEM CFD to name a few. |
|Experience |Aug–Till Date Goodrich Aerospace Services Pvt Ltd. |
| |Bangalore |
| |Stress Engineer |
| |Goodrich Corporation, a Fortune company, is a leading global supplier |
| |of systems and services to the aerospace and defense industry. |
| |Work for the Stress Group supporting the “Interiors” SBU of Goodrich |
| |Aerospace which includes the. Cargo Handling System, Lighting System, |
| |Evacuation System and Seating Systems. |
| |Exposure to both FE and CFD analysis. |
| | Months of Onsite work experience USA. |
| |Work involves extensive analysis of all components with Hand calculations |
| |using subject fundamentals and FE analysis. |
| |The chief tasks include Analysis of load paths, Derivation of loads, |
| |Classical and FE analysis of components/systems, Preparation of FE model |
| |and Analysis, Validation of FE analysis, Development of automation for |
| |repetitive analysis and Documentation of analysis as per customer |
| |requirements and aerospace industry standards. |
| |Exposure to |
| |Linear and Nonlinear analysis, |
| |Thermal analysis, |
| |Vibration analysis, |
| |Fatigue Analysis. |
| |Key Projects: |
| |Aero Structure Group Projects: |
| |Present Project Post Bird Strike Analysis for Bombardier CSeries: |
| |The Post bird strike analysis is performed to verify if the engine inlet |
| |structure is able to sustain the loads that arise post the bird strike |
| |event. The parts to be analyzed are the LipSkin, Forward Bulkhead, Inner |
| |and Outer barrels. The analysis is to be performed using the FE tools |
| |Hypermesh and Patran / Nastran. |
| |Inspection Jig Assembly, Trolley, Slings Project for Airbus AW: |
|Stress Analysis |Analysis Classical & FE of Tool structures like Platforms, Walkways, |
|FEA |Pylons, Sling assemblies, Trolleys for Transportation, Wind and |
| |Engineering loads for Structural adequacy of |
| |Assembly Structure |
| |Tubings, Welding, Plates & Locking pins, Bushings, Fasteners |
| |Cargo Handling System Projects: |
| |Boeing Dreamliner Cargo Handling System Loads Derivation: |
| |The project involved derivation of loads for the entire Cargo Handling |
| |System and each of its components / LRU’s based on which Boeing would |
| |design the main Airframe. |
| |Derivation of G Flight Loads, Scaled Loads, Abuse Loads and Interface |
| |Loads for all identified ULD configurations. |
| |Development of automated excel sheets and writing VBA Macros for loads |
| |calculation. |
| |Developing APDL macros for derivation of Interface Loads from FE analysis.|
| | |
| |Latch Assemblies of Boeing Dreamliner: |
| |The latch assemblies are a part of the Lower Lobe Cargo Handling System of|
| |Boeing Passenger Aircraft. The latches are installed in the roller |
| |tracks on the lower deck of the and provide longitudinal and vertical |
| |restraint to the Unit Load Devices ULD. The latch assembly consists of |
| |lockheads / pawls, side plates, pins, shafts and springs. The pin and |
| |shaft arrangement provides the interface of the latches to the aircraft. |
| |Derivation of loads / load cases from aircrafts load documents and |
| |Identification of critical load cases. |
| |Development of automation for derivation of loads for all the individual |
| |components in the assembly for each load case |
| |Analysis of all components for critical load cases. The analysis included |
| |Section analysis of Sideplates and Pawls for Bending, Shear, Torsion. |
| |FE Analysis – Linear and Nonlinear and FE validation |
| |Fatigue analysis, Lug analysis, Buckling analysis |
| |Contact Stress Analysis, Bearing Stress analysis, Plastic Bending |
| |Freighter Common Turntable and Power Drive Units: |
| |The function of the Freight Common Turntable FCT and Power Drive Units |
| |PDU is to assist with the movement of unit load devices ULD into and |
| |out of the Cargo Handling System CHS. Analysis involved: |
| |Kinematics and stress calculation of drive components and stress analysis |
| |substantiating the structural adequacy of the whole system |
| |Derivation of applied loads including Cargo handling and Flight loads, |
| |Analysis of load path, FBD diagrams, Derivation of loads for each |
| |component in the assembly. |
| |Preparation of schematic diagrams, Classical analysis of Gears, Bearings, |
| |Shafts, Pins, Brakes, Fasteners and Development of automation process for |
| |repetitive analysis. Gear analysis based on AGMA equations, Shaft analysis|
| |based on Forces, Reactions and Moments and Bearing analysis based on AFBMA|
| |equations |
| |FE Analysis and Fatigue Analysis of all major structural parts |
| |Allowable Damage Limits ADL on Cargo Trays: |
| |It involved the analysis of Doorway, Forward and Aft compartment trays for|
| |allowable damage limits. |
| |Selection of a set of sections representing the most commonly occurring |
| |sections over the numerous stations along the trays. |
| |Crippling and Buckling analysis of sections to determine the maximum |
| |allowable load, Analysis of individual trays for maximum allowable loads |
| |Lighting Group Projects: |
| |Analysis of Aircraft Interior Flight Deck and Exterior Lights and |
| |Fixtures: |
| |Analysis of Aircraft Interior Flight Deck and Exterior Lights and |
| |Fixtures for Acceleration Loads G Loads |
| |Random Vibration Analysis, Harmonic Analysis and Analysis of fasteners |
| |Onsite Support for Lighting Group USA: |
| |Exposure to various types of testing of Aircraft Interior and Exterior |
| |Lights |
| |Detailed Documentation of Tests |
| |Verification of tests and test reports with Quality Test Procedures |
| |Evacuation System Projects: |
| |Airbus A Gas Generator: |
| |A Thermal Propellant Grain Stress Analysis was carried out due to thermal |

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