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Resume for Ioannis G. for Engineer / Aerospace & Defense in Voula, Greece

Occupation: Engineer Industry: Aerospace & Defense
Country: Greece City: Voula
State: Attiki ZIP: 16673

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Full Name : Ioannis G.
Date of birth : Sep
Place of birth : Preveza Greece
Spoken languages : Greek English French– Spanish
Address : Korytsas str. Voula – Attika
Tel. number :
Mobile phone number:
Fax number :
Email address :
A. Qualifications StudiesCourses
High School Diploma .
First Certificate in EnglishUniversity of Cambridge .
Hellenic Air Force AcademyAir Defense Controller
Computer Programmers Course, FebDec .
ERCSECM Resistant Communication System Managers CourseGeilenkirchen–Germany Nov .
Electronic Warfare EW Staff Officers Course–Mather Air Force Base Sacramento CaliforniaUSA Jun Jul
Junior Staff Officers CourseAthens AprJul .
Surveillance Controllers Training Course NATO AWACSAirborne Warning and Control System Operator
Distinguished Graduate Geilenkirchen Germany JulNov .
Tactical Leadership Program TLP, Electronic Warfare Course Florennes Air Force BaseBelgium, Sep .
Note: Copies of all the aforementioned certificates are available and can be shown
upon request.
B. Employment
. System Engineer/Consultant ISIHInternational Systems Interoperability Hellas
Company, st October Present
• National ARS ACC/RPC/SFP Offset Program: Part of a team in charge of the Design, Development,
Integration, Testing and Evaluation of the program. More specifically:
o I deal with the Interoperability of the National ARS with its ACCS/ARS counterpart, since iaw the
contract both systems will have to complement each other.
o I deal with the integration of multiple MIDS terminals onto the same C Host.
o I deal with the external TDL Interfaces in terms of GBAD Units, e.g.
Patriot PAC, and IHAWK, other CRCs, AEW&C platforms, Maritime
Forces, and ACCS/CARS through AWCIES, etc.
o I coordinate with the NATO ACCS related Hellenic Air Force’s team, in order to harmonize
requirements, and to find out differences/discrepancies.
o I deal with the SFPSensor Fusion Post to Sensor Interface, based on the AWCIES/ASTERIX
o Moreover, I work on Business development
issues, proposing new business ideas, by
performing technology assessment and exploring
market trends.
. Program ManagerSystem EngineerConsultant Free Lancer Part
time Job
? SERVAIR Hellas Ltd Company: In charge of the implementation of the
STARS systemSatellite Tracking and Reporting System. I provided system
engineering work, for enhancing system capabilities, so it is compatible with Blue
Force Tracking military operations, SARSearch and Rescue, Coast Guard, ATC
purposes, CMCrisis Management operations, etc.
. System EngineerConsultantProject ManagerBusiness Development
? ORATON Simulation Intelligence Technologies Company: In charge of
business development, market research, technology assessment, drafting
proposals as a response to official RFPS/RFIsRequest for Proposal/ Request for
Information, as they were originating from the customers, in terms of Remote
Sensing technologies, CMcrisis management, COP/CTPCommon Operational
Picture/Common Tactical Picture, Mission Combat Simulators e.g AHAttack
Helicopters, transport, etc, Asset Tracking systems in conjunction with Satellite
Navigation systems, ATCAir Traffic Control e.g ModeS, ADSB Automatic
Dependent SurveillanceBroadcast, CPDLCControllertoPilot Data Link
Communication, etc.
? Have provided comments/proposals/concerning the ATC Radar Simulator
project for a private company.
. Managing Director of the private company “Hermes Data Link Solutions” –Sub
< SubContract of the Thales Electronic Systems Company:
o System Engineer:
? wrote the operational acceptance test scenarios for the
Operational Test and Evaluation OT&E phase, particularly covered
the Voice Communications, as well as the IFF subsystems.
? wrote operational documents in terms of the AEW&C support
to Maritime operations, as well as AEW&C Surveillance and Weapons
control operations.
? performed system engineering work in terms of finding out
“incompatibilities” between the Search Radar and the IFF
Identification Friend or Foe.
? performed system engineering work in terms of finding out
“discrepancies” as far as the HF High Frequency, ALE Automatic
Link establishment capability is concerned.
? proposed studies as well as risk definition, reduction and risk
assessment work to be done in terms of working out a TEMPTest and
Evaluation Master Plan, as well as an Interface Interoperability Analysis.
o Program Management:
? participated in several progress meetings with the end
customer. During those meetings, e.g SRRsystem requirements
reviews, SDRsystem design reviews, CDRcritical design reviews,etc
provided technical solutions for mitigating the risk of the program.
. Thales Airborne Systems former Thomson CSF Detexis company employee
Paris France May July
< System Engineer:
? “System Design and Development team” for the Tactical Data Links
and the C Command and Control systems of the Erieye AEW&C.
? C HostDLIP Data Link Interface Processor: Finding
inconsistencies among other external systems.
? wrote specifications for the Data Link communication of a
controlling unit with Fighter aircraft.
? member of the OPWG Operational Working group, which dealt
with the operational concept of employment for the ERIEYE AEW&C.
Provided a great deal of work in terms of concept of operations, interface
interoperability analyses, exchange of information in the CISR
environment, multilink operational concept, etc.
? wrote operational scenarios for the OT&E Operational Test and
Evaluation of the ERIEYE AEW&C.
? member of the tactical situation study team, which dealt with
defining the horizontal and vertical exchange of information in the digitized
battlefield. e.g. A SoS approach. Provided a comprehensive plan in terms
of the vertical as well as the Horizontal flow of information, among various
forces in the digitized battlefield.
? member of working groups which dealt with finding out the
operational requirements as well as performed operational analysis
concerning new potential AEW&C projects.
? performed an extensive study in terms of HF High Frequency
adaptive and automatic communications e.g ALEAutomatic

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