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Resume for Brent O. for Manager / Supervisor / Team Leader / Aerospace & Defense in Huntsville, Alabama

Occupation: Manager / Supervisor / Team Leader Industry: Aerospace & Defense
Country: United States City: Huntsville
State: Alabama ZIP: 35811

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Brent Reynolds O.

Chambers Drive NE


Huntsville, AL



L Communications  / – Present

Huntsville, AL  

Operations Analyst SETA Lead      

Operations Analyst supporting the Director of Test Operations, MDA. Science, Engineering, and Technology Lead SETA Lead. Prepares accurate reports, position papers, and executive summaries on technical and operational issues. Prepares and coordinates staff actions and special projects. Provides quality control and resolution on routine staff actions. Provides briefing content and assists in briefing preparation for MDA leadership. Executive Review Coordinator for all test reviews to the Director of Test and MDA Director encompassing separate reviews per test event approximately tests per year. Tracks numerous MDA schedules. Responsible for management of the MDA Vital Records Repository. Provide direct support to Test Integration, Scheduling, and Orchestration. 

L Communications / /

Huntsville, AL  

Operations Analyst

Operations Analyst supporting the Director, MDA, Combined Test Force CTF, Support Operations. Serves as member of the Operations Section within the CTF Support Division and functions as an operations analyst. Prepares accurate reports, position papers, and executive summaries on technical and operational issues. Prepares and coordinates staff actions and special projects. Provides quality control and resolution on routine staff actions. Provides briefing content and assists in briefing preparation for CTF leadership. Manages and runs CTF Operation Center War Room. Presents CTF briefings to VIPs and CTF leadership. Provides CTF conference/event support. Provides collective training mission / function support. Tracks numerous MDA schedules and develops CTF common calendars. Responsible for management of the MDA Vital Records Repository and the MDA Executive Review Schedule averaging over ground and flight missile tests per year. Assists in other Operations Section staff functions as necessary.  

Eagle Group International / /

Arlington, VA Skyline,  

Functional Regional Analyst

Senior Analyst managing Regional Analysts in Europe, Korea, Japan, and the United States representing the Military Vaccine Agency MILVAX for the Department of Defense. Supervised the assistance of all military Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine, and Coast Guard Medical Treatment Facilities MTF with training and developing executable MILVAX Immunization Programs. Responsible for monitoring regions’ implementation and support to MILVAX immunization programs including Individual Medical Readiness and database tracking systems. Tracks and maintains statistics of unit compliance and determine strategies for improvement, especially for deploying units. Routinely prepare and present MILVAX program briefings and coordinate conferences and courses. Conduct assistance visits to Region Analyst areas of responsibility to include deployment sites, installations, and units. Responsible for oversight of the coordination of vaccinations for military personnel within the Department of Defense including U.S. government civilians. Responsible for coordinating regional activities and requirements with all Major Commands and Service Components. Coordinate and support MILVAXfocused conferences, training courses, and meetings. Assist with Immunization Tracking System ITS activities and requirements. 

Eagle Group International / /

Arlington, VA Pentagon  

Deputy Program Manager

Deputy Program Manager for four Desk Watch Officers, Office of the Chief, Army Reserves located in the HQDA Army Operations Center of the Pentagon. Additionally served as Action Officer in the areas of U.S. SOUTHCOM and Force Projection Platforms and disaster response. Develop timely recommendations to facilitate senior Army decisionmaking in support of military and civil operations. Provide input to the development of national military priorities, force options and capabilities, and other joint issues. Coordinate actions between Headquarters, Department of the Army, USARC, FEMA, Forces Command, and National Guard Bureau. Provide daily briefings to the Chief, Army Reserve. Attend and represent the Army Reserve at military operational briefings. Primary responsibility to perform a daily review of classified EXSUMs, SITREPs, and briefings from over MACOMs and Combatant Commands throughout the world which includes, but is not limited to; Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Germany, the Balkans, Central and South America. Distill the information for EXSUMs and Information Papers for the HQDA G Current Operations Director MG and Deputy Director BG with coordination through the Team Chief COL on shift. After daily review and discernment of two DAlevel briefings totaling slides, distill the information into a clear, concise onepage summary for the Chief, U.S. Army Reserves. Provide the majority of input for the daily HQDA SITREP with a primary focus on military missions in the regions of Central and South America, and Guantanamo. Weekly responsibility to review and understand all aspects of the weekly HQDA, FORSCOM, and CFLCC briefs. Serve as planner and facilitator for United States Army and United States Army Reserve Continuity Operation COOP exercises. Serve as primary point of contact between United States Army and the United States Reserves during emergency response support to national disaster emergency response i.e. hurricanes, floods, wildfires, and fires throughout the world.  

Eagle Group International / /

Atlanta, GA  

Operations Analyst

Subject Matter Expert on Combat Support Operations in support of Reserve Component aviation and medical units deploying to Bosnia and Kosovo. Provided scenario development, implementation, and after action training/mentoring in the area of operations and aviation support. Also served as Battle Simulation Shift Manager Corps and Task Force Level, primarily in the areas of Information Operations, Aviation, and Current Operations for Command and Readiness Exercises involving units deploying in support of Afghanistan and Iraq. Also assisted the state of Georgia Emergency Management Agency with their scenario development, training, observer/controller support for annual Public Health emergency response plans, training and mass casualty exercises. Support required working with all regional healthcare facilities and medical supply stockpile facilities. 

First U. S. A. Command Surgeon  / /

Atlanta, GA 

Healthcare Operations/Plans/Mobilization Officer

Plans and Mobilization Officer of an organizational headquarters with operational control of Army installations in a state region, responsible for directing and managing all areas of reserve military personnel, operations, training, logistics, and information management.  

U. S. A. Europe Region Medical Command / /

Heidelberg, Germany  

Chief, Current Operations and Emergency Response

Operations, Training, Security and Readiness Officer for Europe Regional Medical Command consisting of three definitive care hospitals and outlying health clinics beds throughout Europe. Reorganized operation plans supporting deployments, plans, readiness, exercises, and the local communities. Developed training guidance for a military and civilian population of + staff members. Wrote, staffed and incorporated medical support plans providing fixed and deployed support to higher echelon medical services LEVEL III. This included medical and logistics personnel for countries, deployment in support of peace keeping and stability operations, and other operations in Bosnia and Kosovo. Served as single point of contact for organization’s seven Crisis Reaction Teams deployed throughout Europe emergency response and disaster relief. Response teams consisted of Forward Surgical Teams, Head and Neck Spinal Specialty teams, Chemical and Biological Hazard Response teams, Aeromedical Evacuation Response teams, Pathology Response teams, and Crisis Intervention Response Teams. This included managing the sourcing, training, modernization, and budget of all teams. This area of responsibility also included forward staging of whole blood, drugs, and other medical supplies. Planned and directed medical staff functions for health services in a multinational NATO HQ in Macedonia and Kosovo for country stabilization operations. Chairman of NATO working group for issues on only border crossing between Macedonia and Kosovo as to border disputes, grievances, traffic management, customs, law enforcement, engineer projects, and security.

During assignments in Germany I coordinated emergency response, medical evacuation and healthcare assets in support of...

The Chaumonix avalanche French/Swiss Border.

The bombing of the U.S.S. Cole in the port of Aden in Yemen.

Operation Provide Hope medical equipment donation and training in the Ukraine.

Task Force Shining Hope, a large scale refugee camp construction project in Albania for Kosovar refugees.

Management of hospital deployments three for Bosnia.

Management of hospital deployments three for Kosovo and Macedonia.

Emergency and routine blood shipments.

Managed three hospital biohazard and HAZMAT response teams. 

U. S. A. Army th Medical Brigade / /

Heidelberg, Germany 

Senior Aviation and Current Operations Officer

As the Chief of G, Current Operations and Taskings for th Medical Brigade, U.S. Army Europe, completely revised all tasking procedures to guarantee the actions of , soldiers were synchronized with Brigade operations and V Corps Headquarters. Served as Observer/Controller during CMTC rotations and Mission Rehearsal Exercises for rotations in Bosnia and Kosovo. Recognized for exceptional performance in the fields of medical operations and aviation. Served as primary coordinator for medical support with forces planning, sourcing, movement, reception, and onward movement for the Operation Joint Forge mission in BosniaHerzegovina, Croatia, and Hungary. Coordinated the recovery and redeployment of European based medical units returning from the Balkans. Coauthored the Joint Medical Plans for Operation Allied Harbor and Joint Task Force Shining Hope ensuring appropriate medical coverage for all forces deployed to Albania in support of Task Force Hawk. As Operations Officer for Task Force Med Falcon in Kosovo, developed and wrote the schedule and tracking mechanism insuring a fully coordinated and very successful Right Seat/Relief In Place Program for Task Force Medical Falcon’s transition in Kosovo. This included coordinating two Mass Casualty exercises. Also developed and ran the daily Battle Update Brief to give the Commander the Task Force’s immediate capabilities and hour unit posturing. Developed the “Transition to War” and “Steady State” plans for the organization. Lauded for “Herculean efforts” in the coordination of medical support for all units includes the crisis response/mitigation teams for the U.S. Embassy bombings demonstrating effective planning and sound judgment. Represented the Army on numerous foreign training exchanges involving military organization and interaction with federal, state and local governmental agencies. 

U. S. A. Safety Center and School / /

Fort Rucker, AL 

Accident Investigator, TeamSite Commander

Subject Matter Expert in the research and analysis of the United States Army Safety Center and School Aviation Flight Data Recorder Program and the Frangible Bullet. Aviation and Ground Accident Investigator. Deployed as TeamSite Commander for the United Nations in the Western Sahara. Resolved many cease fire issues within the region of responsibility near the borders of Mauritania and Algeria. Responsible for supervising over ground patrols covering , kms without incident. % successful in coordinating and supervising over helicopter reconnaissance missions over , square kms. 

U. S. A. Army Aeromedical Crash and Rescue Detachment FLATIRON / /

Fort Rucker, AL 


Commander and aviator for Aeromedical Search and Rescue SAR operations of both civilian and military personnel. Conducted over missions affecting over lives constituting over hours of accidentfree flight time. Planned and conducted support operations for medical evacuation, aircraft and equipment maintenance, personnel support services billeting, subsistence and administration, continuing education programs for staff, and aviation safety. 

Sixth U. S. A. Aviation Readiness Group / /

San Francisco, CA  

Executive Officer

Staff Officer and Interim Executive Officer for Sixth U.S. Army Aviation Readiness Group. Subject Matter Expert providing onsite training and assistance in the areas of operations and safety programs for over aviation organizations in a state area. Served as coordinator for natural disasters and other emergency response missions working closely with the Crisis Action Team, FEMA, and the National Disaster Medical System NDMS. As staff officer for the Crisis Action Team, I was responsible for conducting extensive coordination with FEMA and NDMS during operations supporting all regional disasters included Pacific Northwest fires, and the Los Angeles riots for the western United States. 

U. S. A. Medical Activity / /

Fort Leonard Wood, MO  

Hospital Company Commander

Company Commander of a healthcare organization of + people with capital assets of $+ million, and operating budget of $ million. 


Western Kentucky University

Bowling Green, Kentucky US

Bachelor's Degree /  

EmbryRiddle Aeronautical

Daytona, Florida US

semester hours towards MAS – Aircraft Carrier Operations/Aviation Safety 


Ballistic Missile Defense System BMDS BMDS Technical Instruction Course II June

Ballistic Missile Defense System BMDS Initial Operations Course I May

Lean Six Sigma – Green Belt June

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