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Resume for Farasat A. for Other / Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing in Downers Grove, Illinois

Occupation: Other Industry: Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing
Country: United States City: Downers Grove
State: Illinois ZIP: 60516

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  • Extremely talented, selfmotivated, enthusiastic and result oriented Agricultural Scientist with over years experience in the areas of growing farms and ranch by over % annually. Expert in crop farming, and coordinated complex agricultural programs and services such as plant, pest services, and marketing services; Moreover, agricultural research operations in support of research, extension and teaching activities. Excellent negotiating skills with banks and other credit lenders to get the best financing deals for equipment, livestock and seed. Deep understanding and effective management of product price fluctuation; knowledge and application of computers for increased productivity; and great planning skills with extraordinary goal getting ability, as well as excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Conducted experiments or investigations in fieldcrop problems and develops new methods of growing crops to secure more efficient production, higher yield, and improved quA.ty. Plans and carries out breeding studies at experiment stations or farms to develop and improve varieties of field crops, such as Cotton, Rice, Soybeans, Vegetables, and Cereal with respect to characteristics, such as yield, quA.ty, adaptation to specific soils or climates, and resistance to diseases and pests PLANT BREEDER. Studied crop production to discover best methods of planting, cultivation, harvesting, and effects of various climatic conditions on crops. Developed methods for control of noxious Weeds, crop diseases, and insect pests. SpeciA.zed in specific field crop, group of field crops, or specific agronomic problem.
  • Extensive Knowledge of methods, techniques and procedures used in physical and chemical analysis of soil and plant life and methods and materials used in the proper planting care and maintenance of plants; types of plants best suited for specific areas and projects.
  • Remarkable ability to accurately appraise situations and make decisions; deal effectively and cooperatively with others; speak at conferences, seminars and hearings.
  • Strong knowledge of common plant disease and insect problems relevant to seed and sod quA.ty.
  • Extensive experience in making/using Crop Water Extracts to eliminate Weeds.
  • Sound knowledge and  of the laws and regulations concerning seed and sod production, sale and distribution.
  • Ability to effectively organize work assignments.
  • Excellent oral and written  skills.
  • Proven ability to establish and maintain harmonious working relationships with others.
  • Ability to prepare policy advice and assist in putting government policy into practice.
  • Solid problem solving skills.
  • Proven ability to work independently or as part of a team.
  • Ability to apply basic statistical techniques.
  • Proficiency in the use of the computer.


  • M.S. Agronomy with Honors  
  • B.S. Agriculture with Honors  
  • B.A.                                           
  • Cisco Certified  Network Engineer CCNA

    General:  Windows /NT/XP, UNIX, Linux, MS OFFICE, TCP/IP Network Configuration. 

    Languages: SQL 

    Tools: MSOffice, Adobe Professional  

    DBMS: MySQL, SQLServer, MSAccess

    OS: Windows/XP//, MSDOS 


    ADM, Decatur, IL                                
    Assistant Agronomist

  • Determine project requirements and write specifications for the following: seeds and materials used for slope protection techniques for the restoration of borrow pits and rock mulch for medians, techniques and materials for erosion control and the removal and resetting of trees and types and techniques of seeding, sodding and fertilizing.
  • Maintain liaison with the Soil Conservation Service and conducts cooperative trials.
  • Design and implement erosion control techniques with sales, research and staff personnel.
  • Inspect and certify all seed and plant material used for landscaping.
  • Review daily reports on various areas such as seeding, slope protection, borrow pit restoration and erosion control, etc.
  • Keep track of the seed contractor and assist with information as required.
  • Direct the use and prescribe the chemicals, fertilizers, seeds and crops care programs.
  • Conduct cooperative experiments with chemical companies and county weed control authorities to accomplish vegetation control.
  • Approve all seed and chemical beds, check seed and chemical markets and keep track of vendors to ensure they are receiving the bids.
  • Program the lawn care for central complex, central supply complex, rest areas and other Department property as requested and ensure maintenance during growing season.
  • Represent the Department at Appropriation Committees on roadside development work on state, regional and national scope.
  • Planned, prepared and organized trials, both on site and in the laboratory.
  • Monitored field conditions in close detail.
  • Designed, developed experiments and undertook detailed statistical planning; balancing the demands of new experiment designs with site limitations.
  • Gathered and accurately recorded data, using computers for recording and processing results, applying  such as Farmade.
  • Analyzed, wrote and presented reports.
  • Liaised with technical development staff at all levels.
  • Conducted discussions with research staff; met with clients and adapted their requirements; and negotiated trials requirements with students in educational establishments.
  • Helped to undertake demonstrations and presentations for commercial clients and ensured that work adhered to government legislation.
  • Oversaw the running of research sites, from effective budget management to maintaining site buildings and equipment.

    BigBrother Farms, Everett, WA                                        
    Junior Agronomy Turf and Seed

  • Inspected seed fields for varietal purity, isolation and freedom from disease, insect damage and crop and weed contaminants.
  • Inspected harvesting, seed handling and cleaning equipment for freedom from other varietal and crop contaminants.
  • Conduct bin inspections and drew seed samples for laboratory analysis.
  • Conducted pre and postseeding inspections of turf grass sod production fields.
  • Approved and disapproved sod fields for sale as "certified" or "approved" sod.
  • Reviewed seed analysis reports and advised on proper disposition of seed lots.
  • Advised growers, dealers and consumers concerning production, sale and use of turf and seed.
  • Prepared materials promoting quA.ty turf and seed.
  • Bred cowherd and selected herd sires for artificial insemination purposes and Attended animals during and after birth of offspring.
  • Inspected and coordinated the repair and repaired farm equipment and machinery such as tractors and trucks.
  • Maintained inventories and requisitions of such items as fertilizer, seed, pesticide and ingredients for animal feed.
  • Planned and coordinated the repair of and constructed buildings, sheds and fences; coordinated the repair of minor electrical, plumbing and carpentry problems.
  • Maintained records such as gas usage, work completed, crops planted, number of animals bred, sold and slaughtered, food consumption and animal production activities.
  • Drove truck to transport supplies, equipment and animals needed for farm operation.

       Punjab Seed Corporation            –


  • Lead program trainer for Horticulture.  Conducted a weekly class to provide hands on training to horticulture farmers across the country.
  • Setup trial hydroponics research facilities. Gathered requirements, conducted capacity planning, created project execution plan, and played a leading role in implementing the project.
  • Provided consulting services to two leading hydroponics commercial applications.
  • Researched the impact of fertilizers on underground aquifers.  Wrote an environmental impact paper, providing recommendations for promoting organic farming, and efficient crop rotation cycles.
  • Researched the use of allelopathic crop water extract for reducing herbicide and pesticide dose on direct seeded rice.  Wrote and environmental impact providing recommendations of pest resistant organic farming techniques and crop rotation cycles.
  • Plan activities to minimize environmental degradation, monitor environmental effects of farming activities and repair existing damage through programs such as tree planting.
  • Allelopathy, a novel tool in crop productivity used in different ways like, potent allelopathic crops, included in crop rotation program to control weed and maintain soil health.
  • Allelopathic crop water extract sprayed to control weeds as good agents for better crop growth.
  • Mulched good way to enhance the soil health, controlled weeds and avoid water loss.
  • Direct seeded rice, which is a modern concept in the production of rice, as in case of conventional flooded rice, delta of water which is very high and in water deficit areas direct seeding of rice is an efficient technique.
  • Integrated nutrient management as better choice to fulfill the nutrient requirement of different crops.
  • Integrated Weed management, which is an excellent tool to maintain soil, climatic and plant health.
  • Soiled and water conservation techniques like contouring and terracing in sloppy areas are most effective planting techniques to get better yield as well as saving soil losses through erosion.
  • Used Water saving techniques like precise laser land leveling, bed sowing and drip irrigation is most effective ways to avoid water losses and to get better agricultural yield with enhanced water used efficiency.
  • Applied Integrated pest management which is very a helpful way to avoid the build up of any pest in any crop.
  • Drafted by the network infrastructure department to lend part time support to TCP/IP network design and configuration.

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