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Resume for SAJID H. for Project Manager / Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing in Abbotsford, Canada

Occupation: Project Manager Industry: Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing
Country: Canada City: Abbotsford
State: British Columbia ZIP: V2S3K4

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Sajid H.
Babich st Abbotsford BC vsk Canada +
To use my experience and inter personal skills in a challenging position to deliver top
Notch results with the highest degree of integrity.
Management Profile
> Production Planning
> Operational Control & Management
> Quality Assurance
> Nutritional Management
Professional Experience & Responsibilities
Manager Production Royal Columbian Poultry BC, Canada – Present
> Poultry farm planning ,day to day management Brooding,rearing&production
In Breeder / Layers – flock size , birds/cycle cycles /year
> Quality assurance in Poultry industryHACCP
> Ensuring the multi age layer / breeder operation remains disease free,
Performs optimally and operates cost effectively by regular reviewing of Farms
And performance data that drive the operation e.g. Mortality Rate, Body Weight,
Uniformity, Egg Weight, Feed Consumption, production %, fertility and male
> Compost technology in poultry farms
> Feed formulation and nutritional management in multi age flocks.
> Identifying areas of concern and developing action plans to ensure workplace
Improvements, having a comprehensive risk plan in place to prevent any
Unforeseen challenge.
> Achieving the budget by controlling operating costs, reducing waste and
overheads in the Operation.
> Improving the productivity of the operation by managing and implementing a
Production Improvement Program.
> Maintaining a healthy, biosecure and safe working environment by personally
adhering to, and ensuring the adherence of team, to policies and procedures on
biosecurity, safety, health, hygiene and vaccination.
> Ensuring Operation Team is equipped with the correct employees and skills and
knowledge for the work by creating a training plan based in needs, providing
access to relevant skills training and having a skills matrix per operation.
> Helping the Breeding Operation meet or exceed job expectations by monitoring,
coaching and motivating them and accompanying them on farm visits.
> Pest control management in the project
> Ensuring the effective management of the flock health and taking prompt action
with problems arising.
> Monitoring staffs condition of employment in relation to their workplace.
Professional Achievements Manager Production Royal Columbian Poultry BC, Canada –
|Improved the feeding system’s indexing saved , $ per flock flock uniformity |
|By improving biosecurity plans eradicated salmonella from two multi age flocks and saved |
|,, $ in two weeks |
|Introduced latest chore time precise feeding system in each barn and reduced feed losses up to |
|% and saved min , $ yearly |
|On an average % increased fertility in each flock which generated % more revenue |
|Introduced composting technology at farm level and saved energy cost approximately , $ |
|yearly |
|By raising extra roosters separate from female brooding and rearing facility generated more than|
|, $ / year sold to various farmers in Fraser valley |
|Developed hatching egg standards for egg grading staff and fixed grading issues from hatchery |
|Keeping every minute data of hatching egg storage conditions provided excellent hatch. |
In Charge Q/A Feeds and Farms AlWatania Poultry Saudi Arabia –
> Broiler farms quality control management
> Broiler farm hands on management Brooding, Rearing. flock size,
> To ensure salmonella free broiler production
> Maintaining high standards for feed production
> Maintaining high standard quality of poultry / fish / ostrich feed raw materials
> Import inspections as per HACCP Standardization
> Feed raw material handling and storage management , t corn, ,t soya
> Standard operating procedures management HACCP
> Strategic development and analysis in poultry chain before the egg laying to
The safety Poultry meat in the consumers table
> Poultry nutrition and feed formulation management
> General Farm & feed mills labor management
> Scheduling timely audits on the farms and feed mills with respect to Assets,
Standards Maintenance and Safety monitoring
Professional Achievements In Charge Q/A Feeds&Farms AlWatania Poultry Saudi Arabia –
> Introduce weak acid treatment mould inhibitors in grains saved million dollars yearly
> Introduce grain cooling system in year old silos systems and saved millions of
tons of corn storage capacity , tons corn in hot humid climate
> Introduced electronic thermo counters in grain and soy storage to keep every minute
changes in bulk storage of various commodities
> Introduced on farm small feed lab to improve broiler quality production
> Managed “HACCP” standardization in broiler farms by keeping bio security measures
saved millions of dollars while industry was suffering health issues.
> Introduced track record system at farm level for every flock by comparison data
analysis system & Mentored farm management to bring up efficiencies in day to
day farm practices
Assistant Manager Production SB Poultry Pakistan –
> Feed mills Quality Assurance management
> Research and development farm management Broiler / layer farms
> Hands on management in broiler/layer farm
> Data analysis in R&D farms flock size ,/cycle cycles / year
> General Farm & feed mills labor management
> Scheduling timely audits on the farms with respect to Assets, Standards and
> Poultry nutrition and feed formulation management
> Inventory control management
> Vaccinations and health control management
> Maintaining high standards for salmonella free feed production
> Inspection and purchase of raw materials for feed mills
> Feed raw material handling and storage management
> Standard operating procedures management in poultry farms and feed mills
> Strategic development and analysis in poultry production
> Scheduling timely audits on the farms and feed mills with respect to Assets
Standards maintenance and Safety monitoring
|Professional Achievements Assistant Manager Production SB Poultry |
|Pakistan – |
| |
|Introduced selection and rejection criteria for various feed stuffs |
|Improved capacity of production plant in to double by increasing efficient |
|labour and saved , $ annually |
|created different feed stuff formula recipes by using research & |
|development broiler farm and saved more than, $ annually |
|Introduced more than research projects in R&D broiler projects and |
|generated thousands of dollars per flock by better "FCR" and reduced three |
|days in finishing time |
|By improving the production staff efficiency saved thousands of working hours|
|= millions of dollars |
|Learned staff management and ethical control by dealing more than peoples|
|in a facility |
Education & Professional Development
> Compost technology in farms Agriculture ministry British Columbia
> Salmonella control in Poultry British Columbia BC Canada
> HACCP Certification BC Institute of Technology Canada
> World Host customer services Justice institute of BC Canada

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