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Resume for Joseph E. for Other / Architectural & Design in Scarborough, Canada

Occupation: Other Industry: Architectural & Design
Country: Canada City: Scarborough
State: Ontario ZIP: M1B 3G3

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– Brenyon Way, Toronto, Ontario MB G
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An experienced and multiskilled professional with superb experience in managing mixeduse and different
classifications of buildings and occupancies, including offices, residences, recreational facilities, medical
facilities, and warehouse combined with a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce B.Com and post
secondary education in Facilities Management, Civil, Building and Architectural Science & Design, Lean
Manufacturing System, IESNA Lighting Study, and extensive Advanced Security, Health and Safety
Management and Emergency Response training. Committed to occupant safety and comfort with an
intimate understanding of the components of the building envelope and its effect on energy efficiency and
indoor environmental quality. Skilled in designing and managing both new constructions and retrofits with
sound knowledge of health and safety issues, codes and regulations governing such issues; as well as the
environmental impacts of proper waste management/recycling, effective procurement, controlling the costs
of operating an organization’s physical facilities, including salaries and wages, costs of energy, fuel and oil,
supplies, and other overhead. Experienced in coordinating and managing operations to enhance property
value covering areas such as design, construction, housekeeping and site maintenance with a record of
managing full cycle projects ranging from US $, to US $ million within budget and on time.
UNITED NATIONS, Kabul, Afghanistan –
Part of a dynamic team that supported national reconstruction and development strategy by providing
projects with goods and services, including longterm management and capacity development support in
infrastructure, education, environment and agriculture, governance and rule of law; managed roles such
Facilities Management Officer/Administration Officer World Food Programme, Jul – Aug
Manager – Health & Safety/Team Leader, Office for Project Services AGOC, Oct – Jun
Design Office Manager, Office for Project Services, AGOC, Feb – Feb
Project Engineer, Office for Project Services AGOC, Aug – Feb
• Managed the entire facility consisting of different classifications of buildings and occupancies,
including offices, residences, and warehouse with a focus on safety and comfort; fully
understanding the role of services such as electricity, fuel, water supply, waste disposal, safety
and protection and emergency response
• Oversaw building environmental system BES of various facilities encompassing major building
functions, including heating, cooling, air handling, electricity, water treatment and controls and
piping infrastructure; Initiated the process of introducing North American building standards with
integrated energy efficiency strategies
• Supervised engineers and nontechnical staff involved in administration and site management
providing training and technical guidance; collaborated with other departments to coordinate space
management/workspace planning and ensure operational efficiency
• Directed the administration of common premises; preparation of inventory; archiving/disposal and
transfer of office assets; regularly evaluated inventory status and transactions, reported
discrepancies for immediate action, cost effectiveness and operational efficiency
• Conducted needs assessment, costing, and design for maintenance, expansion, general
renovation and protection purposes; also prepared proposals for new equipment and materials
• Prepared and administered the tendering process, including tender document preparation,
evaluation of bids, and tender award
• Supervised and ensure work done by contractors were performed properly; conducted site
assessment and ensured compliance with service level agreements SLAs and technical
specifications and time/budgetary guidelines
• Developed procedures for preventive and routine maintenance of all site equipment and fittings
• Conducted safety inspection of various level and maintained an Occupational Health and Safety
OH&S program to prevent or reduce the risk of accidents or injury within the workplace
• Prepared budgets for all site related works and monitoring expenditures, and periodic reports on
the economic and financial aspects of site management
• Assisted Regional Managers, Country Directors in all matters related to site management and
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Joseph Jude E.
ATCO FRONTEC EUROPE, Kandahar Air Field, Kandahar, Afghanistan Jun – Oct
Construction Manager Assistant
Provided engineering support to the Construction Manager in producing designs, reports, plans,
specifications, and estimates for construction projects as well as overseeing full cycle projects
• Planned and designed the construction and maintenance of major systems and facilities such as
offices, recreational and accommodation buildings, water treatment facilities, waste disposal
systems, roads, airfield and flight line, helipads, flood control systems, related structures and other
engineering activities at the Kandahar Air Base
• Prepared bidding documents, Bill of Quantities, Specifications and Schedules to form complete
tender package; coordinated Statement of Work SOW, related Request for Proposals RFPs,
and managed the tendering process
• Coordinated construction projects handling materials, logistics, costs, staff resources, construction
time and technical inspections; also liaised with NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency NAMSA
to provide and coordinate various facilities support
• Performed construction inspections; reviewed the quality and quantity of materials used, and
ensured that material placement and removal methods conformed to plans and specifications
• Ensured timely completion of quality projects within budgetary guidelines and with full cost
Design Manager
Managed the design, documentation and delivery of projects within budgets and timelines while supporting
the US HQ Air Force Center for Environmental Excellence AFCEE under the US Department of Defense
• Provided technical advice on the design and package implications of project managed by ITSI;
recommended design and construction improvements and provided advice on value management,
project specifications, risk management, compliance and the management of internal/external
multidisciplinary teams
• Submitted periodic reports in support of existing and proposed projects liaising with various
departments, agencies and governmental authorities for the development and execution of
• Discussed design and construction issues and to obtained relevant data in meetings with project
managers, architects, site engineers and, in some cases, contractors
• Reviewed detailed Terms of Reference, outlined program plans for projects and assisted in
establishing appropriate logistic requirements and workload forecasts
• Analyzed project priorities, identified preliminary architectural and engineering data requirements
and estimated personnel requirements to satisfy project data process
• Managed and coordinated teams composed of national and international staff; reviewed project
work, assigned work to the appropriate executing agency in priority sequence; coordinated
complex tasks; monitored physical progress of the project
• Managed project wrapup ensuring work was closed and documented to client satisfaction
SNCLAVALIN PAE INC., Task Force Kabul, Canadian Forces Camp Julien, Kabul Aug – Aug
Assistant Engineer/Planner and Health & Safety Officer, Oct – Aug
Operations Coordinator / Supervisor, Aug – Oct
Provided engineering and other management related support services to the Canadian Armed Forces
CAF at Camp Julien in Kabul, Afghanistan
• Designed and built the infrastructure of Camp Julien Following to provide the CAF with firstclass
medical facilities, as well as a water treatment and bottling facility
• Oversaw camp closure and relocation from Kabul to Kandahar, including construction engineering
and design, inspecting and coordinating knockdown of Weatherhaven All Season Shelters in
camp, transportation and erection of shelters for MDT Mission Drawdown Team
• Monitored and coordinated erection of Force Protection HESCO Bastions around military
installations, bunkers and sensitive military areas in accordance with engineering specifications
• Coordinated and supervised teams of local Afghani and Nepalese workers
Health & Safety Officer, Oct – Aug
Conducted safety inspection of various levels and helped to ensure the safety, health and welfare of
people within Camp Julien by fostering and sustaining a safe work environment
• Developed and maintained an Occupational Health and Safety OH&S Program to prevent or
reduce the risk of accidents or injury within the workplace
• Provided expertise on OH&S issues to the Joint National Command Element NCE & National
Support Element NSE OH&S Committee
• Attended Monthly Health and Safety Meetings with NCE and NSE. Conducted weekly H&S
briefings and HSE training to CANCAP and PTI staff
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