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Resume for Krunal G. for Engineer / Automotive & Transport Production in Solihull, United Kingdom

Occupation: Engineer Industry: Automotive & Transport Production
Country: United Kingdom City: Solihull
State: West Midlands ZIP: B90 4GW

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Krunal G. MSc, BEng Hons. MIET
Flat , Pembroke Court, Lillington Avenue, Leamington Spa, CV TT, United Kingdom
Ph: +
| | |
|Feb |Development Engineer, Ricardo MTC, Leamington Spa, U.K. |
|to |Responsible for Safety Validation Test SVT for .L GTDi Freelander for MY vehicle. Performing SVT |
|present |on Gaydon Test Track at JLR premises. |
| |Responsible for allocated DV testing for .L GTDi Freelander such as Terrain Mode, Steering Wheel |
| |module, Instrument Pack driver messaging validation, updated the software and flashing ECUs of various |
| |modules in the vehicle. Gained experienced about software integration, hardware integration, work |
| |process of JLR. |
| |Working on Vehicle EMS calibration, responsible for CAN system validation and diagnostics, testing |
| |electronics modules in vehicle using CANanalyser and INCA |
| |Worked on Electronically Actuated Dual Clutch system eDCT to control the linear actuators for clutch |
| |and gear engagement and recognised on VDI Germany exhibition . |
| |Characterising gear and clutch actuator and modelling the gear and clutch actuator controller and tuning|
| |the controller to achieve optimised performance. Calibrate the eDCT vehicle for early stage of |
| |development and demonstration to professional bodies. |
| | speed Automatic Transmission AT – hydraulic test for operating valves, Brake, Clutches, Line|
| |Pressure and Torque Converter Clutch valve |
| |Hysteresis analysis of the Valve characteristic |
| |Working on Torque Converter to understand its characteristic with speed AT to develop Torque Converter|
| |model in TargetLink dSpace. |
| | |
|May |Professional Training, Neo Creative Vision Technology, Ahmedabad, India |
|to |Programmable Logic Controller PLC: |
|July |Developed programming logic for various industrial based automation problems which can be written as |
| |ladder diagram for various PLC such as Siemens S, Allen Bradley SLC & Micrologix, ABB CR |
| |series, |
| |Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition SCADA: |
| |Developed mimic designing and scripting skill and also PLC & SCADA |
| |communication for InTouch: Wonderware, Siemens: WinCC |
|Sept |Graduate Development Engineer, Ricardo MTC, Leamington Spa, U.K. |
|to |Worked on various projects on Real Time Model In Loop control systems at Ricardo |
|Mar |Main responsibilities are TargetLink dSPACE system model design, testing and calibration of sensor, data|
| |logging for analysis and post processing, ‘.m’ script writing in MATLAB to represent the logged test |
| |data for reporting |
| |Responsible for dry Dual Clutch Transmission DQ clutch testing on spin rig, operating the rig, |
| |logging data in CANape and post processing in MATLAB, amending adjustable parameter in CANape to control|
| |the target position of clutch |
| |Testing vehicle harness with DQ Transmission unit for a project development, responsible for testing |
| |gear and clutch valve sensor, drive shaft speed, clutch and gear position sensor, operating gear and |
| |clutch online using CANape, testing motor controller i.e. essential for pump charging in Transmission |
| |unit |
| |Responsible for On Board Diagnostic II OBD II testing for vehicle using J compliant testing |
| |tool. |
|Jan |Mechatronics Application Engineer, Reliance Precision Mechatronics, Huddersfield, U.K. |
|to |Responsible for project troubleshooting and functioning of advanced Integrated Servo Motors combined |
|Sept |with motor, controller, driver, encoder, power supply all in one unit, motor programming and |
| |interfacing with numerous devices. Electronic circuit design for supporting test and development. |
| |Coordinated motion programming for XY axis motion control of motors. |
| |Responsible of motor testing for accurate position, speed, position measurement. |
|CANape ., CANanalyser, INCA – Gain professional working experience with CANape . Vector Tool data logging |
|software as a part of testing and calibrating various projects in Ricardo. Achieved working experience on CAN |
|and LIN. |
|TargetLink dSPACE – Working on dSpace TargetLink software to design control Algorithms, to |
|implement various logic for gear controller module whilst working in Ricardo |
|ASCET . – Achieved basic working knowledge of ASCET . and very keen to adapt advanced |
|programming fundamentals to develop OnBoard Embedded Control System |
|MATLAB SIMULINK & STATFLOW – Achieved advanced programming and model designing skill |
|with MATLAB SIMULINK, developed and experienced new techniques during working in Ricardo. |
|Used MATLAB SIMULINK in MSc design project to build Model In Loop Control System |
|LABVIEW . – Worked on LABVIEW . to log the encoder signals using NI cRIO in |
|LABVIEW platform to calculate rotating motor shaft’s accurate position. |
|PSPICE, ELECTRONICS WORKBENCH – Achieved academic level programming skill and applied |
|in various academic project’s for Electronics circuit simulation |
|Programming Language Programming skills in C/C++, Embedded C & Assembly level Language, |
|other IT skill in MS Office tools. |
| | |
|Dec |Professional Course: Electronics and Data Acquisition for Motorsports |
| |Cranfield University, Cranfield, United Kingdom th Nov to th Dec |
| |Improved understanding of Signal Conditioning fundamentals, Commercial Sensors for Motorsports and |
| |Calibration process, Pi tool for data logging in Motorsports. |
| |Data acquisition using PI tool from Formula Ford racing car after finishing the test lap, data analysis |
| |for Accelerometer, Throttle position, Speed, Steering angle. |
| | |
|Nov |Professional Course: Project and Financial Management for Motorsport |
| |Cranfield University, Cranfield, United Kingdom th to th November |
| |Detailed understanding of project management including Project process, Initiation, Planning, |
| |Implementation and Project closure. |
| | |
|Sept |MScEng Hons., Control Systems |
|to |Department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering, |
|Sept |The University of Sheffield, United Kingdom. |
| | |
| |Core Modules : |
| |Optimal Control and Non linear Systems |
| |Signal Processing Estimation and Image Processing |
| | |
| |Embedded Control Systems |
| |Robust and Multivariable Control Systems |
| | |
| |Adaptive and Self Tuning Control |
| |Active Noise and Vibration Control |
| | |
| | |
| |Thesis : Vibration Table control the vibration level in g RMS for vibration testing |
| |Controlled the vibration exciter W loudspeaker using Proportional Feedback Control Algorithm. |

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