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Resume for Julio D. for Manager / Supervisor / Team Leader / Automotive & Transport Production in Vernon, France

Occupation: Manager / Supervisor / Team Leader Industry: Automotive & Transport Production
Country: France City: Vernon
State: Haute-Normandie ZIP: 27200

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Julio Cesar D., BMecEng, MSc, PhD

Senior Mechanical Engineer – Project Manager

Work permitted for Australia

Contact:  Sente des Morats

   Vernon, FRANCE

  Mobile: +

  Email :

  Skype : jc_deluca 

Career Summary & Aspiration

I have been managing technical projects and leading multi disciplinary teams since . Along of my career I successfully carried out numerous engineering projects in Instrumentation, NVH and dynamic analysis, and had the opportunity to develop activities in different countries and companies. My aspiration is to work in Innovation Project Management for a growing company, where I can addup my skills and evolve to higher rank.

Employment Summary

Oct to present  RENAULT SA Automobile:

Senior Project Manager Aug to present: RENAULT SA France

  • Crossfunctional Management of an Innovation Project. Since Mars I have been managing the validation of a new heating system for the future electrical car. The outcome of this validation will be crucial for the decision of the implementation of this innovative system to a large production scale. I have been planning, liaising with Renault’s engineering team, coordinating the testing team, analysing the results, and liaising with the system’s supplier to ensure the respect of project’s technical specifications.
  • From August to February I developed R&D projects and new test procedures in ride comfort, and deployed them at Renault worldwide Standardisation. I managed the development and implementation of new ride comfort test procedures/analysis. In this project, I liaised with multidisciplinary teams, coordinated the testing team composed by technicians and engineers and implemented new test road profiles and analytical models that allowed the correlation of vibration measurements to subjective assessments. These developments and standardisation have been allowing a more robust exchange of test results among the different branches worldwide, increasing the subjective assessment accuracy and saving test time which was halved.
  • Senior R&D Project Manager Feb/July: RENAULT F TEAM Formula – UK

  • My main achievement at Renault F was the management of the development of a unique test facility project from inception to completion budget at about million Euros. Directly attached and reporting to the technical director, I led the documentation of the technical specification, I organised the internal engineers and technicians and external development teams composed by main suppliers and successfully negotiated the contract/budget with the suppliers. During the whole development I followedup the project and the teams in a daily basis. Since the facility was not a turnkey solution, the suppliers produced and validated the subsystems under my supervision, and assembled/commissioned them at Renault F site. This test facility is mainly composed by high power and dynamic hydraulic drivers and high precision measurement and control systems that allows mimic the dynamics of a F powetrain high speed, power and dynamics. The test facility was fully developed and successfully commissioned as scheduled. This facility has been allowing Renault’s F Team to perform inhouse transmission tests with accuracy and repeatability, saving money, improving car’s reliability and shortening time to product. This project allowed me to led and motivate multidisciplinary development teams, put the technical specification and planning together, revise complex mechanical and hydraulic systems, negotiate with suppliers, and followup and document the project.
  • Another achievement at Renault F Team was the implementation of vibration analysis techniques, which were used to improve the F car’s performance and robustness. I successfully implemented and deployed experimental modal and running mode analysis at the team. Thanks to these new dynamic testing methods the team was able to create and implement the innovative dynamic damper in F, which was very important for the team success in the championships from to , rd place and championships win, respectively.
  • I also designed and built up a unique load cell device, for measuring the axial force in the clutch assembly of the F car. This measuring device allowed performing a very complicated clutching load measurement with the gearbox running. The results allowed the improvement of the wellknown launch control of Renault’s F car the best during Renault F’s golden years.
  • Team Manager Oct/Feb: RENAULT SA Centre Technique Lardy, France

  • I managed the Driveline NVH Team composed by engineers and technicians. My main role was leading the team by giving technical advice, performing and planning activities, and followingup of the team and its projects in a daily basis.
  • Under my leadership, the team developed analytical models, performed dynamic tests and analysis of powertrains, and tackled noise and vibration issues of drivelines and gearboxes. An analytical model was developed for tuning clutches in order to reduce/avoid torsional vibrations on transmissions. This model was deployed at Renault and allowed more robust and reliable development of transmissions, shortening time to product and saving numerous hours of testing.
  • Sept/Sept Development Engineer: EATON Transmissions, Brazil Automobile

  • I was responsible for NVH analysis, refinement and problem tackling of drivelines and gearboxes. During the year I spent at Eaton, my main contribution was tackling an issue of bending of powertrain of a new pickup’s transmission. My technical approach allowed finding and solving the problem in a very short time, and achieving a huge gain in the frequency of the first bending mode of the powertrain, which allowed the project to finish in time and in phase with the customer technical specification.
  • I performed dynamic analysis of gearboxes, drivelines and gear noise analysis, and implemented the B&K PULSE system vibration and noise analysis. I trained engineers and technicians on NVH analysis tools.
  • Sept/Aug R&D Project Manager:  LACTEC R&D division of COPEL, Generation and Transmission of Electrical Energy, Brazil

    I was responsible for R&D projects in noise, vibration and testing. I performed modal analysis of hydroelectric turbines to support stress relief using heat/vibration, managed a project for noise reduction of high voltage transformers and automated the residual stress test and analysis. I participated on the commissioning of the hydroelectric power plant of Salto Caxias/Brazil performing the fieldtesting of residual stress analysis of some of its turbines .

    Feb/Jun  R&D Team Leader: CERTI Centre of Technology, Innovation and Legal Metrology , Brazil

    I Managed the R&D team, composed by engineers and technicians multidisciplinary team. Under my leadership the team developed optoelectronic measurement systems budgeted over k U$D to the prototype level. I managed the development of test rigs for quality control of automotive parts, and performed numerous fieldtesting and consulting on metrology and instrumentation.


    July/Aug PhD in Acoustics and Vibration: Degree of Doctor, University of Southampton Institute of Sound and Vibration Research ISVR – England/ and Federal University of Santa Catarina  UFSC Brazil/. The project concerned the development of a model for assessing Piston Slap Forces in internal combustion engines

    Mars/Mars MSc in Production Engineering: UFSC – Brazil. Courses undertaken: Statistics, Strategic Planning, Project Management, Fundamentals in Marketing and Finances, Macro economy, Total Quality Control and Product Innovation.

    Mars/Sept Master in Metrology and Instrumentation: Degree of Master, UFSC – Brazil. The project concerned the development of a non contact dimensional coordinate measurement system using digital image processing and triangulation.

    Jun/Dec Training course in Metrology and Standards of Measurement: National Research Laboratory of Metrology NRLM Japan. Technical training carried out in the primary laboratory of metrology and standards of Japan. Sponsored by the Japan International Cooperation Agency Japan government, I was selected by the Brazilian Ministry of Education among many candidates for the only sponsorship in this field.

    Mars/Dec Mechanical Engineer: Degree of Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering, UFSC – Brazil. Five years engineering course, including months trainee in a mechanical industry, specialised in ventilation and mechanical devices. During this training, I developed a model for calculating and specifying ventilators for industrial use.

    Apr/Dec Internship: LABMETRO Laboratory of Metrology and Instrumentation of UFSC Brazil. I was granted an ongoing scholarship to develop R&D activities in Metrology and Instrumentation on h/week basis, in parallel with the engineering course. Main activities included calibration of Instruments of measurement, computer aided data acquisition and analysis and giving support to MSc projects. I gave support on the development and automation of an enginetesting bench.

    Awards and Publications

    April  Prize EUROMOT EngineinSociety Award, awarded by The European Association of Internal Combustion Engine Manufactures to the PhD project.

    Dec  Prize YEHAN NUMATA of measuring technology, awarded by Mitutoyo of Brazil to the MSc project.

    to present Publication of more than technical papers on Metrology & Instrumentation and Noise & Vibration. Participation in the evaluation board of two MSc and one PhD thesis.


    Engineering qualifications assessed and recognised by ENGINEERS Australia

    Computing tools: Expert in MS Office and proficient in MS Project

    Data Acquisition and Analysis: proficient in LABVIEW® and DaisyLAB, B&K PULSE and LMS: Experimental Modal and Running Mode Analysis, MATLAB, MathCAD and AMESIM.

    SelfLiteracy: Project Management, Marketing, Strategic Planning, Finance and Innovation.


  • English: fluent TOEIC points, IELTS .;
  • French: fluent TIF points;
  • Portuguese Brazil: mother tongue;
  • Italian and Spanish: intermediate level
  • Personal Citizenship: Italian and Brazilian hold double Nationality; Work permitted for: Europe, Brazil and Australia;

    Hobbies: running participation in competition, swimming and cycling fit nonsmoker, full international driving licence;

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