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Resume for Hristijan T. for Business Analyst / Banking in Skopje, Macedonia

Occupation: Business Analyst Industry: Banking
Country: Macedonia City: Skopje
State: Centar ZIP: 1000

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Curriculum Vitae
Contact details
Hristijan Todorovski
Str. Vera Ciri Viri No.
Date of birth: ..
Personal profile
Reliable, trustworthy, dedicated, creative, openminded
Projects in which I have participated:
Master Thesis “FDI in cohesion to employment – case of Poland”
Health Care system in UK
Business and Marketing Plan for new IT business start ups
Branding of new products
ADSL internet connection
VISA credit cards
Cost Benefit Analysis
Undergoing project:
PhD Thesis “Free Economic Zones – way to foreign investments and technological growth”
First Prize for commercial and presentation
Diploma for Organizational and Communication Skills from MOTIVA
Diploma for Quality Management from ATA Agency and MonteNegro Government
Diploma for Economics and Politics from Foundation Konrad Adenauer
Employment history
Macedonian Government
October December
Statistical Agent
Summarizing and processing of relevant statistical data’s Macedonian Population Census.
MATIJA Pharmacy
May June
Sales and Marketing Manager
I have considerable experience in pharmacy management. This experience has been beneficial
as it has given me an insight into different styles of pharmacy management such as promotion,
presentation, ”face to face” sale, media promotion, supply, procurement and etc.
I have a proven record in customer satisfaction and have been responsible for effective
promotion and expansion of this company on the market which is rear in my country. My ultimate
task was spreading and establishing a network of pharmacies where these natural herb products
would be available to all potential customers. After few years of hard work and being fully
committed on building efficient strategy to promote these products the final aim has been
achieved and these products are well known countrywide.
EOS Group
May June
Financial Loan Operator
Working as financial loan operator I was arranging for the repayment of outstanding debts owed
to companies or individuals. This was fruitful experience as it has given me an insight to the
basis of financial solutions and consulting. I was working in EOS AmericanGerman Company a
leading company for financial solutions and consulting in the banking and energy sector. One of
my tasks was financial advices, communications and negotiations with people loan debtors.
Four times was pronounced as employee of the month, and was promoted to work on mortgage
loans for Retail clients.
Skills gathered during this working position:
• Good interpersonal communication
• To be more persuasive and persistent, with the sensitivity to deal fairly with people in
often difficult situations
• Working under pressure, and be adaptable on tricky situations
• Upgraded negotiation skills and ability to explain financial matters firmly and clearly
• Ability to explain payments, financial terms and credit services
• Better understanding of relevant legislation concerning data protection and harassment
NLB Tutunska Bank
October December
Credit Agent
Presentation and sales of credit & debit cards Maestro Card, MasterCard, VISA through the
employee’s of the public administration. I was representative agent from one of the biggest
Banks in my country, NLB Tutunska Bank. In my record as credit agent I have organized,
participated and conducted several promotions and sales presentation through the working
unions Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Pension Fund, and Ministry of Education in Macedonia.
Investment Bank
June – June
Credit Analyst in Corporate Department
Sales and promotion of corporate loans to small and medium enterprises, as well as processing
and assessment of client’s requests for different credit facilities. Elaboration of the financial
capability of each applicant as well as evaluation of the financial feasibility of the business plan
project submitted by the requestor.
One of my responsibilities is giving conclusion to the credit committee and to the manager of the
credit division weather the loan request should be approved or refused. Completing a credit file
for each request according to instructions for managing credit files. Evaluation of the financial
liability of the company and related parties in the National Credit Register, as
well as summarizing and overview of the debt towards other parties. Computing the average
financial status of the company for the last two years from the day of applying. These analysis
involves overview of the company fixed and convertible assets, liabilities short term and long
term, receivables, incomes and outlays for the last two years
from the day of applying. Calculating the expected cashflows. Assessment of the cooperation
with the Bank, including the amount of incoming & outgoing payments domestic & foreign,
income from interest, commission and other related fees. Monitoring the status of each credit
facility and performing debt collection if necessary.
Short summary of tasks and assignments of the credit analyst:
.Sales, negotiations and promotions of banking products to potential customers small, medium
and big enterprises
.Receiving requests of the company for Loans, Letter of Guarantee, Letter of Credit
.Checking the completeness of documents necessary for the application
.Registration of the received request into the register
.Site visit
.Preparing of site visit report
.Entering the financial indicators, total credit exposure, delayed payments, blocked accounts,
data from the credit register, related parties which are shareholders. The credit analyst is
checking the input information, describes the project, prepares the foreign exchange risk
analysis, and in accordance with the evaluator makes assumptions whether the collateral is
. Cost benefit analysis of the project and preparing credit request form.
. Accounting preparation and financial
analysis for the last two accounting periods.
. Preparing and explaining the terms and conditions for every loan applicant.
. Contact with the evaluator.
. Control over the investment loans and approving of subsequent disbursement and delivering
of the disbursement order to the back office.
. Preparing decision for approved loans and guarantees.
. Preparing guarantees
.Preparing Letters for companies answers from the credit committee
.Signing the prepared contracts control point
.Participation in preparing risk classification per client subjective part
.Monitors of the financial statement of the company once per year
.Overview for every client for the expected effects of the cooperation with the Bank, and
compares it with achievements.
Investment Bank
June Oct
Customer Service Officer
Sales and promotion of banking products to retail and corporate clients. Offering different
credit facilities to potential clients including credit/debit cards, consumer, housing and car loan for
retail clients and corporate facilities loans, LG, LC to enterprises. Daily duties involves
preparation of loan contracts, card contracts, contracts for opening accounts for individuals/
legal entities, preparation of payroll from company, execution and preparation of international
and domestic outgoing payments for retail and corporate clients. Gathering necessary

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