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Resume for Alexey B. for Manager / Supervisor / Team Leader / Banking in Moscow, Russian Federation

Occupation: Manager / Supervisor / Team Leader Industry: Banking
Country: Russian Federation City: Moscow
State: Moscow City ZIP: 117997

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Email: , , Twitter/@bezalex, FB/Alex Beza


Finance & credit, Finance Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation, / / Diploma AВС December , , reg. number / January , .

Information System Electrophysics, Moscow Power Engineering Institute Technical University, // Diploma ЦВ February , , reg. number February , .

CISA Certified Information Systems Auditor, Information Systems Audit and Control Association ISACA Certificate No September , , Member of ISACA ID No March , .

CISSP Certified Information Systems Security Professional, International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium ISC Certificate No June , .


present day: Billing Technologies Department Manager, Directorate of housing and public utility projects, Sberbank of Russia HQ. Business Address: Vavilova street, Moscow, , Russia. Business phone/fax: + .

: Payment instruments and remote service channels Direction Manager, IT infrastructure security Division; Senior Engineer, IT security division; Senior Engineer, Card operations security division, Bank Security Department, Sberbank of Russia HQ. Business Address: Vavilova street, Moscow, , Russia. Business phone/fax: + .

: Senior Expert, st class Expert, International Department, Presidential Committee of the Russian Federation for Informatization Policy Roscominform, Administration of the President of the Russian Federation. Business Address for mentioned dates: bld. , Myasnitskaya street, Moscow, , Russia. Business phone/fax for mentioned dates: + /.


present day:  Department management, business project's development in the sphere of technologies of charges, billing and payments for housingandmunicipal services, nonfinancial transactions and operator services, search of startups, new types of transactional and operator businesses, development projects, mergers and acquisitions of the companies concerned, the management of reengineering and development of the acquired businesses and services.

Project work includes:

. Making business, financial and technological models of developed services and acquired companies, object for investment searching “vacuumcleaning” of startups, organizing of “seed” stage for ideas;

. Analysis of financial and technical condition of the acquired businesses;

. Structuring of transactions on business acquisition;

. Negotiations with the owners of potential objects of purchase and technology partners;

. Definition of new technologies for implementation new and/or changing the existing business and technological processes of the companies;

. The development of a legal structure for the protection from possible litigation processes, connected with the appeal of transactions on business acquisition/restructuring;

. Organization and control of due diligence process of the acquired companies;

. Creation and management of project team in the processes of acquisition and restructuring of business and technology;

. Control of the management of the acquired companies, replication and expansion of businesses and technologies;

. Business development and new services and technologies implementation to increase company profitability;

. Interaction with consultants and government agencies.

: Management of the direction, which ensures the development of business and related information technology IT, logical information security IS and risk management for the operation of the means of payment and remote service channels in Sberbank, work in this direction since in the making till maturity stage i.e. practically with the opening of card project in Sberbank to the largest issuer of bank cards in Europe. This means the development, implementation & management of information security program for card & related businesses in headquarter through all Sberbank branches.

The programme includes the following IT/IS business directions:

. Access control systems and methodology;

. Telecommunications and Network Security;

. Security management practices in IT, card operation and related businesses;

. Applications and systems development security;

. Cryptography;

. Operations security;

. Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery Planning;

. Ensuring investigations of incidents, legislation and ethics of IT/IS business compliance;

. Physical security. 

: public service; consulting, international cooperation in the sphere of information technology, standards, security techniques, initializing of legal documents, decrees of the President, Government and Parliament of the Russian Federation, Intergovernmental Agreements, Memos, joint science research and investment projects in the spheres of information technologies and surroundings; responsibilities as executive secretary of Russian subcommittee of Joint Technical Committee of the International Standard Organization and International Electrotechnical Commission JTC ISO/IEC.


/: For the development of business of charges, billing and payments big deal was closed to acquire a controlling stake %+ of the shares of OJSC Regional settlement center of Belgorod RSC, which takes about % of the market of charges for housing and communal services and supports the production of % of the unified payment documents UPD in Belgorod. Migration of RSC to new technology, optimization of expenses allowed to significantly increase the operating profit of the subsidiary company OIBDA increased from , million rubles to , million rubles in comparison with the previous year. The business on reception of payments was optimized. Now RSC is engaged in the calculation of payments and the seal of the UPD, and the payments are accepted through retail and terminal network of Sberbank. The implemented technology of calculation and payment reception allows you to split an ongoing payment directly to providers of services without intermediate settling funds on the accounts of asset management companies, in accordance with the requirements of state authorities. Development of a replication of the project RSC starting point of business growth expansion from the territory of Belgorod region for other Russian regions. Then project development was reformatted. Using the business model of RSC the development of a profitable financial model of the Authorized organizations of the subjects AOS for the Universal electronic card UEC project started. Development of new types of operator services for the AOS, the incorporation in the business model of AOS existing regional businesses transport operator, medical billing. Other startup project development of the business model overlay service operator for householders service aggregator and access provider to banking, government, informational, entertainment and other syndicated services content.

Reorganization of the card operation security Direction. Management of the joint Direction person, informational and economic security of transactions and settlements with payment means, prior to the merger functions were performed by people. Improvement of the work of Direction creation of standard models of investigation, the association of similar transactions and projects, reengineering of systems used made staff points free. Project management of certification of the Bank on the requirements of the payment card industry on data security PCIDSS. Organization of the Direction activity in the strategic projects of creation of alternative card product, universal cards, launch of the base product, internetDacquiring, improvement of the regulatory framework, innovative activity on the improvement of operational and technological processes of the Direction, facilitation of redundant requirements.

: POSnetwork migration project on microchip technology. Development of the card fraud control system. Design of fraud models for monitoring unit. Participation in design of the system of the retail internet banking. Development of the model of multifunctional java cards.

: Organization of the operational units for monitoring of fraudulent transactions from the callcenter section of bank cards department for the execution of commonly used functions. Organization in the Department of information security of the Direction section of ensuring the information security of the means of payment. Direction management. Ensuring of security system for alternative channels of service development programme.

: Successful passing over the MasterCard International and Payment Card Industry Standard Logical Security and IT Management Certification & Audit Program. Auditor KPMG. I.e. acknowledgement of Bank IT&IS program maturity.

Information, IT and IS management system inspection of Bank card operation processes for monitoring purposes and possible reengineering needs.

: Development, reconciliation and releasing of common corporate IS Policy, based on business needs, risk policies, best practice, existing crossreference IS regulations etc.;

Acknowledgement of highlevel professional skill on international basis successful passing CISSP and CISA certification program globally recognized and adopted worldwide as a symbols of achievement.

IT&card peripherals reengineering and maintenance program realization especially DES migration program finishing for ATMs&POS'.

: Development and release of worldwide brandnew IT&IS strategy common automated key management system for IT&Card hosts & peripherals.

Developing smartcard migration business plan and strategy. Processing center host computer migration were finished.

: Developed system of special IT measures on peripherals allowed to prevent, detect, help in collecting of evidence and legally terminate an activity of "carders" criminal community.

: Processing center host computer reengineering and migration plan was developed and its realization was started. Endtoend security transmission and reengineering program in corporate network were realized.

: Participation in IT and ITSec idea invention and analysis cardholder mobile notification as a fraud detection control.

: Automated system of PKI service for IT and card processing hosts and peripherals were developed and released.

: Fullblown set of regulations, standards, procedures and guidelines on IT and IT security were elaborated and released. Even early versions of the methodology were formed, based on Sberbank best practice, in correspondence with later worldwide adopted standards BS ISO.

: Sberbank wide secure automated system of financial data input were designed and implemented.

: Offline and pseudoonline cardholder and merchant fraud prevention activity monitoring system were developed and released. The system was based on parametric patterns of object's behavior.

: First version of unreliable clients database were developed.


Current Salary: RUR . + promotion + annual bonus, Grade .


Projects Director/Department manager startup, venturing projects in technology, transaction businesses.



English Common European Framework C Upper Advanced level, English First, /.

Corporate TCP/IP Networks CIW, Specialist Education Center, /.

Application Security of WEBTechnology, InfoSecurity Education Center, /.

Investigation of Computer Incidents, InfoSecurity Education Center, /.

Making the Transition from IT to IT Audit ITG, MIS Training Institute, /.

MasterCard Worldwide ECommerce Risk Management Seminar and Workshops, MasterCard Worldwide Academy, /.

Implementing and Administering Security in a Microsoft Windows Server Network, Microsoft  A, Specialist Education Center, /.

MasterCard New Products Strategic Seminar and Workshop, MasterCard Europe Academy, /.

IS Audit and Management CISA Certification Seminar, ISACA education center, PricewaterhouseCoopers, / /.

CISSP CBK Common Body of Knowledge Seminar ISC, ISC consortium education center, /.

Developing and Writing Information Security Policies IW, MIS Training Institute, /.

How to Manage an Information Security Program IS, MIS Training Institute, /.

Securing and Auditing Your Web Site IS, MIS Training Institute, /.

ATM & ATM Network Management, NCR branch in London, /.

Effective Fraud & Risk Management, MasterCard Europe Academy, /.

Fundamentals of the UNIX System, HP Education Services, /.

Effective Fraud & Risk Management, Europay Academy MasterCard Europe, /.

Oracle Administering & Developing, IT Academy, /.

Risk assessment & management, Europay Academy MasterCard Europe, /.

Networks & data transfer, /, Siemens Nixdorf Education Center.


“Pandemia of Skimming, or … Chip is almost not visible”, th VISA CEMEA Fraud Forum Conference , Moscow, April thth, .

“Risk Management for Multifunctional Card Design”, th MasterCard Europe Fraud Conference Workshop, Budapest, October thth, .

“Fallback as Fraud and Skimming Sponsor”, th MasterCard Europe Fraud Conference Workshop, Paris, October thth, .

“New “Carders”' Threats To Card Operations”,

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