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Resume for Hakim S. for Engineer / Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals in Montpellier, France

Occupation: Engineer Industry: Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals
Country: France City: Montpellier
State: Languedoc-Roussillon ZIP: 34000

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| |Hakim S. |Chez Cervatius, Avenue de Palavas. |
| |Research engineer in Microbiology |. Montpellier. France |
| |Microbiology,ÊBacteriology, Molecular biology, | |
| |Biotechnology, Biomedical, Mycology, Zebrafish, |+ |
| |Transgenesis | years, Single |
| | years of professional experiences |Driving Licence B |
| | | | | |
| Skills & Knowledge |
|General formation in Microbiology & Molecular biology: Specialized in medical bacteriology and parasitology, |
|mycology and transgenesis |
|Applied Molecular Biology: Plasmids and primes design PrimerBLAST, pDRAW. Extraction of DNA, cDNA, |
|transfection, transformation, digestion, RTPCR, qPCR LightCycler , LightCycler CarouselBased System, |
|analysis of nucleic acid sequences BLAST, Ape, Bioedit, RepeatMasker. Microinjection zebrafish: embryos and |
|adults, Fluorescence Microscopy MVX. |
|Applied Medical / IndustrialÊMicrobiology: Microbiological analysis of food, water and stool, stool parasitology,|
|serology Widal typhoid and Wright Brucellosis. Analysis of general bacteriology culture and identification: |
|biochemical gallery, coloration, antibiogram.... |
|Trilingual: English, French, Arabic. Informatics excellent: Office Pack, image processing, Windows, Ubuntu, |
|Repair |
|Experiences |
|/ months|Master research trainee – Department ÇÊNormal and Pathological Membranes Interactions |
| |DynamicsÊÈ Montpellier – France: |
| |Study of ILmpx genes relation in the zebrafish: transgenic eggs and embryos of zebrafish |
| |for studies of the role and the interaction of il and mpx genes in embryonic development |
| |of zebrafish. |
| |Creation of inflammation gene reporter transgenic line of zebrafish tnf? and il?: |
| |confirmation of the protocol and processing on creation of stable transgenic line |
| months |Master research trainee – University Laboratory of Microbial Ecology and Biodiversity, |
| |Brest – France: |
| |Study and modelling of the growth of filamentous fungi of interest in food function of pH: |
| |adaptation of a mathematical model of bacterial growth to the growth of mould strains as |
| |technologic flora over time depending on the degree of pH |
|/ year |Lab engineer in Microbiology – Hygiene Laboratory of Batna – Algeria |
| |Medical Microbiology, Quality control Food & Water Microbiology, trainees’ supervision. On|
| |field laboratory agent during typhoid fever epidemic on March |
| months |Parttime teacher – University of Batna – Pharmacy Department – Algeria |
| |In charge of medical microbiology analysis practical for rd year students |
| months |Professional training D.H.S Hygiene laboratory of Batna Algeria |
|/ months|Professional training D.H.S Microbiology lab. University Hospital of Batna Algeria |
| Formations |
| Master BioMed Research – Hosts –pathogens interactions and defence mechanisms University Montpellier |
|– France |
|Bacteriology, Virology, Parasitology, Genetics and epigenetics, Bioinformatics. |
| Master Biology & Health – Fundamental and applied Microbiology University of Brest – France |
|Microbiology human pathogens, environment, Metabolism Immunology, Genetics, Methodology, Developmental biology,|
|Signal transduction biochemistry, Expression technics, Enterprise, English, and Informatics. |
| Diploma of High Studies in Microbiology University of Batna – Algeria |
|Environmental, Medical and Industrial Microbiology, Immunology, Biochemistry, General Biology, Biological |
|analysis technics, English and Informatics. |
| References: Dr. Lutfalla G.Master , Mrs. | Interests : SportÊ: Bike , Skating, Roller, Natation, |
|LeBrasQu‰r‰ MA.Master , Pr. LeFranc G. |Snowboard. Basket. DIY. Kitchen. Travels Algeria, |
| |France, TunisiaScienceFiction lecture |

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