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Resume for Gudmundur F. for Manager / Supervisor / Team Leader / Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals in Hafnarfjordur, Iceland

Occupation: Manager / Supervisor / Team Leader Industry: Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals
Country: Iceland City: Hafnarfjordur
State: Suourland ZIP: 220

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Home address: Nordurbakki A, Hafnarfjordur. Iceland.
Tel: +
Gudmundur F., MBA
• Born: June, in Reykjavik, Iceland
Medis ehf, Hafnarfjördur, Iceland part of Actavis Group
Mai current
Business development manager
Business development: I am working in outlicensing and I am
responsible for Greece, Middle East and North Africa and part of
Germany markets with more then deals successfully done. I am
actively involved in every aspect of the business, from negotiating the
contract, pricing, patent strategies, manufacturing to regulatory strategies.
All projects require extensive collaboration with both internal departments
and international companies.
JKInvestments, Kópavogur, Iceland
Aug – Mai
Project management / logistics
Project management: Planning and leading a large number of different
projects in connection of a merger of midsize companies. That
includes changes in business and financial software, location of main
offices and warehouses, installing new phone operation systems, setting
up new advanced web store and Webpage and more. All projects where
done in close collaboration with CEO and other senior management.
Logistics: Leading a complete review of all aspects of logistics of the sub
Biozentrum, University of Basel, Switzerland
Jan April
Department of Genome Scale Biology
• Cell biology: Using different selection methods to develop more
differentiated functions of hepatoma cell lines, especially in response to
drug induction of the CYP enzyme system.
• Microarray: Using microarray techniques to compare global gene
expression in primary hepatocytes and hepatoma derived cell lines to
further understand the mechanism of drug induction.
• Part of this was work was used as a basis for my diploma thesis.
deCODE Genetics, Inc, Reykjavik, Iceland.
Sept – Dec
Department of Pharmacogenomics
• Asthma research. Searching for genes and genetic biomarkers DNA,
RNA and protein that may underlie asthma susceptibility and drug
response. This involved extensive computer work with different
databases and inhouse software combined microbiology lab work, for
example RNA/DNA isolation, DNA sequencing and RTPCR / microarray
chip experiments.
• Metabolic enzymes. Designing and running SNP Taqman assays for a
large number of metabolic enzymes, including the CYP enzyme
system D, C, C etc as well as Nacyltransferase, thiopurine
methyltransferase and a few other secondary enzymes. These assays
where then tested on more then human samples.
University of Iceland, Reykjavik, Iceland.
Jan – sept
Department of pharmacy
• Synthesis and testing of Metronidrazol prodrugs. Metronidrazol is an
antibacterial and antiprotozoal drug. My project was to make a more
lipophilic derivative of the drug by first making Metronidazole
succinateglycerol and then coupling different fatty acid to the
Metronidazole derivative. These products where then tested with
pharmacological methods.
• The first months were part of my final project for the University.
University of Iceland, Reykjavik, Iceland.
Mai – August
Science Institute
• Organic chemistry. Synthesis of different deratives of protenoic acid and
then coupling different heterocycle to the deratives. This was then sent to
USA to be tested for activity for tuberculosis.
• The Icelandic Student Innovation Fund funded this project.
Danube University Krems, Austria
Sept Dec
Professional MBA Biotech & Pharma Management
This MBA program is done with cooperation with The Sauder School of Business
at the University of British Columbia in Canada and includes speakers from both
top business schools and leading companies in the field.
• Thesis: “Current and future trend in pharmacy industry in Austria from the
perspective of the generics industry”
• Supervisor: Mag. Elgar Schnegg MBA, Country head of Sandoz GmbH,
Vienna, Austria.
Biozentrum, University of Basel, Switzerland
Jan April,
Diploma work in Biochemistry.
• Thesis: “Comparison of global gene expression in primary hepatocytes
and hepatoma derived cell lines”.
• Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Med. Urs A. Mayer, Department of Genome Scale
Biology, Biozentrum.
University of Iceland
Sept June
BSc in Biochemistry
• Thesis: “Synthesis and testing of new fatty acid derivative of
• Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Mar Masson, Department of Pharmacy.
Gudmundur F.. Current and Future Trends in the Pharmacy
Industry in Austria: From the Perspective of the Generics Industry.
Germany: VDM Verlag Dr. Müller, .
• Hakonarson et al. “A major susceptibility gene for asthma maps to
chromosome q”. Am J Hum Genet. Sep; :
Tanztheater Springschuh, Austria. Working on different projects as an
advisor, focusing on administration, marketing, strategy, finance and film
making from February to July .
• Stiftung ECAP. Full time German study “Deutsch Intensivkurse” at
ECAP in Basel from April to July .
• During and , I was a member of the board of management with
one of the oldest icehockey club in Iceland where I was actively involved
in running the club. This included everything from planning training times
for every age group to organisation of large national and international
tournaments with more then teams.
• Member of the national organisation of “The International Association for
the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience” IAESTE in

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