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Resume for Aditya K. for Researcher / Scientist / Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Occupation: Researcher / Scientist Industry: Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals
Country: United States City: Minneapolis
State: Minnesota ZIP: 55455

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Aditya K., M.S. Pharm, Ph.D.

Department of Pharmaceutics

Harvard St SE             Cell:

Minneapolis, MN             Email:  

Techniques known Tableting on singlestation/rotary press, wet/dry granulation, high shear/fluid bed granulation, extrusionspheronization, film/fluid bed coating, spray drying, dissolution testing, solubility studies, drugexcipient compatibility, lyophilization.

Texture analyzer, instrumented tablet press, DSC, TGA, XRD, Moisture sorption, FTIR/Raman, optical/polarized/hotstage microscopy, HPLC RP and size exclusion.

Solubility enhancement using polymeric and monomeric amorphous systems.

Formulation Development Experience with immediate and modified release formulations based on matrix/osmotic technology.

Determination of solid state of API and quantification of critical excipients in innovator RLD formulations for targeting bioequivalent generics.

Preformulation Studies Expertise in carrying out preformulation studies stability studies and solidstate characterization of drugs.
Amorphous/ polymorphic systems Preparation and molecular level characterization of pharmaceutical amorphous systems. Polymorph screening, dehydration behavior of hydrates, quantification and phase transformations during pharmaceutical unit operations.
IPRs/regulatory requirements Knowledge and appreciation of issues related to intellectual property rights, regulatory requirements and documentation including patent infringement, para IV, b, SUPAC, ANDA filing and ICH guidelines.
  • Development of immediate and controlled release formulations of a pH dependent soluble API with release profile customized to match FDA orange book RLD innovator.
  • Tablet compaction feasibility for a high dose combination product being marketed as capsules.
  • Lyophilization process development for an enzyme formulation.
  • Determination and quantification of polymorphic form of API in tablets.
  • Determination of particle size of API and quantifying level of critical excipients e.g. surfactants in an innovator product to target a bioequivalent generic.
  • Chemical assay of API and other excipients of interest using multiple techniques including HPLC.
  • Preformulation studies on an API exhibiting multiple polymorphs with varying hygroscopicity.

    Post Doctoral Associate


    Working in the Department of Pharmaceutics, University of Minnesota under the guidance of Prof. Raj Suryanarayanan.
  • Mechanistic understanding of unusual dehydration behavior of dibasic calcium phosphate dihydrate and changes in tablet attributes.  Project funded by Center for Pharmaceutical Processing Research CPPR.
  • Development of QbD guidance elements using gabapentin as model API. Study of phase transformations during unit operations with simultaneous changes in chemical stability. A National Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology and Education NIPTE project funded by FDA.
  • Contract assignments for various pharmaceutical companies.
    Senior Research Fellow


    Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, NIPER, India guidance of Prof. Arvind Bansal.
  • Formulation development: ‘Reverse engineering’ of innovator formulations by molecular and particle level characterization of API in formulation matrix; and quantitative determination of critical excipients, to target bioequivalent generics. Practical hand on compression profiling of pharmaceutical powders, and dissolution testing pH changeover, biorelevant, discriminating, compendial of modified release products.
  • Worked on thesis “Molecular and thermodynamic properties of pharmaceutical amorphous forms”. Differences in thermodynamics, including fragility, and variation in intermolecular bonding patterns established and related to crystallization behavior for four structurally related compounds. Also evaluated solubility enhancement from amorphous dispersions. Project funded by Council of Scientific and Industrial Research CSIR, India.
  • Junior Research Fellow

    M.S. Pharm

    Worked on “Development and evaluation of osmotically controlled oral drug delivery system for oxybutynin hydrochloride”, under guidance of Dr. Sanjay Garg, NIPER, India. Worked on matrix and osmotic controlled release formulations of highly water soluble drugs. Project funded by Unichem Laboratories Limited, India.
    Ph.D. Department of Pharmaceutical Technology Formulations, National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research NIPER, India.

    CGPA of . on a point scale credits of course work and thesis.

    M.S. Pharm Department of Pharmaceutics, NIPER, India.

    CGPA of . on a point scale stood first credits of course work and thesis.


    All India rank out of candidates with . percentile. Graduate Aptitude Test is a nationwide examination that rankorders undergraduates for majors.
    B. Pharm

    Hindu College of Pharmacy, Maharishi Dayanand University, Rohtak, India.

    Secured .% to stand first in school.



  • Received gold medal for securing top position among all M.S. Pharm programs at NIPER.
  • Received certificate of merit for standing first in school at undergraduate level.
  • Awarded senior research fellowship from council of scientific and industrial research CSIR, India during Ph.D.

  • Member of American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists AAPS, Arlington, VA.
  • Life member of Indian Pharmaceutical Association IPA, Mumbai, India.
  • Member of NIPER Alumni, Punjab, India.


  • AK Bansal, N Trasi, AM K., UC Banerjee and N Roy. A process for preparing a storage stable freezedried phytase composition. Indian Patent Application number /DEL/.
  • AK Bansal, S Arora, and AM K.. Improved modified release ropinirole. Indian Patent Application number /DEL/.
  • PUBLICATIONS— Total publications with over citations


  • AM K. and AK Bansal. Thermodynamic behavior of glassy state of structurally related compounds. Eur J Pharm Biopharm, , , –.
  • AM K., AK Chakraborti and AK Bansal. FTIR studies on differential intermolecular association in the crystalline and amorphous states of structurally related nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs. Mol Pharmaceutics, , , –.
  • SS Bansal, AM K. and AK Bansal. Molecular and thermodynamic aspects of solubility advantage from solid dispersions. Mol Pharmaceutics, , , .
  • SS Bansal, AM K. and AK Bansal. Corelationship of physical stability of amorphous dispersions with enthalpy relaxation, Pharmazie, , , .
  • S Patel, AM K. and AK Bansal. Compaction behavior of roller compacted ibuprofen. Eur J Pharm Biopharm, , , .
  • S Patel, AM K. and AK Bansal, Effect of particle size and compression force on compaction behavior and derived mathematical parameters of compressibility. Pharm Res, , , .
  • S Patel, AM K. and AK Bansal. Lubrication potential of magnesium stearate studied on an instrumented tablet press. AAPS PharmSciTech, , , EE.
  • MVS Varma, AM K. and S Garg. Influence of microenvironmental pH on the gel layer behavior and release of a basic drug from various hydrophilic matrices. J Control Release, , , .
  • RK Verma, AM K. and S Garg. Development and evaluation of extended release formulations of isosorbide mononitrate based on osmotic technology, Int J Pharm, , , .
  • MVS Varma, AM K. and S Garg. Rapid and selective UV spectrophotometric and RPHPLC methods for dissolution studies of oxybutynin immediate release and controlled release formulations. J Pharm Biomed Anal, , , .
  • PR Kotamraj, G Chawla, AM K. and AK Bansal. Impact of solidstate properties on lubrication efficacy of magnesium stearate. Pharm Dev Technol, , , .
  • SS  Sharma,  SK Srinivasan, S Krishnamoothy, AM K. and AK Bansal. Preclinical safety pharmacological studies on the amorphous formulation of celecoxib. Arzneim Forsch Drug Res, , , .
  • S Patel, AM K. and AK Bansal, Mechanistic investigation on pressure dependency of Heckel parameter. Int J Pharm, , accepted.
  • A Joshi, S Patel, AM K. and AK Bansal, Compaction studies of alternate solid forms of celecoxib. Adv Powder Technol, , accepted.

  • S Patel, AM K. and AK Bansal, Compression physics in the formulation development of tablets. Crit Rev Ther Drug Carr Syst, , , .
  • AM K., P Gupta and AK Bansal. Amorphous drug delivery systems: Molecular aspects, design and performance. Crit Rev Ther Drug Carr Syst, , , .
  • MVS Varma, AM K., A Garg and S Garg. Factors affecting mechanism and kinetics of drug release from matrixbased oral controlled drug delivery systems, Am J Drug Deliv, , , .
  • AM K. and S Garg. An update on osmotic drug delivery patents. Pharm Technol, , , .
  • AM K. and S Garg. Minimizing bioavailability variations with oral controlled release formulations: What is possible? Am J Drug Deliv, , , .
  • POSTER PRESENTATIONS_ Total presentations. Selected presentations AAPS annual meeting:

  • AM K., Z Zong, SD Desai, HS Huang, DH Barich, LE Kirsch, EJ Munson and R Suryanarayanan. Anhydrous and monohydrate gabapentin interconversion: Potential implications during solid dosage form manufacture.
  • AM K.

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