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Resume for Som M. for Researcher / Scientist / Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals in Ellicott City, Maryland

Occupation: Researcher / Scientist Industry: Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals
Country: United States City: Ellicott City
State: Maryland ZIP: 21042

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Som S. M.
, Pine Orchard Lane, , Ellicott City, MD
Cell, Lab, Email:
PhD Microbiology expected graduation December :
State University of New York,
College of Environmental Science and Forestry SUNYESF, Syracuse, NY
MSc Agriculture : G.B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar,
BSc Agriculture : G.B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar,
Research and professional interests:
Industrial microbiology:
• Development, modification and adaptation of novel microbial agents for industrial
• Metabolic engineering to produce bacterial strains for polymer and protein production.
• Development and optimization of microbial fermentation processes for production of
pharmaceuticals and biologics.
Fermentation technology for industrial biotechnology:
• Bioreactor based fermentation to produce industrial compounds.
• Ethanol and butanol from lignocellulosic feedstock via microbial fermentation of sugars.
• Polyhydroxyalkanoates PHA production from fatty acids, sugars, and glycerol via
microbial fermentation.
• Biodiesel production from algal biomass in photobioreactors.
• Genetic modification for increasing metabolic efficiency of microbial candidates for bio
fuel, biodiesel, and biopolymer production.
Research Experience:
Doctoral research: SUNYCollege of Environmental Science and Forestry, Syracuse, NY,
– present.
Doctoral Project: My PhD research involves isolation of viruses from rivers and streams
adjacent to forested stands in New Zealand to identify and characterize new viruses, which can
potentially be utilized as gene vectors for forest tree improvement. I have identified three new
virus species and two new strains of existing viruses using RTPCR, multiplex ICPCR, ELISA
and AGDD in combination with TEM and physical assays with the virus particles. I have
conducted extensive physical, morphological, biological, molecular and serological
characterization of these viruses and developed coat protein phylogenies for each.
Benchtop fermentation, optimization of bioreactor environment for production of biologics and
metabolites. Design of Experiments, Microbiological bench techniques, establishment of bacterial
and fungal cultures in differentiating media, bioassays for analysis of sugars, solvents,
DNA/RNA, protein purification, genomics and metabolomics, and other molecular tools,
serological and immunological assays, differential centrifugation, ionexchange for removal of
inhibitors, filtration, Electron Microscopy, microbial isolation, identification and purification,
phylogenetic tools for analysis of multiple sequence alignments.
RTPCR, DNA/RNA techniques, ICPCR, common immunological techniques, molecular assays,
phylogenetic tools and multiple sequence alignment and analysis, serological techniques and
polyclonal antibody production in specific pathgenfree rabbits, microbial isolation and
purification, some bioinformatic tools. Differential ultracentrifugation using isopycnic and
sucrose density gradients, ultrastructure studies using Electron Microscopy, biological
characterization of bacteria and viruses, benchtop microbial fermentation, NMR H and D
analysis of sugars, GCMS analysis of solvents.
Professional experience:
Research Assistant: SUNYESF – Department of Biology Jan – December and the
Office of Outreach at SUNYESF Jan – August .
Teaching Assistant:
General Microbiology: Fall
Insects and Diseases of Forest species: Summer
Forest and Shade Tree Pathology: Spring
General Chemistry: Fall , Spring and Fall , Fall
Several weekend classes on microbial diversity, forest pathology and mycology, lectures on
RTPCR, and field trips on water sampling and analysis.
Research Assistant: Department of Paper and Bioprocess Engineering Summer and Fall,
and and September to date. I, along with an intern group, installed an anaerobic
chamber with a programmable airlock for establishment of solventogenic cultures of
Clostridium for production of butanol from hotwater wood extract. ESF has developed a
novel waterbased technology for separation of lignin and cellulose from wood chips,
ultimately leading to a hemicellulose rich fraction containing glycans and xylans. Further
hydrolysis of this extract releases the acetylated units that are associated with the
oligosaccharides and converts a major proportion of the xylans and glycans into C and C
monosaccharides. The first objective here was to test bacterial strains for their ability to utilize
the oligosaccharides and use xylose as their main carbon source. The other main challenge
was to grow the bacteria to a threshold titer under anaerobic conditions by suppressing
phenolic and other inhibitors contained in the hydrolysate, so as to obtain optimal yields of
butanol, while also advancing the acid breakpoint, when they transition from the acidogenic
to the solventogenic phase in culture. Once the seed cultures were established, they were
used for inoculation of L cultures in BioFlo benchtop anaerobic fermentors. Sugars and
solvents were analyzed by DNMR, and GC respectively. Optimal % to supraoptimal
% levels of butanol was successfully produced using this system.
Senior Research Aide: Department of Chemistry Spring : I am currently working as a
Senior Research Aide in a project involving production of medium chain length
polyhydroxyalkanoates, a major bacterial energy storage molecule which is also a building
block for biodegradable plastics. I am using a strain of Pseudomonas and growing it in a
benchtop biofermentor under conditions of nutritional stress to induce an earlier
accumulation of the polymer. A parallel project in our lab is also attempting to suppress the
genes responsible for biofilm production in this strain so the cells would stay in reaction rather
than accumulate on the walls of the fermentor and on the blades of the impeller. Next, we will
attempt side chains modification of the polymer to produce a PHA species that will render the
molecule hydrophilic. Polymer content is analyzed by GC, and proton NMR is used to
characterize the structure of the PHA produced.
Industrial experience
Senior Scientist: Versatile Biotechnologies Ltd., Lucknow, India.
– Preparation of project proposal, budgets, action plans. Development of disease
free tissue cultured plantlets and virus indexing. Production of secondary
metabolites from cell suspension cultures
Scientist: Biotechnology Division, The Dhampur Sugar Mills Ltd.,
– Dhampur,India. Operation of a large tissue and cell culture facility for secondary
metabolite production and mass multiplication of highsucrose cane
plantlets. Virus indexing by ELISA in potato microtubers and vegetative
tissue. Enumeration of soil and water bacteria and viruses. Screening of
high sucrose canes for increased sugar and molasses yields for ethanol
Selected publications and presentations:
M., S.S., Rogers, S.O., Lough, T.J., Hopcroft, D.H., and Castello, J.D. . New
tombusviruses isolated from waters draining forest stands in New Zealand in preparation
M., S.S., Rogers, S.O., Lough, T.J., Hopcroft, D.H., and Castello, J.D. . New
tobamoviruses isolated from waters draining forest stands in New Zealand in preparation
M., S. S. and Liu, S. . Production of biobased butanol from hotwater sugar maple
wood extract using ABE fermentaion by Clostridium acetobutylicum and C. beijerinckii in preparation
M., S. S., Lough, T.J., Hopcroft, Zachritz, J. W., and Castello, J.D. . New
tobamoviruses isolated from waters draining forest stands in New Zealand, Abstract accepted at the
North Eastern Division meeting of the American Phytopathological Society at Newport, RI, October
, .

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