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Resume for Mark H. for Researcher / Scientist / Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals in Tampere, Finland

Occupation: Researcher / Scientist Industry: Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals
Country: Finland City: Tampere
State: Southern Finland ZIP: ox16 1xb

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Curriculum vitae
Mark Stephen H. BSc Hons, D.Phil
Ironstones, Banbury, Oxfordshire, OX XB
Mobile: , email:
Nationality: British: Date of Birth: ..
CRB certified, Full UK drivers license
| |University of OxfordÊ Linacre College |
| |D.Phil in Biochemistry / Virology |
| |Awarded year Glycobiology Scholarship |
| |Studies focused on the biochemical mechanisms of |
| |antiviral drugs, cell biology and the effects of |
| |human and animal viruses in cell culture. Using a|
| |wide variety of techniques and independent |
| |research my submitted thesis was entitled “The |
| |antiviral mechanism of iminosugars against bovine|
| |viral diarrhea virus”. |
| |Oxford Brookes University |
|Including placement year |BSc Hons, Biotechnology |
| |Involved several aspects of cell and molecular |
| |biology. My choice of examinations and experience|
| |was targeted to my main interests in DNA and RNA |
| |viruses, prions, advances in biochemical |
| |technology and DNA manipulation. We also focused |
| |on ethical aspects of science and the uses of |
| |biochemical technologies. |
| |Ê |
| |Amersham and Wycombe College, |
| |Alevels |
| |Math’s, Physics, Biology, |
| |GNVQ level |
| |Anatomy and physiology |
| |Ê |
| |Grammar School, Nicosia, Cyprus |
| |Overseas OLevel |
| |English, Math’s, Physics, Biology, Human Biology,|
| |Chemistry, Computer Science |
|Employment |Ê |
|ÊCurrent |Self employed private tutor |
| |Teaching IB , A Level and GCSE Biology, Chemistry|
| |and Physics GCSE. As a freelance tutor I have |
| |taught for many colleges including Oxford Science|
| |Studies, Abacus college and the Oxford Summer |
| |Academy References can be supplied upon request|
| | |
| – | |
| |Center for Ecology and Hydrology Oxford |
| |Molecular virologist / Laboratory manager |
| |ResponsibilitiesÊ : |
| |Research into baculovirus and other microbe |
| |persistence at both the cellular and |
| |environmental level. |
| |Evaluation and estimation of influenza prevalence|
| |in populations using molecular analysis of |
| |sewage. |
| |Molecular modeling of viral coinfections. |
| |Specialist advisor in molecular techniques. |
| |Training and supervision of staff and students in|
| |molecular techniques.Ê |
|ongoing |Oxford Brookes University |
| |Guest lecturer |
| |Guest lecturer in molecular biology, virology and|
| |biochemistry |
| Easter |Oxford Science Studies Easter revision courses |
| |Tutor in A level biology and chemistry |
|– |University of Oxford |
|Ê |Supervisory role for project students undertaking|
| |molecular biology projects. Tutorials given to |
| |undergraduate students |
| Summer |Oxford Glycobiology Institute |
| |Research assistant Virus research |
| |Oxford Brookes University |
| |Research assistant Cancer research |
| |Oxford Brookes University, |
| |Demonstrator of mammalian and insect cell culture|
| |Oxford Expression Technologies |
| |Supervisory role for project students undertaking|
| |molecular biology projects. Tutorials given to |
| |undergraduate students |
|ongoing |Guitar teacher and session musician |
Scientific Skills
Excellent communication skills. Techniques include animal and insect cell culture, quantitative
PCR and RT – PCR including multiplexing, advanced cloning methods and molecular biology
techniques, baculovirus gene expression, transfection methods, ELISA, SDS – PAGE, protein
purification, flow cytometry, immunofluorescence and fluorescence microscopy, DNA, RNA and
virus purification methods, reverse genetics.
IT Skills
All basic computer packages, Web design, SEO, programming, various science and technology
programs involved in obtaining and analysis of dataÊ
Other interests
I have a keen interest in all areas of sciences with a passion for physics. I am also an
accomplished musician with many credits to my name including solo instrumental performances
worldwide and regularly teach advanced guitar techniques to private students. In my free time I
enjoy a good social life, live music and reading books focussing on psychoanalysis.
Presentations and lectures
Antiviral strategies and therapy , Center for Ecology and Hydrology, Section lecture
Vaccines , Oxford Brookes University undergraduate lecture
Developments in RNAi technology , Oxford Brookes University undergraduate
Antivirals , Oxford Brookes University undergraduate lecture
Characterising the persistent baculovirus genome , SIP conference, University of Warwick
Purification of persistent viral DNA , CEH section meeting
Antiviral mechanisms of iminosugars final DPhil presentation, University of Oxford
Poster presentation at DPhil symposium Antiviral iminosugars
Antiviral mechanisms of iminosugars University of Oxford
Antiviral effects of iminosugars , presentation to United Therapeutics, University of Oxford
Murillio R, H. M., Possee R., Evidence for covert baculovirus infections in a
Spodoptera exigua laboratory culture. J. Gen. Virol.
Andreou D. H. M, Gozlan R , Influence of host reproductive state on Sphaerothecum
destruens prevalence and infection levels, Parasitology :
Woodhouse SD, Smith C, Michelet M, BranzaNichita N, H. M, Dwek RA, Zitzmann N.
Iminosugars in combination with interferon and ribavirin permanently eradicate noncytopathic
bovine viral diarrhea virus from persistently infected cells, Antimicrob Agents Chemother.
May;:. Epub Mar
Pavlovic D, Fischer W, H. M, Durantel D, Durantel S, BranzaNichita N, Woodhouse S,
Dwek RA, Zitzmann N. Long alkylchain iminosugars block the HCV p ion channel, Adv Exp
Med Biol. ;:
H. M. Baculovirus persistence review , manuscript in preparation
H. M. Graves L, Possee R. Hails R. Development of a quadraplex realtime PCR and
comparison with standard PCR methods for the detection of two DNA and two RNA viruses in
insects. Manuscript in preparation
Pritchard C, H. M. Quadraplex quantification of viral RNA in baculovirus infected
cells. Manuscript in preparation

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