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Resume for subir N. for Researcher / Scientist / Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals in Lyngby, Denmark

Occupation: Researcher / Scientist Industry: Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals
Country: Denmark City: Lyngby
State: Kobenhavn ZIP: 2800

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Subir Kumar N.
Corresponding Address:
Personal Details:
Mølleåparken , G
Date of Birth:
KgS, Lyngby
Sex: Male
Marital Status: Married
Nationality: Indian
Languages known: English, Hindi, Bengali, Sanskrit, Danish module .
Contact Details:
Tel No O: +
Tel No R: +
Email: Alternate Email:
Academic Qualifications:
Current position:
March till date PostDoc at Center for Microbial Biotechnology
Project: Actinomycetes mutants physiology with Model, EU project LAPTOP.
Supervisor: Anna Eliasson Lantz
Institute: Department of Systems Biology, Denmark Technical
University, Denmark.
PostDoc joined in January,
Supervisor: Jens Nielsen
Institute: Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden
PhD submitted in December,
Institute: Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India
Project: “Effect of nutritional stress on the viability of Bacillus subtilis
and Escherichia coli in Mixed Cultures.”
Supervisor: K. V. Venkatesh
Master of Technology in Chemical Engineering
Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India []
Marks Obtained: %
Grade: First Class, Ranked
in the University.
Bachelor of Technology in Chemical Engineering
Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India []
Grade: First Class.
Research area of focus
Microbiology, Biochemistry, Transcriptomics, Metabolite analysis, Fermentation and Flux analysis,
Metabolic engineering, Proteomics, Modeling
Microbiological techniques
Staining Techniques, Bacterial growth curve, Biochemical identification of microbes, Isolation of
different microbes, Enumeration of microbes, Handling & maintenance of Actinomycetes.
Well versed with Lab scale Bioreactor handling & experimentation including Batch, FedBatch and
Continuous fermentation.
Flux Analysis
Biomass hydrolysis, Amino acid derivatization SPE and DMFDMA method, calculation of SFLs and
data fitting into model
Instruments well versed with
GC, GCMS, HPLC, PCR, Biochemistry Analyzer, Ammonia and Nitrate Analyzer, Microscopes
Biochemical & Analytical Techniques
Electrophoresis, Protein purification & estimation, Carbohydrate estimation, Bioassay of antibiotics,
RNA related techniques and Transcriptome Analysis
Well versed with RNA isolation. Also handling and running Affymetrix arrays
Metabolome analysis
Metabolite from Yeast and other organisms,
Model based optimization of the Fermentation process and basic physiology of the cell. Use the
chemical engineering idea in the biological processes.
Phosphoproteome sample preparation and handling including SDS gel run and quantification or
Communication skills
I communicate very well in English by writing and speaking. I am also learning Danish and can
communicate a little bit in Danish.
During my PostDoc I am working as a part of EU project UNICELLSYS, LAPTOP that involved
many Universities and company and I have a good experience working in collaboration with people.
Teaching experience:
Assistant teacher in the PhD course in the practical course at Chemical Engineering, “Packed column
Reactor” and “Determination of metabolic active cells by MBRT”
Supervised students during my PhD studies, and students in PostDoc
Bachelor students
Annapurna and Rina – April to June on “Effect of different substrate on MBRT”
Alicia Andre – June to August on “ Comparative physioogical study of different mutants of
Streptomyces coelicolor A in Batch cultivation.”
Lalit Kumar – June to July on “Optimization of the production of actinorhodin from Streptomyces
coelicolor strain.”
Grants and prices received
Received “Helmholtz award” from conference Leipzig, Germany in .
In PhD, I have developed a novel characterization in Bacteria called Predation from B. subtilis
under stress. One article was published in the newspaper ‘The Telegraph’ and also attended a
press conference based on the same topic in ASM in Toronto, Canada. The same article
was also cited in the IIT Bombay main home page .
Research Publications:
. Prashant Madhusudan Bapat
, Subir Kumar N.
, Pramod Wangikar, and K. V. Venkatesh,
“Quantification of metabolically active biomass using Methylene Blue dye Reduction test
MBRT: Measurement of CFU in about seconds!”, Journal of Microbiological Method,
, . : equal contribution.
. Subir Kumar N., Prashant Madhusudan Bapat, K.V. Venkatesh, “Sporulating Bacteria
Prefers Predation to Cannibalism in Mixed Cultures”, FEBS Letters, , .
. Subir Kumar N. and K.V. Venkatesh, “Effect of Temperature on the
Behavior of Bacillus subtilis”, Applied Environmental Microbiology, ,
. Subir Kumar N. and K.V. Venkatesh, “Effect of Carbon and Nitrogen on the
Cannibalistic Behavior of Bacillus subtilis”, Applied biochemistry and
biotechnology, : .
. Subir Kumar N. and K.V. Venkatesh, “Rapid Antibiotic and Exhibition
Assays using Methylene Blue dye Reduction Test”, African Journal of microbiology, ,
. Subir Kumar N., Paula Jouhten and Jens Nielsen, “Reconstruction of the
yeast protein protein interaction network involved in nutrient sensing and global metabolic
regulation.” BMCSystems Biology, , .
. Pramote Chumnapuen, Susana Chatzipapadopoulos, Subir Kumar N.,
Christian Brackmann, Jens Nielsen and Annika Enejder, “Different nutrient stress LCHN and
HCLN inducing change of metabolic states positively affecting lipid droplets quantification
and metabolic syndrome” Manuscript accepted in Biotechnology Journal.
. Subir Kumar N. and K.V. Venkatesh, “Estimation of Colony Forming Units in minutes
for individual cell types in a mixed culture using Methylene Blue Dye Reduction Test”,
. Subir Kumar N. and K.V. Venkatesh, “Effect of Carbon and Nitrogen on
the Predatory followed by Cannibalistic Behavior of Bacillus subtilis”,
manuscript submitted.
. Subir Kumar N. and K.V. Venkatesh, “Effect of Temperature on the
Predatory Behavior of Bacillus subtilis with E. coli.” Manuscript submitted.
. Subir Kumar N., Tessa Moses and K. V. Venkatesh, “Quantification of
microorganisms: A review study to detect CFU.” Manuscript under preperation.
. Jie Zhang, Subir Kumar N., Kristine Marie Jensen, Stefania Vaga, David Carling, Lisbeth

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