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Resume for Na S. for Researcher / Scientist / Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Occupation: Researcher / Scientist Industry: Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals
Country: United States City: Cambridge
State: Massachusetts ZIP: 02139

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Na S., Ph.D.
Massachusetts Avenue

Cambridge, MA


US Green Card Holder


Mobile Phone: +


Preformulation & Formulation Oral Drug Absorption Solubility Dissolution SolidState Characterization

Pharmaceutical Preformulation & Formulation

  • Six years experience in drug preformulation & formulation, physicochemical characterization, oral drug absorption, solidstate characterization, form selection, risk assessment and finished dosage form evaluation;
  • Experimental design and execution, identification of root cause of technical issues, overcome technical challenges and identify a strategic path forward;
  • Development, operation, troubleshooting and maintenance of stateoftheart method for equipment used for quantitative and qualitative bulk drug substance characterization;
  • Seniorlevel scientist in modern pharmaceutical analytical principles, methodology and technology;
  • Project management NCI pre/formulation projects and interdisciplinary cooperation Novartis project.
  • Solubility & Solubilization

  • Kinetic / Thermodynamic / Intrinsic Solubility instruments: HPLC, LC/MS, UVVis, pHtitration;
  • Solubility profiles and solubility screening, identify solubility limiting factors, perform solubility aggregation evaluation;
  • Solubilization: pHmanipulation, cosolvent, surfactant, complexing agent, salt screening, salt conversion.
  • Stability

  • Drug substance and drug product stress tests and shortterm storage stability for up to one year, including the formulation per se, heat, light, oxygen, moisture, and other parameters;
  • Generated kinetic profiles using HPLC to predict the stability of the drug substance in various physiologically acceptable aqueous vehicles.
  • Ionization pKa

  • pKa & logP/logD determination using pHtitration and UVmetric titration; investigated over compounds, including compounds with multiple ionization groups e.g. antibiotics, oligonucleotides.
  • Dissolution

  • Dissolution tests in aqueous buffer & biorelevant media FaSSIF, FeSSIF, SGF;
  • Investigate the parameters that differentiate the solubilization capacity of FeSSIF & FaSSIF.
  • SolidState Characterization

  • Thermal Analysis: Differential Scanning Calorimetry DSC, Thermogravimetric Analysis TGA;
  • Imaging: Optical Microscopy LM, HotStage Optical Microscopy HSM, Transmission Electron Microscopy TEM;
  • Hygroscopicity: Dynamic Vapor Sorption VTI, Karl Fisher KF;
  • Crystal Form: Powder XRay Crystallography PXRD;
  • Particle Size & Aggregation: Image Analysis, Dynamic Light Scattering DLS;
  • Spectroscopy: FTIR, Raman.
  • QSAR Modeling Statistics

  • Softwares: Algorithm Builder, TIBCO Spotfire, ADME Box;
  • Model to predict biorelevant pKa from D structure and its pKa at °C PLS, MLR model;
  • In vitroin vivo correlation IVIVC based on material physical chemical properties.
  • Biochemistry

  • Over two years in protein biochemistry: protein expression, isolation and purification, stability studies, lyophilization, optical techniques for structural and aggregation studies;
  • Methods and Instruments: ionexchange chromatography IEC; sizeexclusion chromatography SEC, FPLC, Native/SDSPAGE, ultra speed centrifuge, DSC, DLS, lyophilization, UV, fluorescence, CD, NMR.
    Novartis, Cambridge, MA

    Contractor Physical Chemical Characterization Laboratory

    / – /
  • Physicochemical profiling: pKa & logP/logD using Sirius T instrument UVmetric & potentiometric method; solubility using HPLC, LC/MS, and pHtitration intrinsic / thermodynamic / equilibrium solubility; solidstate characterization using DSC, TGA, VTI, PXRD, and optical microscopy LM;
  • Novartis internal IND project: participate cross functional teams interact with medicinal chemists, formulators, PBPK, and IVIVC to assess and improve material properties as well as developmental/implementation of models relevant to material properties focusing on the solubility limiting factors and oral drug absorption model based on lipophilicity, solubility, crystallinity, etc..
  • pION INC Oral Drug Absorption, Woburn, MA

    Senior Scientist

    / – /
    Publications: Journal Articles
  • pKa & logP/logD: use potentiometric & UV metric methods; Instruments including: GLpKa advanced version of PCA, PCA, GLpH, Sirius & DPAS Sirius; Gemini pION; investigated compounds, including compounds with multiple ionization groups eg. API, antibiotics, oligonucleotides;
  • Solubility and solubility assessment: using HPLC, μDISS ProfilerTM in situ fiber optic, Gemini potentiometric method; evaluate solubility aggregation or slow dissolution analysis using μDISS ProfilerTM and μSOL Evolution software pION;
  • Stability: solid & liquid state API stress tests, completed CRO projects;
  • Dissolution of API or formulations in both aqueous buffer and various biorelevant media SIF, SGF, FeSSIF, FaSSIF;
  • Investigate the parameters that differentiate the solubilization capacity of FeSSIF & FaSSIF;
  • Permeability: investigate PAMPA permeability and establish in vitroin combo PAMPA models to improve IVIVC; Instruments: Tecan Freedom EVO® & Beckman Biomek® FX robotic platforms.
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry Department, The University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS

    Postdoctoral Researcher

    / – /
    Publications: National Cancer Institute NCI preformulation & formulation projects publication prohibited
  • Solubilization of water insoluble drug in various vehicles: pHmanipulation, cosolvent, surfactant, complexing agent, salt screening, form selection, and salt conversion;
  • Generate liquid or lyophilized formulations in the early development stage;
  • HPLC method development suitable for stability and solubility studies extensive HPLC user, daytoday handon experience;
  • Stability of drug substance and drug products including the formulation per se: heat, light, oxygen, moisture, and other parameters;
  • Evaluated the experimental dosage form under simulated use conditions, i.e. completeness, and clarity of the constituted solution after freezedrying, stability of this solution per se and after dilution with intravenous fluids;
  • Short term stability study of the finished dosage form under accelerated stability conditions at °C, °C, °C, and under refrigeration conditions for year.
  • Department of Chemistry, The University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS

    Postdoctoral Researcher

    / – /
    Publications: Journal Articles
  • Protein Expression in E coli;
  • Protein isolation and purification using ion exchange chromatography IEC, size exclusion chromatography SEC, fast protein liquid chromatography FPLC, Native / SDSPAGE, ultra speed centrifugation;
  • Protein stability studies: temperature, chemicals Urea, Guanidine chloride, and Guanidine thiocyanate, pH, and concentration on holo and apoprotein denaturation or unfolding hemeprotein cytochrome b;
  • Protein lyophilization and reconstitution;
  • Using optical techniques, e.g., UVvis, Fluorescence, Circular Dichroism CD, to calculate the protein Tm and Cm values, and calculate the protein denaturation free energy ΔG;
  • Using dynamic scanning calarimetry DSC to obtain the transition midpoint Tm, enthalphy ΔH and heat capacity change ΔCp associated with protein unfolding;
  • Protein aggregation and protein size analysis using Native and SDSPAGE, Dynamic Light Scattering DLS
  • Department of Chemistry, Uppsala University, Sweden

    Postdoctoral Researcher

    Publications: Poster Presentation
  • Chemical purification and organic functionalization of single and multiwalled carbon nanotubes
  • Methods: Transmission Electron Microscopy TEM, FTIR, Raman, & H NMR

     Dissertation Ph.D. – Physical Organic Chemistry: Novel nanoscale aggregation systems based on micellelike fullerene derivatives; Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China Journal Articles, Review, & Book Chapter

     Topic M.S. – Organic Chemistry: synthesis, characterization and configuration study of a series of new ,Benzothiazepineβlactam Derivatives; Hebei Normal University, China Journal Articles

     B.S. – Chemistry; Hebei Normal University, China


    PublicationS and Presentations

    Industrial Publications Journal Articles

    N. S., A. Avdeef 
    Biorelevant pKa
    °C Predicted from the D Structure of the Molecule and its pKa at °
    Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis, , , .

    . A. Avdeef, N. S. 
    A New In Situ Brain Perfusion Flow Correction Method for

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