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Resume for Michele J. for Researcher / Scientist / Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Occupation: Researcher / Scientist Industry: Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals
Country: United States City: Philadelphia
State: Pennsylvania ZIP: 19147

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South Street, Philadelphia, PA , Tel. , Email:  

Motivation, Organization and Dedication 

Dear Sir, Madam, 

I respectfully request that you consider my resume for senior positions Scientist or Medical Writer available in and around Philadelphia, PA.  

Because I am highly motivated, organized, hardworking and thorough, and because writing is a talent, I excel in the preparation and finalization of top quality scientific documents.  For the same reasons, and because of my passion for science, I am also an excellent scientist who can lead projects forward in a timely manner under minimal supervision, or within a team/matrix, while following established guidelines.  I can thus contribute to a company’s growth and success. 

Here is what I will bring to your group: 

Ph.D. with over years of solid postdoctoral scientific experience in biomedical research.

Track record of scientific excellence and integrity 

Outstanding scientific writing skills and experience, including the ability to interpret and organize data to convey key messages with clarity and accuracy e.g. reviews and research publications, including as st author, protocols, summaries, posters, etc.. 

Thorough knowledge and handson expertise in experimental research design and implementation, assay development, and data analysis/data interpretation related to biochemistry, molecular biology, cellular biology and preclinical research. 

Extensive experience as a team leader / project manager

Excellent verbal/listening skills several awards for presentations; fluent in English/French; personable

Leadership and creativity: proactive to ensure proper planning and timely completion of projects

Ability to multitask and prioritize to meet deadlines

Strong work ethics

Attention to details

Efficiently recognize problems and implement solutions to increase productivity and quality

Proficient computer skills

Willingness to adapt and learn to tackle new challenges


Stable work history years with the same employer; increasing responsibilities and promotions 

I look forward to your sharing my enthusiasm. 

Sincerely yours, 

Michele J.



South Street, Philadelphia, PA , Tel. ,  

Motivation, Efficiency and Dedication 


Ph.D. Biochemistry/Biophysics UQTR

Special recognition for excellence

“ NSERC doctoral award” nominee

Identification and characterization of novel types of PLA in the retina 

M.Sc. Biology U. Sherbrooke

Identification and characterization of amylaseamylase and GPamylase binding in the pancreas 

B.Sc. Microbiology U. Sherbrooke 

PUBLICATIONS IN SCIENTIFIC JOURNALS: as st author, listed at the end 

COMMUNICATIONS AT INTERNATIONAL MEETINGS:  as st author, list available upon request 

INVITED LECTURES: , list available upon request 


SENIOR SCIENTIST /present, The Wistar Institute


FAP is a cell surface protease that is virtually absent in adult tissues but upregulated in healing wounds, fibrotic tissues and the stroma of carcinomas, making it an ideal clinical target.  I work on characterizing the regulation of FAP at the molecular and cellular levels, and its role in diseases, in preclinical mouse models. 

• Lead the characterization of FAP expression in adult mouse tissues

• Study the role of FAP in primary fibroblasts using pharmacologic and genetic approaches

• Investigate the crosstalk between fibroblasts and tumor vs. endothelial cells

• Responsible for the molecular characterization of the FAP promoter

• Supervise technicians and undergraduate students

• Generated targeting constructs used to create genetically engineered knockin mouse models

• Implemented various cellbased assays: invasion, migration, contraction, tube formation, cell cycle analysis

• Developed an ELISA assay to measure FAP levels in fluids translational project

• Instigated a collaboration to identify response elements in the FAP promoter bioinformatics

• Extensive use of the following:

Cell cultures / D cultures / spheroids

Southern blotting

PCR and qPCR: generate cDNAs, amplify genomic DNA, mutagenesis, genotyping, quantitative analyses

Promoter bashing / reporter assays

Bioluminescence imaging

Enzymatic assays

Transfections and clone screening

Immunoblotting, immunocytochemistry, immunofluorescence

Flow cytometry

Mouse work

POSTDOCTORAL FELLOW //, The Wistar Institute

Deregulation of receptor endocytosis and cytoskeletal remodeling is associated with cell transformation but the underlying molecular mechanisms remain incompletely defined.  I investigated those mechanisms. 

• Studied the effects of wt and oncogenic Cbl on receptor endocytosis using various B cell lines

• Provided the first evidence that Cbl, Abl and CrkII form a complex that orchestrates receptor engagement and cytoskeletal remodeling for optimal endocytosis

• Demonstrated that Cbl is an essential regulator of Abl activity

• Mentored technicians and undergraduate students

• Performed / monitored execution of the following:

Cell biology techniques: cell culture, isolation of primary cells, flow cytometry, transfections, fluorescence microscopy, cell cycle analysis, cell growth kinetics Coulter counter

Molecular biology techniques: DNA/RNA purification and characterization, Southern blotting, PCR, molecular cloning, generation of expression vectors

Protein biochemistry: electrophoresis, immunoblotting, immunoprecipitation, affinity purification, pulldown assays, kinase assays, ubiquitylation assays

Endocytosis assays radiometric / fluorimetric

Production of antibodies from hybridomas

Mouse work 


Because of their unusually high content of unsaturated phospholipids, rod photoreceptors are particularly susceptible to lightinduced peroxidation damage.  RPE cells participate in rod renewal and could thus protect them from such damage.  I tested that hypothesis. 

• Discovered that RPE cells contain novel types of PLA that could remove oxidized fatty acids.

• Proved that RPE cells but not rod outer segments contain PLA activity

• Mentored undergraduate students

• Utilized / oversaw use of the following:

Lipid biochemistry techniques lipid extraction, TLC, HPLC

Protein biochemistry techniques chromatography, electrophoresis, Western blotting, protein staining

Isolation of primary retinal cells

Enzymatic assays photometric, colorimetric, radiometric

Electron microscopy to analyze the substructure of rod outer segments

Instigated a collaboration to study PLA substrates

Analyzed the phospholipid profile of subretinal fractions

Developed a new backandforth TLC technique to discriminate between PLA, PLC and PLD activities 

M.Sc. FELLOW: information available upon request. 


Invited review: J. M. in Endocytosis: Structural Components, Functions & Pathways p..

Featured article: J. M et al. Int. Immunol. : .

Eunice & Irving Leopold Annual Scientific Symposium: Best presentation

Natural Sciences & Engineering Research Council of Canada: fellowship

Cancer Research Institute: fellowship

Medical Research Council of Canada: fellowship

Fonds FCAR: fellowship

UQTR: Scholarships for “Best presentation” ,

University Laval, Department of Ophthalmology: Scholarships for “Best presentation”

Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation: fellowship ;


J. M, Chang L and Puré E.  Fibroblast activation protein in remodeling tissues.  Curr Mol Med In press 

J. M, Todd L and Puré E.  Induction of FAP expression in vitro and its relevance to tissue remodeling.  In preparation 

Fan MH, J. M, Ra H and Puré E.  The role of FAP in ECM remodeling in lung fibrosis.  In preparation 

J. M.  Need to endocytose?  Abl to help.  in Endocytosis: Structural Components, Functions and Pathways, p. , Brynn C. Dowler Ed., NOVA  Science Publishers INVITED REVIEW. 

J. M.  Need to endocytose?  Abl to help.  International Journal of Medical and Biological Frontiers : crosspublication. 

J. M and Puré E.  Stromal cells & tumor milieu: PDGF et al. in Cancer Genome and Tumor microenvironment.  A. ThomasTikhonenko Ed. Springer Science and Business Media, LLC p. . 

J. M, Todd L, Majumdar RS, Li Y, Yamamoto K and Puré E.  Endogenous cAbl regulates receptor endocytosis.  Cell Signal. :. 

Acharya PS, Majumdar, S, J. M, Hayden J, Mrass P, Weninger W, Assoian RK and Puré E. Fibroblast migration is mediated by CDdependent TGF beta activation.  J. Cell Sci.  :. 

J. M, Todd L, Sampson MF and Puré E.  Dual role of Cbl links critical events in BCR endocytosis.  Int. Immunol. :.  FEATURED ARTICLE. 

Middleton MK, Zukas AM, Rubinstein T, J. M, Zhu, P, Zhao L, Blair, I and Puré E.  Identification of /lipoxigenase as a suppressor of myeloproliferative disease.  J. Exp. Med. :. 

Lavens S, Faust EA, Lu F, J. M et al..  Identification of protein tyrosine kinases required for BCRmediated activation of an EBV immediate early gene promoter.  J. Virol. :. 

Van Temsche C, J. M and Salesse C.  Human retinal pigment epithelium secretes a phospholipase A and contains two novel intracellular phospholipases A.  Biochem. Cell Biol. :. 

J. M, Salesse C and Lafleur M.  Polymorphism of the palmitoylarachidonoyl phosphatidylethanolamine/ dimyristoyl phosphatidylmethanol mixture, a PLA substrate.  BBRC :. 

J. M, Weech PK and Salesse C.  Phospholipases A of ROSfree retinas are different from wellknown phospholipases A.  Biochem. Biophys. Acta :. 

J. M, Weech PK and Salesse C.  Bovine retinal pigment epithelium contains novel types of phospholipase A.  Biochem J. :. 

J. M, Weech PK and Salesse C.  Presence of a lightindependent phospholipase A in bovine retinas but not in

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