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Resume for Jaime F. for Reporter / Journalist / Broadcasting, News & Journalism in London, United Kingdom

Occupation: Reporter / Journalist Industry: Broadcasting, News & Journalism
Country: United Kingdom City: London
State: Greater London ZIP: SW15 2RG

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Name:  Jaime Antonio     Address: Flat

Surname: FerreiraRuiz        Mexfield Road

Sex:  Male nonsmoker      Putney

Nationality: Portuguese       London SW RG

NIN:  PB C     Telephone



Castilian Spanish mother tongue, English complete written and oral command of the language fluent, Italian very good oral and written command of the language fluent, Portuguese very good oral and written command of the language fluent, French useful oral knowledge of the language. 


June To date London Correspondent & Researcher Edilegal S.L.  Latin Counsel  

                  Main duties and responsibilities: 

• daily liaisons with clients, to disburse relevant information for the commercial promotion of the ‘Latin Counsel’ brand;

• represent the magazine in all relevant, workrelated events organised in London;

      • conduct interviews with the speakers at these events, whenever possible;

• conduct indepth research and analysis of material in preparation for the writing of articles based on these events;

• assess and analyse the relevance of the information obtained and when required, write articles;

      • assist in the development of the weekly online newsletter, when required;

• keep abreast of legal, political and economical developments in Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula, and monitor changes in legislation and policy in these regions.   

Jan May  Research Analyst Law Business Research. 

Main duties and responsibilities for both the commercial and the editorial side of all Latin Lawyer publications online briefing, Latin Lawyer Magazine, Latin Lawyer : 

  • research online or otherwise;
  • compilation of lists and maintenance of databases;
  • analysis of financial and non financial information;
  • preparation of statistics;
  • si opus sit liaisons with clients, to disburse relevant information for the commercial promotion of the ‘Latin Lawyer’ brand.

    Oct Dec  Parttime Researcher / Translator and ProofReader Lingua Skills Market Research / Translating Agency  

    Research, professional translation and proofreading from Spanish, Italian and Portuguese into English, and vice versa.  Research / Translation / Proofreading in all sorts of subjects. 

    Feb Sep  Multilingual Research Analyst The Risk Advisory Group. One of Europe’s leading independent investigations and intelligence financial risk consultancies 

    Main duties and responsibilities: 

  • daily liaisons with clients to verify the honesty and integrity of their potential recruits, by carrying out checks on all applicants’ qualifications, employment and financial history credit monitoring and analysis support;
  • accessing, retrieving and analysing information from a wide variety of  databases;
  • obtaining references;
  • telephone enquiries and interviews;
  • the development of accurate, timely and detailed reports.

    Nov Feb  Research Officer Team Leader & Translator The NOP Research Group. Formerly known as ‘National Opinion Polls’ The th largest market research firm in the world   

                      Main duties and responsibilities: 

  • liaising with executives and clients;
  • language interview and assessment of prospective interviewers;
  • interviewers training, briefings, coaching, supervision and management;
  • ensure research was conducted according to The Market Research Society’s guidelines, via daily monitoring of interviewers’ performance;
  • project management:  Unixbased sample management, monitoring of quotas, resolution of projectrelated problems, daily written report and project completion report with detailed analysis on the project’s progress, success rate, difficulties, problems, incidents, etc.;
  • translation of questionnaires, openended answers, scripts, reports, etc.

    Jan Nov  Telephone and Internet Researcher The NOP Research Group. 

       Promoted from Trainee to Standard level based on quality of research, research productivity and contribution. 


    I have a good working knowledge of computing Word, Word Perfect, UNIX, DOS, Microsoft Windows, Excel and Access Proficiency Level, databases and specialised research software Intrinsic, Equifax, Experian, LexisNexis, and a particular interest and more than ten years experience of the Internet Epost, gopher, , World Wide Web, etc. 


      University of Liverpool UK

            MA in Latin American Studies, awarded a successful pass.

    Courses taken:  Contemporary Latin America, Special Subject Latin American Politics, Research Methods and Problems, Language Training in Spanish. 

      University of Kent at Canterbury UK

             BA Hons in Politics & International Relations. 

      University of Loyola New Orleans US 

    Degree commenced:  Political Science, first year successfully completed Transferred to the University of Kent at Canterbury UK in October . 

      Meads School of English Eastbourne UK

            Study of the English language at university level. 

      ‘Manuel Pardo’ School Peru

                      Primary and Secondary education. 


    Current affairs, Economics, business & legal matters, dancing, films, science fiction, international football, classical music, the theatre, chess, literature, etc.


    To be provided if / when required.

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