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Resume for Ravshan K. for Consultant / Business & Management Services in Toshkent, Uzbekistan

Occupation: Consultant Industry: Business & Management Services
Country: Uzbekistan City: Toshkent
State: Toshkent ZIP: 100084

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Proposed role in the project:
Company: RHYTHM PLUS Consulting Company
. Family name: K.
. First names: Ravshan
. Date of birth: May ,
. Passport holder: Ordinary CA
. Residence: Uzbekistan
. Education: Master
|Institution [ Date from Date to ] |Degrees or Diplomas obtained: |
|Birmingham City University |MBA, Finance option |
|Tashkent Finance Institute |Master Degree |
| | |
. Language skills: Indicate competence on a scale of to excellent;
|Language |Reading |Speaking |Writing |
|English | | | |
|Russian | | | |
|Uzbek |Mother tongue |Mother tongue |Mother tongue |
. Membership of professional bodies:
Member of Alumni Association, Birmingham City University
Member of Alumni Association, Tashkent Finance Institute
Member of Young Uzbek Professionals Network
Member of Economists Institution of Uzbekistan
. Other skills:
Leading the project team and coordinating the project day to day activities.
• Evaluation of contractor performance and its work compliance to the contract
• Civil works contract negotiation.
• Evaluation and settlement of variations and claims.
• Asses contract amendments.
• Preparation of procurement plan.
Review contract variation.
Planning, controlling and analyzing of financial data.
Collecting, analyzing, structuring and optimization of data.
Budgeting and cost optimization.
Conducting research and writing papers.
Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Power Point and Project.
. Present position: Project Coordinator, Contract Specialist
. Years within the firm:
. Key qualifications :
Ravshan K. is a resourceful manager and economic development specialist with
broad experience in project management, research, banking and teaching. He is an
experienced manager for ADB and KFAED economic development projects developing
relationships to government, business and the banking communities. Mr. K. is
proficient in leading multi disciplinary teams to conceive and implement practical,
innovative solutions, creating income and employment generating pilot schemes and
projects. He is experienced in constructing strategies for strengthening institutional
capacity of business development support institutions, ensuring sustainability, improving
governance. He has a thorough understanding of the theoretical frameworks for the
analysis of financial markets in developing, transitional and market economies. He is
proficient in analyzing and developing legal and regulatory policy frameworks and
strategies for small enterprise and community development initiatives. He has
participated and completed number of consultancy assignments in Uzbekistan. He is
capable to perform against tight deadlines.
. Specific experience in the region:
|Date from – to |Country |Experience |
|/ Present |Uzbekistan |For the last three years I have been working in |
| | |international consultancy projects funded by |
| | |international organizations such as ADB and KFAED|
| | |in Uzbekistan. I have become very familiar with |
| | |all issues which are being faced by International|
| | |organizations donors and government agencies |
| | |recipients during the project implementation |
| | |period. Now, having worked in consulting |
| | |business, I know precisely how the projects could|
| | |achieve their original objectives in a more |
| | |efficient and effective ways, and financial |
| | |resources that have been allocated for their |
| | |implementation are effectively utilized. Besides|
| | |this, my higher education which was obtained both|
| | |from Uzbekistan and UK leading universities will |
| | |assist me to fulfill all tasks in high quality, |
| | |and of course my language skills including |
| | |Russian and Uzbek will definitely be of great |
| | |help while communicating with experts across |
| | |Central Asian region. |
| | | |
. Professional Experience:
|Date from|Location |Company & reference |Position |Description |
| to | |person name & | | |
| | |contact details | | |
|/P|Uzbekista|Dongshin Engineering |Project |Rhythm Plus jointly with Dongshin Engineering and Consultants Co. Ltd., |
|resent |n |& Consultants Co., |Coordinator |being as subconsultant, is involved in the implementation of the Project |
|months| |Ltd Korea in |/Contract |Management and Construction Supervision project, within the CAREC |
| | |association with |Specialist |framework. The project requires attraction of international and local |
| | |RHYTHM PLUS | |consultants in the field of road and bridge construction for technical |
| | |Consulting Company | |supervision of construction and reconstruction process of the km plot |
| | |Uzbekistan | |of the A highway, which has to assure a high quality of works being |
| | | | |carried out by contractors, technical parameters of the road complying with|
| | |Reconstruction of | |international standards. Total consultancy services are estimated at USD |
| | |A Road ADB, Loan| |. million. The construction project is valued for USD millions |
| | |UZB | | |
| | | | |Main duties are: Responsible for ensuring that all works carried out are in|
| | |Lee Sang Ik, | |compliance to project requirements and other respective authoritative |
| | |VicePresident, | |guidelines; Leading the project team and coordinating the project day to |
| | |Email: | |day activities; Implementing the agreed action plan to the agreed standards|
| | | | |and deadlines; Regular liaison with the Client Republican Road Fund on |
| | | | |all projectrelated matters; Ensuring the effective preparation and |
| | |Gamini Sarathchandra,| |delivery of all project events and meetings and production of all necessary|
| | | | |documentation; Taking responsibility for the effective flow of information |
| | |Material Engineer, | |between team members, participants in project activities, and the Client; |
| | |Email: | |Ongoing evaluation of project activity and reporting on project progress to|
| | | | |the Client. Meetings translation held between the Client and Dongshin |
| | | | |Engineering and Consultants Co., Ltd. |
|/|Uzbekista|Rhythm Plus |Project |The project is required an establishment of the state unitary enterprise |
|/ |n |Consulting Company in|Coordinator/ |“Transyolqurilish” – a road equipment pool company, in essence it was a |
| | |association with |Contract |unique experiment implementing new mechanisms of conducting road |
|months | |Renardet S.A. |Specialist |construction works, with simultaneous upgrade and renewal of the fleet of |
| | |Consulting Engineers | |road construction equipment and machinery allowing to construct |
| | |Switzerland | |technologically complicated highways. As a result of the project: |
| | | | |constitutive documents of “Transyolqurilish” and their registration with |
| | |Development of Road | |the state agencies have been carried out; an organisational structure of |
| | |Equipment Pool | |the company and its mobile subunits, and corresponding normative documents |
| | |Company ADB, Loan | |have been developed; a diagnostic study of the sites and plots of the |
| | |UZB | |mobile subunits, a marketing research of the road constr

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