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Resume for Imad A. for Engineer / Chemicals & Petro-Chemicals in Seeb, Oman

Occupation: Engineer Industry: Chemicals & Petro-Chemicals
Country: Oman City: Seeb
State: Masqat ZIP: 968

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Curriculum Vitae 

Experience of seven years operation in Oil and Gas field with the Largest Companies in Oman and the world PDO & Schlumberger 

Personal Details: 

Name:   Imad bin Juma bin Hamed AlAmri

D.O.B:   th of Feb

Marital Status:  Married

Living  in :  Muscat Seeb

Address:  AlMa’abellah Seeb, Muscat

                  Sultanate of Oman

                  P.O. Box: Seeb

                  Postal Code:  

Mobile No:  +

Work No:  +

Home No:  +  

Email Address:  imad_ 

* Working at the moment with PDO + years more than years in GAS field operation Production Operator and more than year as a Lab chemist 

* Experience in Schlumberger for + years in GAS and Oil Fields around the world. 


to  Royal Guard of Oman Technical College Diploma in Science Engineering

to  Caledonian College of Engineering Degree in Process Operations & Maintenance   


Basic first class  
Elementary first class  


Physics                                                                    English core                                                          
Mathematics extended                                        

Grade C

Grade C 
Grade B


General Engineering


Unit : Engineering Applications of Computers N  
Unit : Science N

Unit : Software Design Methods N  
Unit : Industry and Society N

Unit : Electrical and Electronic Principles N  
Unit : Electronics N

Unit : Digital Electronics N  
Unit : Analogue Electronics N  
Unit : Mathematics N

Unit : Mathematics N

Unit : Technical Drawing N

Unit : Computer Aided Drawing N  
Unit A: Manufacturing Technology N  
Unit B: Manufacturing Technology N  
Unit A: Project N

Unit B: Project N








Process Operations and Maintenance

Now I’m doing level Three Degree and hopefully by will finish my Bachelor  
Thanawiayh Technical Thanawiyah               . %

Third Secondary



Available on request.  


PDO PRODUCTION OPERATOR –field and control room more than years:  

GAS Facilities: 

  • SNGP “Saih Nahiydah Gas Plant”
  • CPP “Central Process Plant” Saih Rawl Station.
  • SRS “Saih Rawl South” Gathering Station”

          At the moment, I'm working with PDO; my job is to make sure that the operation goes smooth by monitoring the process of the Gas, Condensate and water. I have worked as field operator and DCS operator. 

          In the field inside the plant there a lot of things that required being monitored from the oil level of the pumps to the turbo expanders and compressors. Inside the plant, you need always to check up the gauges if they are working ok and try to fixing them up if required depending upon the knowledge otherwise as most of the time it requires instrument, mechanic or electrical team. It’s really interesting to see how the team work is going on. I'm working also in DCS using Yokogawa monitors. I like the work here as it interesting and you can see how the process is going on. You can control each small thing and the big things by the technology of Yokogawa. You need always to monitor the levels and the gauges of temperatures, flow rates, pressure …etc. We don’t wait to the alarm to show up to alert us, we have to watch everything and I find it interesting. I like also to solve the problems that we face during the operation and that give me experience in this type of jobs. 

          I worked also nowadays in the commissioning of shuaiba compressor depletion compressor where we have to increase the pressure coming from the wells to the required pressure to enter our station. The job was tough and interesting in the same time. The compressor we are using is siemens as it works quite well and produces about MSM/D. 

          I’ve worked in several facilities including Saih Nahiydah Gas plant. I worked in CPP Saih Rawl Central Processing Plant and also SRS Saih Rawl South. The CPP is the main station that gathers all of the gas in Qarn Saih Rawl Barik station SRS and Saih Rawl wells. The production of CPP is about MSM/D. 

          Moreover, I validate permits to the contractors to work in a safer environment and provide them with the entire assistant that they require. I have done lots of courses in PDO safety and job courses, for example:  

  • Flares & Vents Systems Operations
  • Surge Control for Centrifugal Compressors
  • HSE for supervisor … etc. 
  • Yokogawa fundamentals for operation.
  • Solar Gas turbines.

    PDO Lab Facility Mina Al Fahal: 

          At the moment, I’m working as a lab chemist in Mina Al fahal. Here we are analyzing samples to find a lot of things.

  • MDGC MultiDimensional Gas Chromatography Focal Point
  • HRGC High Resolution Gas Chromatography Focal point
  • OIW
  • TMBC
  • Receiving
  • TVP
  • RVP
  • STP
  • Solid extractions …etc.


    Field experience in Paris, Qatar, Dubai, Oman “Saih Rawl, Saih Nahaidah, Safa” 

          I have been working for Schlumberger for years. I have been working in two fields. The first field in my job was SWT service well testing which is in the field. In this field, I was working as a specialist where we are measuring the production of the wells with separators, multiphase testers and other equipment. I used to put all of the pipe lines together and check them for any leak and also pressure test them. I was using the separator with chock manifolds and lots of other equipment. I measure by using the separators, manifolds the flow rates, pressures and temperatures at different chocks and from these we can have lots of information about the type of reservoir and type of fluid that is coming from down the earth and the boundaries of the reservoir that contains the fluid itself. 

          The second field in my job was PVT Express. I like this field also because I’ve done so many things and it is so interesting. In this field, I’m creating a module of the oil field reservoir. In other words I’m dealing with a sample, which is brought to me from down the well as Monophasic, and I’m doing some studies to it. I’m checking where the bubble or dew point is and check the GOR of the sample. I’m checking also the density and Viscosity. There are more things that I can explain more for the people who interested in my specialization.  

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