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Resume for Arshak G. for Programmer / Software Developer / Computer Software in Yerevan, Armenia

Occupation: Programmer / Software Developer Industry: Computer Software
Country: Armenia City: Yerevan
State: Yerevan ZIP: 0026

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Arshak G.
Date of birth: //
Araratyan st, n alleyway, home
Cellular: +
Yerevan, Armenia
Experience in software design process: requirements definition, prototyping, proof of concept, interface
implementation, full implementation, testing, maintenance and customer support. Management of R&D,
Applications and QA teams working on massive parallel reconfigurable device: modeling, compiler, linker,
P&R tools, verification
R&D management
Interaction with remote R&D teams/managers
Project management for multisite R&D teams
SW architecture design and implementation
Development of applications for massive parallel devices
Development of simulators and development tools for massive parallel reconfigurable devices
Development of ASP.NET Web sites
Development of Desktop/Web multitier/multilayer applications
Desktop application development: C/C++, Assembler, C/Java, Eclipse
Understanding digital circuit design, EDA flow, familiar with HDL languages verilog
Understanding of System Level design, HWSW codesign, Embedded Systems
Clientserver technologies: HTML/XML/CSS, JavaScript/PHP, SQL/TSQL
CM/R&D Tools on unix: GCC, GDB, Subversion, Bugzilla, Doxygen, Make
CM/R&D Tools on windows: MS Visual Studio, MS SQL Server, .NET, Windows services
Libraries/Frameworks: STL, QT, Instigate Application Framework, ASP.NET, WPF
Operating systems: Linux Redhat, Suse, Ubuntu, Windows XP/Vista/
Languages: Russian fluent, English fluent, Armenian native
Project management, communication skills
SW engineer
Instigate CJSC
Prototyping of C Compiler for an Embedded bit CPU, research of GCC front end, building own parser
for subset of C syntax, platformspecific backend, using DSP fabric available on platform
Development/maintenance of bitaccurate and clockaccurate simulator for massive parallel
reconfigurable device: matrix of ALU, Register fabric, with NoC interconnect
Development of library functions for massive parallel reconfigurable device using C/CoWare
SPW/Instigate Proximus/Customer's proprietary language, handcoding in bitstream format
Building translators and verification tools for translation from customer's highlevel configuration
languages and P&R output data into bitstream formats
QA manager and contact person
April Sept
Instigate CJSC
Development of the automated regression testsuites based on Make, Bash, other GNU tools
Automated and manual QA of clock&bit accurate simulator, using builtin TCL API
Automated and manual QA of bit accurate behavioral simulator
Automated and manual QA of Debugger UI for bit&clock accurate simulator
Handling interaction with remote R&D team
Reporting to manager in the USA
Group manager
Sept Dec
Instigate CJSC
Implementation of bit&clock accurate simulator
Design and implementation of a bit accurate functional simulator
Development of C Compiler for custom bit embedded CPU
Development Specifications and User Documentation for simulator and C Compiler
Schedule management, Status Reporting, businesstrip/telco with management in USA
Implementation of DSP/Matrix/Vector/Math functions for massive parallel reconfigurable device
Development of large communication/multimedia demo applications for the device
QA of bit&clock accurate simulator
QA of Bit accurate behavioral simulator
Development of C Compiler automatic test environment
GUI debugger manual&automated QA
R&D manager
Implementation/maintenance of SMPP Gateway
Implementation of bulk SMS Web system

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