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Resume for Evgeny B. for Programmer / Software Developer / Computer Software in Berdsk, Russian Federation

Occupation: Programmer / Software Developer Industry: Computer Software
Country: Russian Federation City: Berdsk
State: Novosibirsk ZIP: 633009

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Cell phone: + , EMail: , Skype: evgeny.m.B.

  • Complex design/development/optimization problem solving;
  • Concurrent programming multicore, threading, atomic operations, concurrent data structures;
  • Systems and lowlevel programming assembly languages, OS core, system level, drivers;
  • Network programming in POSIX/Windows/Java environments;
  • Compilers and virtual machines code generation and optimizations, runtime support;
  • A lot of experience in UNIX systems development: drivers, daemons, debugging tools, etc;
  • Extensive knowledge of Linux kernel internals and the system core;
  • Extensive knowledge of the Java platform and JVM internals;
  • Strong debugging abilities;
  • Code performance audit and tuning;
  • Mentoring small groups of software engineers;
  • Strong ability to produce significant amounts of technical documentation and specs;
  • GUI development Java AWT/Swing, SWT, MFC, XWindow, Qt, Delphi;
  • Strong motivation, ability to produce results in a limited time frame;
  • Always learn and master new knowledge really fast.
  • Programming Languages

    Extensive: C, C++ STL, Boost, Java, Intel x/MIPS/SPARC assembly, Modula, Oberon, scripting;

    Moderate: Pascal/Delphi, Perl, Python;

    Learning: D, Scala.

    Hardware & Operating Systems

    Windows / Linux on the Intel x platform, Linux on MIPS and SPARC platforms. Lots of experience with POSIX systems. General knowledge of MSDOS and the UNIX family.

    Development systems

    Environments:  UNIX and the GNU toolkit GCC, GDB, make, strace, grep, sed, etc., NASM,

    Sun JDK, Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, MS Visual Studio, Windows Debugging Tools, Delphi, Qt, Excelsior JET, XDS

    Profilers:   YourKit Java Profiler, Intel VTune

    Test systems:   QFS QFTest, Borland SilkTest, AppPerfect Studio, Eviware soapUI

    Version control:  MS Visual Source Safe, Subversion, Star Team

    Bugtrackers:   Atlassian JIRA, Bugzilla

    Frameworks:   Apache Tomcat, Apache Tapestry, Spring WS, IoC, Eclipse plugins

    Other:   IDA The Interactive Disassembler, Apache Ant, MS SQL Server


    Brainbench Transcript ID scores C++: ., C: ., Java: .:


    BS. Mathematics and Informatics, Novosibirsk State University, Russia, .

    Thesis: Complex approach to register allocation: effective loads and stores placement.


    Excelsior LLC , Novosibirsk, Russia October – January

    Position: Software Engineer 

    Major occupations: 

  • Excelsior JET, Java Virtual Machine with aheadoftime compilation, for Windows/x and Linux/x.
  • Ported the entire JVM initially developed for Windows/x to the Linux/x platform;
  • Developed a proprietary OSlevel debugger for multithreaded applications, for Linux/x.
  • Developed proprietary Linux kernel drivers which allowed the JVM to use advanced CPU features for debugging.

    As a member of a person team, designed, developed, and maintained the following components: 

  • Runtime system for Windows/x and Linux/x: JNI, dynamic class loading, core native methods, threading, I/O, networking;
  • Garbage collector;
  • Optimizing compiler: compiler frontend and intermediate program representation, SSAbased code optimizer, native code generator, Javaspecific code optimizer;
  • Deployment technology: packager/installer toolkits, support for different compression methods zip, lzma, pack, GUI wizards, support for remote packages ondemand downloading, unpacking, etc;
  • Automated crossplatform build and test system.

    Besides the development, worked hard in the following activities: 

  • Finding bugs in the JVM by debugging/inspecting optimized code of the running applications on various Windows/Linux systems, including embedded Linux systems;
  • Debugging the core of JVMs such as Excelsior JET and Sun HotSpot;
  • Prerelease testing and QA; participation in the software release process;
  • Writing user and technical documentation;
  • Technical support via email.

    Roles: software developer, researcher, QA/QE, technical writer, technical support engineer.

    Technologies used: Java, C, C++, Modula, Oberon, Intel x assembly language, UNIX shells, Win API, POSIX/Linux API, AWT/Swing, Atlassian JIRA, QFS QFTest, Intel VTune. 

  • RJNI, a highperformance JNI subsystem for CVM JME CDC/PP for Linux/x for the next generation of Digital TV appliances, for Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

    As a member of a person team, developed the following components: 

  • The core of the JNI subsystem;
  • Threading subsystem;
  • A daemon monitoring the whole system.

    Beside the development, tested and debugged the product on various Linux systems, and wrote a substantial amount of user and technical documentation. 

    Roles: software developer, technical writer.

    Technologies used: Java, C, C++, Intel x assembly language, UNIX shells, POSIX/Linux API. 

  • Consulting services for HighTower Software, Inc., USA.

    As a member of a person team during a weeks business trip in Los Angeles, CA, provided an onsite evaluation, audit and redesign of a largescale enterprise Java software application. The following goals have been achieved: 

  • A number of performance bottlenecks have been discovered;
  • Lots of synchronization optimizations and algorithmic improvements have been done;
  • One of most heavyloaded application modules has been parallelized.

    To sum up, these achievements gave us a % overall performance improvement and greatly increased scalability of the whole application. 

    Roles: software developer.

    Technologies used: Java, IntelliJ IDEA, YourKit Java Profiler. 

  • Output Management Solution, for Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. – a largescale enterprise application based on Tomcat / Spring Web Services that concurrently processes thousands of users.

    As a member of a person team,

  • Researched and designed a highavailable and scalable clustering model for the server application;
  • Researched opportunities of using Microsoft SQL Server for the server application;
  • Designed and implemented the server application engine and a client application;
  • Wrote some technical and user documentation.

    Roles: researcher, software developer, technical writer.

    Technologies used: Java, Eclipse, Tomcat, Spring, MS SQL Server . 

    Alawar Entertainment, Inc / HD Soft, LLC , Novosibirsk, Russia  February – present  

    Position: Senior Software Engineer 

  • Constant engineering services for Cablevision System Corporation, USA

    In tight onsite cooperation with software engineers at Zodiac Interactive, USA, developed and optimized multithreaded runtime core of interactive television systems. These systems power SPARC and MIPSbased SetTop Boxes STBs, which are widely used by Cablevision Systems Corporation, USA, a leading telecommunications, media and entertainment company. 

    Among accomplishments, most noticeable are: 

  • Improved the performance of an onthefly data decompression module up to times;
  • Parallelized a boot loader module so that its throughput grew up to times;
  • Parallelized a central data processing module, which led to major positive impact to the whole system; greatly reduced the overall memory footprint of the whole legacy system; found a lot of critical bugs in the system and fixed them;
  • Led a research project in which a driver for a rusty ATI graphics chip was reverseengineered and improved for use in a large number of STBs;
  • Mentored a number of engineers in other development/research projects of the same nature.

    Roles: tech lead, researcher, software developer.

    Technologies used: Cisco PowerTV OS, C/C++, Java, SPARC/MIPS assembly language, gdb, gcc, GNU toolkit, remote embedded environment. 

  • Consulting services for Comcast Corporation, USA

    Led a research project in which an implementation of OCAP stack was evaluated for possible performance, memory and disk footprint optimizations. 

    As a result, a number of bottlenecks and weak points have been found and comprehensive solutions have been proposed that completely satisfied our client. Most noticeable systems of the OCAP stack that have been evaluated are: 

  • an implementation of MPEG section filtering system;
  • a parallel MPEG Service Information processing mechanism;
  • a hardwareoptimized implementation of a Java AWT implementation.

    Roles: tech lead, researcher, software developer.

    Technologies used: C/C++, Java, MIPS assembly language, gdb, gcc, GNU toolkit, JDK, Pack, remote embedded environment.


    D. Gurchenkov, P. Pavlov, E. B.. "Partial SSA form: compact representation for programs with indirect memory operations". In Joint Bulletin of Institute of Informatics Systems and Novosibirsk Scientific Center, Novosibirsk .


    Enjoy concurrent programming, working with embedded platforms, solving complex design and performance challenges. Love systems and lowlevel software engineering – developing closetometal systems, porting the existing code bases to new platforms, redesigning and optimizing them. Also find pleasure in challenging debugging, especially lowlevel. 

    Strong team player and tech leader, also able to work individually. 

    Responsible, strong motivated.

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