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Resume for Genady C. for Programmer / Software Developer / Computer Software in Singapore City, Singapore

Occupation: Programmer / Software Developer Industry: Computer Software
Country: Singapore City: Singapore City
State: Singapore City ZIP: 51244

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Genady C.  

Phone:+  email:  Address: Boaz A, Ramat Gan, Israel 


I am currently seeking employment as senior software engineer / architect. Key areas of interest include C++ server side development, financial applications, and real time applications. Very flexible, absolute no problem with relocation 


  • Broad handson experience in networks, telecom systems, enterprise applications, availability, performance and fault management.
  • Solid projectlifecycle experience including requirements collection and analysis, principal and detailed design, implementation and subsequent maintenance phases.
  • Exceptional communicator well versed in multiple cultureworking environment, both Western and Asian business practices. I pride myself on the relationships I build with my colleagues and customers, both internal and external.
  • Ability to deliver high quality results under minimal or no supervision. Selfdriven and resultfocused.
  • Experienced in software design for realtime systems in distributed environments, modelling & simulation technologies, standards and interoperability.
  • Extensive, handson experience with enterprise applications development "from the concept to release", system analysis and design for analytical modelling, troubles prediction.
  • Broad experience of telecom applications development for a variety of platforms and infrastructures. Development from lowlayer drivers and protocols to higher application layer software.
  • Excellent analytical and mathematical skills hold degree in Applied Mathematics
  • Superior communication and interpersonal skills, fluent Russian, English and Hebrew language. Used to interact with customers on technical matters.


    Company : TTI Telecom International, Communication department , Israel                                                            / present

    Software engineer and system designer  

    Worked as software engineer developing fault and performance management solutions for telecommunications market. All projects developed on server side Unix and Linux platforms using C++ STL and BOOST libraries.

  • Design, implementation and maintenance of customerfacing OSS Operations Support System for heterogeneous and highly distributed networks with a complex tasks requirements.
  • Developed the real time performance monitoring and availability/fault management components for the existing management platform. 
  • Implemented part of a billing solution. The application was developed in transactional mode with focus on performance and reliability.
  • Implemented customizable data collection algorithms for SNMP, FTP, TCP and proprietary vendor protocols.
  • Implemented methods to analyze collected data, using complex hierarchical filtering and supporting rd party processing plugins.
  • Managed to improve system performance by using appropriate containers and customizing existing algorithms.
  • Enhanced system stability and reliability by making sure the data is well processed and no lost in system crash. Demonstrated strong ObjectOriented Analysis and Design skills. 
  • Developed techniques for systematically reports and alarms management to produce meaningful statistic reports.
  • Managed to dramatically reduce the amount of time required for IT processes, support sophisticated notifications and alerts generation.
  • Firm believer of Object Oriented analysis & Design. Proactively analyzed existing system with UML, gives myself and the whole team an insight on the existing system.
  • Key term on the job: C++,STL , BOOST ,Multithreading, Interprocess communication , TCP/IP ,SNMP,FTP,SSH, Unix SUN, HP , XML/XSLT/XSD, Linux Red Hat , Sql, Oracle, Sybase, MS Visio, Clear Case, Shell scripts.   

    Company : Israeli Ministry of Defence, Geographic Information System GIS project                                              

    / – /

    Senior Software Engineer 

    Worked as senior software engineer in a team of members of GIS data management system Client side and Server side. A high quality, secure and reliable GIS data management system provided range of service for manipulating and storage different kinds of geographic data.

  • Participated and leaded high quality software design and development by using ObjectOriented Analysis and Design, coding, and work with various OO Tools, and demonstrated solid analytical skills on .NET .  C, C++ COM.
  • Leaded and developed new services Web Services for the military GIS, which involved datum and coordinate system transformations, raster georeferencing, vector spatial adjustments and projections mapping.
  • Developed with C++ electronic interface and instrumentation design requirements for high performance military photogrammetric and geospatial equipment.
  • Worked as overall system architecture designer, reviewer to watch over the whole project, and acted as project coordinator. Mentored the team, conducted internal codereview and technical interviews for new resources.
  • Top Secret security clearance
  • Key term on the job: Test Driven Development ,Windows Server /, C++, Multithreading , STL, COM, Bash, Python, SQL, XML/XSLT/XSD, Oracle, C/.NET, Web Services, , WinForms, ASP .NET, ORM,

    ArcSDE, Arc Objects, Mapping APIs and SDKs, Rational Rose, UML tools. 

    Company : Israeli Defence Forces, Strategic Planning Department

    GIS applications team leader

    / – /  

    In charge of GIS development unit, leading the development and maintenance operations on existing army GIS repository with C++ COM,MFC and C .NET ..

  • Intensive work with rd party sub/contractors and software suppliers with strong emphasis on problem solving attitude.
  • Served as GIS representative of Strategic Planning Department. Interacted with other military and governmental GIS departments for mutual database synchronization and update process. Responsible for 
    issuing build and structure plans approvals for both civil and 
    military organizations.
  • Provided IT consulting services for the officials inside and outside 
    the department.
  • Conducted instruction sessions for technical staff. Accompanied GIS installations in various IDF units, including detailed database configuration and performance analysis.
  • Key term on the job: C++,MFC,COM,C, WinForms,ADO .NET, ArcInfo ,SQL, Oracle, ArcSDE C, Python, Windows Server / platforms. 


    Fluent in English, Russian, Hebrew 


     B.Sc in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, Bar Ilan University, Israel 

    Technical Experience

      Skill Name Experience
      C++ Years





    + Years

    + Years

    + Years

    + Years

    + Years

      C + Years

    ADO .NET

    Web Services

    ASP .NET

    + Years

    + Years

    + Years

    + Months

      TCP/IP + Years
      SNMP + Years
      FTP + years
      SSH + Months
      CVS + Years
      Visual source safe + Years
      ClearCase + Years
      XML/XSLT/XSD + Years



    + Years

    + Years

    + Years

      Unix Solaris,HP + Years
      Linux Red Hat + Years
      Unix Shell Scripts/Unix and Linux Commands + Years
      Python script + Months
      Windows Platform + years
      Visual Studio / + Years
      UML Design Tools MS Visio, Visual Paradigm, Enterprise Architect + Years
      Object Oriented analysis and design + Years
      Mentoring and Training Junior programmer + Years
      Writing technical docume

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