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Resume for ilan U. for Programmer / Software Developer / Computer Software in Modiin, Israel

Occupation: Programmer / Software Developer Industry: Computer Software
Country: Israel City: Modiin
State: HaMerkaz ZIP: 71724

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Ilan U.
Issascar st. Modiin
Phone: Email:
years of wellrounded business and product expertise. Broad range of
advanced technology coupled with highly effective communications,
interpersonal skills and understanding of business, economic and legal
environment. Problem solver with exceptional ability to assess complex
situations quickly identifies relevant elements, develop strategy, tactical plans
and champion implementation. Proven track record in leveraging new
technologies to develop innovative solutions. Outstanding track record in
managing project initiatives with multiple teams in different geographic
locations and ability to build relationships and bridge cultural gaps. Exceptional
ability to explore, learn and master new subjects and build indepth knowledge
base in a very short time. Experienced and knowledgeable in managing R&D
and simplifying complex product environments to improve product reliability and
time to market with significantly reduced costs.
Years of experience as CTO
Software developer from age of
Over years of working experience in computer industry
Over years of team management in Israel and abroad
Very wide architectural knowledge of Operating system, IT and software
Full hands on capabilities: high level understanding, detailed level and
programming in multiple software language
Excellent design skills including a proven track record of innovation skills
and unique thinking patterns
Proven track records in integrating multiple products
Experience in interacting with technical people and business people,
Ability to bridge gaps between them and communicate with both in
terms from their working environment.
Great working relationships with both senior and junior employees.
Solver of critical problems and designing solutions for critical problems
and complex architecture
Knowledge of communication based products.
Direct responsibility for people
Management of project development in Israel and abroad
Involvement in patents development, registration and intellectual
property assessment
Marketing support
Domination of many operating system including mobile OS, many
technologies, development languages, IT environment, Redundancy,
availability and security.
Management and development of tier based projects
Proven experience in company adaptation to new technologies and
meeting technological challenges
Fast and comprehensive learner
Expert in proving technology probability and technology prototyping
Innovative thinking, with abilities to create intellectual property and
leverage product value thereof.
Experience in network and security solutions
Leading people, motivating people with sense of humor and creating a
great working atmosphere.
Derived by self passion, motivation and learning skills. High commitment
to the organization.
Abilities to look at every problem as a challenge and come with unique
and unexpected solutions to critical problems.
Experience in creating employee’s commitment, demanding and proper
balancing between personal life and career.
Very loyal to the organization and long term relationship type of guy
Willingness to travel.
Management skills
Proven track record in training big teams
Unique methodology for teaching subordinates how to access
challenging project and reduce TCO significantly.
Ability to manage complex tasks in a demanding time to market
environments without wearing out human resources
Proven track record in creating an enjoyable working atmosphere.
Proven track record in creating tension free and mutual respect based
working environment
Ability to efficiently balance between organization and individuals needs.
Professional Experience
January October, PangeaTools VP Software Development
Responsibility for the development of an elearning system. Based on Flex
development environment, the company presented a product which simplified
and accelerated the development and deployment of RIA based elearning
Manage up to people in Israel and USA.
October , Cardis R&D CTO
An international company with branches in the USA, Canada, the Netherlands
and England, which provides an end to end banking solution for
Micropayments environment, which utilizes the EMV credit and debit
technology. The solution is based on Smart cards technology, Cellular phone
and NFC technology with extensive server technologies for the backend system.
Singlehand development of product version
Hands on development of all components involving C, C++, Java,
Python, Ruby, .NET, DB, JEE, Cellular, SQL Server, MySQL, Shell
scripts, Linux Daemons, Security programming and IT security,
availability, disaster recovery and redundancy and Virtualization, Web
servers, web clients, web database and business tier
Lead of IT architecture, hardware, security, redundancy HA and DR
Lead of integrating the product in ecommerce and loyalty environment
Establishment of the company software house, including technical team
and its resources
Design of product end to end, including SmartCard, Point of sale and
Total responsibility to a team of people, the majority of them in
Interaction with senior bankers in Canada and banks security,
redundancy and HA team and decision makers
Full responsibility to companies Due diligence
Pilots management
Establishment of NFC, Cellular and payments company knowledge base
Patents development , examination and implementation
Product marketing support
Support for funds recruitment
Involvement in writing contracts
Experience in working in multicultural environment
Full partner to every decision made in the company
Work with many OS including Windows, Linux, Unix and embedded OS
Designer of all product aspects: Security, Performance, availability,
redundancy, UI, Cost efficiency and back end architecture
Compro software, project manager, CTO member of
Responsibility for choosing development tools, OS and technologies for
various projects
Leading project managers and team managers
Interviewing and assessing company’s candidates for work
Establishment of smart card knowledge base
Establishment of ECommerce card knowledge base
Management of technology for the road project tender
Member of the Due diligence team for company sale to Morris Wolfsan,
establisher of the Ness group
Support sales and marketing in Israel and abroad
Telrad, developer and team manager
Developing for a TSAPI Novel project
Bezeq call center
REAL TIME switches environment
C, C++, Visual Basic, Access development
Responsibility for people
Working with case tools and OOP methodologies
OS, Tools, Technologies and methodologies
Windows , Linux, Solaris, Windows Mobile, Java Mobile,
Virtualization, NFS, NSF
C, ++C, VB, Python, Ruby on Rails, Ruby, Java, Java mobile , QT,
Shell Scripts, Assembler
EEJ , NET. , Java ME, Java for Smart Card, Point of sale, Java for
Mobile phone, JMF, Windows Mobile, Windows Embedded
Visual Studio, Delphi, Eclipse, Net Beans, Flex, Flash, Visual Studio.NET,
MySQL, SQL Server, DB, SQLite, Biz Talk
Apache, Microsoft IIS, Java Scripts, ASP, VB Scripts, PHP, JBOSS, Web
Sphere, Flash Media Server, XML, Web Service, XML, CSS, JSP, ASP,
Clear Case, CVS, Sub Version, UML, OOP, tier design, tier design, tier
Latest servers versions working in full virtualization environment
including: VirtualBOX, KVM, XEN, VMWare, Virtualization mirroring, load
balancing and redundancy
B.A. Computer sience– Open University Israel
B.A. in Law, Hebrew university, Israel
B.A. management and social studies, Open University, Israel

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