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Resume for Oleksandr N. for Programmer / Software Developer / Computer Software in Kyyiv (Kiev), Ukraine

Occupation: Programmer / Software Developer Industry: Computer Software
Country: Ukraine City: Kyyiv (Kiev)
State: Kyyiv ZIP: 02099

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Oleksandr N. 


mob. preferred



Skype: alexN.

Messenger: alex


Date of birth: .. 


Software Project Manager, C, C++, WEBproject, C, Java, clientserver, HTML, XML, WiX 


Many years experience in software development. Developed small to large scale software systems ranging from hardware embedded solutions to distributed data collection, ERP applications, WEB based projects. 

Experienced in a leadership of group of programmers on all stages of software development from requirement analysis to design, implementation, documentation, testing and support. 

Experienced in organization of software development office activities – recruiting new personal, distribution and control of tasks, planning of new version releases, coordination of development, QA and CS teams. 

Independent, resourceful and detailoriented, able to quickly grasp new technologies. 

IT Skills and Experience
Skill Years used Last used Expertise
Project Management Professional . *
C language Expert . ***
C++ language Expert .  **
C language Competent . ****
Java language Professional
HTML language Professional
PHP Competent
XML/XSL language              Competent
SQL language Competent
WiX Windows Installer XML Competent
Old Clipper, Pascal, PL/ Expert
Win: Win API Professional
Win: MFC, ATL/COM Competent
Unix/Linux: POSIX API Professional
Java AWT/Swing Professional
x hardware programming Competent
embedded SW programming Competent
communication programming Professional
Unix socket programming Professional
WEB based programming Professional
MS Project Professional
MS Visual C/C++ Professional
GNU C++, AIX xlc, UNIX cc Professional
Borland C, Hitachi C Professional
Sun JDK Professional
xBase Professional
MS Access programming Competent
MS DirectX Competent

   * Project Management Brainbench certification: , Master 

** C++ language Fundamentals Brainbench certification: , Master

*** C language Brainbench certification: , Master:

**** C language Brainbench certification: , Master: 



Professional Experience

. – now Kring East and Central Europe, 

Position: project manager, team leader, leading C/C++ programmer. 

Projects involved: 

Installation modules for utilities

Description:, VIRUSfigher, SPYWAREfighter, SLOWPCfighter.

Role: Installation modules development and support.

Tools: MS VS C/C++ + TFS, InstallAware, WiX. 

Crispant Sorter Control Software CSC S Maintenance

Description: projects tasks each in C under SCO Open Server.

      Upgrade to new functional requirements and new hardware.

Role: Team Lead scheduling, implementation, testing

Tools and environment: SCO OS, cc, gcc, make, CVS, MS Project, MS Office. 

TeamCalendar Mobile Application – test phase

Description: TC .NET application for PDA/smartphones. Test phase of the project.

Role: Development of test strategy, test matrix; optimization of test matrix;

writing test cases; writing and executing test plan, test protocol.

Tools and environment: Windows Mobile , Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft Exchange , Microsoft Exchange ,MS Project, MS Office.. 

Project Coordination

Description: coordination of several .NET/WEB/C++ projects.

Role: HR interviewing assessment and recruitment of team members; software requirements; planning , scheduling; monitoring, reporting, release notes; training CMMi meetings.

Tools: MS Windows, .NET, C, MS Project, MS Visual Studio , Sitecore. 

Development of remote backup utility for

Role: Project planning, modules design and implementation.

Tools: MS Project, MS VS .NET C/C++ + TFS, MFC, WiX. 

. – . National Transport University of Ukraine/Tribology Sims: implementation of scientific research algorithms as software packages.

Position: project manager, leading C/C++ programmer. 

Projects involved: 

Development of TES/TAS applications

TES: Tribology Engine Simulation, TAS: Tribology Animated Simulation.

Tools: MS VS .NET C/C++, DirectX , MFC. 

. – . BOSSdev : Project Management office.

Position: project manager. 

** Activities: Estimation of .NET and PHP/LAMP WEB projects, scheduling, completion, reporting, etc. projects. Remote teams assessment.

Tools: MS Windows SharePoint, MS Project, Subversion, C, .NET Framework, DotNetNuke, PHP, Joomla!. ... 

. – . cybervision technologies inc: massive multicasting application – packet transport layer, file transport, data broadcasting.

Position: project manager, leading C/C++ programmer. 

Projects involved: 

Development of WEB broadcast server modules configuration, autorestart, remote control, etc.: Linux server.

Role: Requirements, highlevel design, modules design and implementation.

Tools: MS Visio, MS Project, GNU C++, TWIKI, Subversion 

Development of multicast file transport ALC/LCT, FLUTE transport protocols, forward error correction, etc.: Linux server, MS Windows Mobile client.

Role: leading developer.

Tools: MS VS .NET C/C++, GNU C++, Windows Mobile , doxygen, Subversion 

Development of multicast based application – delivering live data to mobile clients.

Role: Requirements management, scheduling of project.

Tools: MSVS .NET , Windows Mobile , BREW SDK 

. – . cyan soft Ltd.: development of WEB based online proofing application.

Position: leading C/C++/Java programmer, project manager, HR. 

Projects involved: 

Development of online proofing system ,

, based on technologies: server – COM, ASP; client – Java + native code.

Role: Project management, COM objects development, Java development, software configuration management.

Tools: JDK .., MS VC++, Oracle Jdeveloper, MS Project. 

Development of software utilities for multimedia data handling

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