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Resume for Steffen N. for Programmer / Software Developer / Computer Software in Seoul, Korea, (South) Republic of

Occupation: Programmer / Software Developer Industry: Computer Software
Country: Korea, (South) Republic of City: Seoul
State: Seoul-t'ukpyolsi ZIP: N/A

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  Curriculum Vitae
Curriculum Vitae – Steffen N.

Lipkesgade , . tv., Copenhagen O, Denmark  
Looking for positions in South Korea

Personal Details

Date of birth: nd of November

Citizenship: Danish

Marital status: Married

Fluent languages: Danish, English

A software developer at heart, who thrives on working in a highly professional environment, where you are constantly pushed to new limits, currently working as a Project and Team Manager. A strong theoretical background as Master of Computer Science and certified ScrumMaster, as well as more than ten years of software development experience. Keen on accepting fresh challenges and adaptable to changing and dynamic environments. Strong communication and presentation skills combined with an open minded nature and strong analytical capabilities.

Extensive experience within the financial asset management domain, working on a multitude of lineofbusiness applications, ranging from trading and portfolio management platforms to Net Asset Value calculation engines, compliance systems and SWIFT integration. Working in close collaborating with all parts of the business and understands the unique demands that are put on quality, availability and performance. 

Extensive experience with Software Development:

  • C++ with STL and Boost on the Windows and Linux platform
  • C.Net . with WCF, LINQ, LLBLGen Pro, Spring.Net and Winforms
  • SQL and complex stored procedures and triggers in Oracle and other RDBMS
  • Java, PHP, Perl, C, Shell, XML and UML
  • Multithreaded Development C++, C and Java on Windows and Linux
  • Performance Engineering in Code and RDBMS
  • Distributed computing using TCP/IP, MQ and Web services
  • Service Oriented Architecture using BizTalk and Web services
  • OOA and OOD using Design and Architecture Patterns
  • Test Driven Development using Unit Testing and Continuous Integration
    Extensive experience with all aspects of Project and Team Management:

  • Agile Methods and Scrum
  • Development of Requirement Specifications
  • Estimation and Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Test and Quality Assurance
  • Recruitment and DaytoDay Personnel Administration
  • Management of Vendors and Service Providers
  • Customer Relations
  • Business Integration

    Career History

    Project & Team Manager | BankInvest

    Mar. – Present

    Managing projects ranging from small three week projects, to large multi year projects.  

    The projects are managed using agile methods and scrum, while still keeping focus on traditional project management disciplines such as risk management and stakeholder analysis. When the projects allow this I will participate in the hands on coding, but I will not allow for this to disturb my other responsibilities. The projects are developed in close collaboration with the customers and most projects are developed by a fixed team of three fully allocated software developers.  

    Since fall I have also had the staff responsibilities for this team. The largest project handled in this period was a calculation engine for calculating the Net Asset Value of all the company's portfolios in real time equities, bonds, FX and derivatives, along with an integrated validation system checking the validity of the underlying data. This product was a distributed multithreaded server application which was written in C.Net . using the Oracle database and which was required to run x.  

    At BankInvest I have worked closely with all levels of the organization from Portfolio Managers, Traders and Fund Managers to Operations, Accounting and external partners such as software vendors and custodian banks. While doing this I have gained an insight into how an asset manager functions and the demands that are put on the lineofbusiness applications. This business insight and thorough system knowledge, is put to use in the latest project where we are implementing Charles River as the primary Compliance, Portfolio Management and Trading platform at BankInvest. 

    Software Developer | BankInvest

    FEB. – MAR.

    Working with development of lineofbusiness application, supporting the full endtoend trade flow from the portfolio manager to the accounting department.  

    Software development based on design patterns, service oriented architecture and test driven development using C.Net and C++ with STL in combination with the Oracle database and PL/SQL.  

    I have worked on several different software systems in this period, including client, server and integration systems. Much of this development has focussed on the BankInvest internally developed trading and portfolio management platform C++ and Oracle, the SWIFT integration and parsing system C++ and Oracle and the surrounding systems C.Net / C++ and Oracle. In this period I also became the Kaizen Coach for the IT Development department, managing continuous improvement in the department.

    Chief Developer
    | Softman/PH Ware


    Working in all phases of the software development process on several projects with team sizes ranging from one to five. The programming includes C++/Java/PHP/SQL primarily on the Linux platform. Softman and PH Ware are coowned by the same person and I have in this period worked in both companies. The projects which have been finished from Softman and PH Ware are , and . The most recent project was GammonGame where I was the Chief developer for four programmers and a graphical artist. This project included client server programming in with a C++ game server connected to a MySQL database communicating with Java clients. Furthermore I maintained the company's webservers which were running Debian Linux.

    Software Engineer | Systematic

    Short employment at Systematic, when my former workplace MathTech was bought by Systematic. I resigned from this position after a few months to pursue new possibilities. 

    Software Engineer | MathTech

    Working in all phases of the software development process of a large multi threaded project for use in central surveillance of patients attached to bedside patient monitors. Implementation in C++ with use of STL and Qt on the Linux platform. Extensive testing was used in this project since the system should run hours a day all year round and since failure to report alarms from the patient monitors was not an option.

    Software Engineer
    | Context

    Working in all phases of the software development process, from analysis and estimation to implementation, testing and integration. Implementation in the languages C++, PHP and Perl using MySQL and DB databases, on the Windows, Linux, AIX and DOS platforms. 


    Master of Computer Science | The University of Copenhagen, Department of Computer Science

    Specialised in artificial intelligence, algorithms, optimisation and software development. Involved in the development of The Copenhagen STL . Developer and maintainer of the Fast Artificial Neural Network Library The master thesis concerned advanced reinforcement learning in combination with cascading neural networks and was awarded with a perfect grade of A+. 

    Mathematical Gymnasium | Ishøj Amtsgymnasium

    Danish mathematical oriented high school.


    Courses and conferences not related to the Master of Science degree. 

    Øredev |

    November – day workshop, day conference

    A Swedish and Danish software developer conference which this year focused on efficiency, where I especially found topics within parallel, highly distributed and cloud computing interesting.

    Charles River Boot Camp |

    May – day course

    The Charles River Investment Management System from a business perspective with an in depth hands on introduction to all of the different components. 

    Management of the Project Team |

    December – day course

    Second module of the Implement Academy project management education which focuses on the fact that team members will have different kinds of personalities and abilities. These facts are used to teach the foundations of situational leadership.  

    Øresund Agile |

    June – day workshop, day conference

    Workshops and conference focussing on agile methods and scrum. 

    TestDriven Development Workshop |

    March – day workshop

    Workshop focussing on foundations of testdriven development and the tools that make it happen. 

    IT project Management | IT University

    Spring – semester course

    IT project management course based on the book "Project Management for Information Systems" focussing on traditional project management disciplines, heavily inspired by PRINCE. The ma or disciplines covered were: Costbenefit analysis, project organisation, stakeholder analysis, communication planning, scoping, work breakdown, estimation, milestone planning, risk management, progress control, quality assurance, knowledge management, contract management, economy management and change management. 

    Agile Planning and Estimation |

    February – day conference

    Course focussing on methods for agile planning and estimation, maintaining a product backlog, estimation techniques, story point estimation and release and sprint planning. 

    CSM Certified ScrumMaster |

    June – day course

    The ScrumMaster Certification course is focussed on the philosophy behind agile methods and scrum and on removing the barriers between the developers and the customers, by involving the customers directly in the process and hence maximising the ROI; Thus eliminating the need for rigorous planning and estimation. The course is also focussed on the tools used to facilitate the scrum process and the roles involved. This course was taught by Jeff Sutherland and Jens Østergaard.  

    Leadership and Management of the Project Task |

    April – day course

    First module of the Implement Academy project management education which focuses on the tools and techniques used to manage a project: Goal hierarchy, stakeholder analysis, milestone planning, project organisation and the project team.

    Kaizen Coach Introduction |

    November – day course

    As part of introducing Lean and Kaizen in BankInvest, the Kaizen Coaches was given a short course in managing continuous improvement in a department and facilitation Kaize

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