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Resume for Zeeshan A. for Researcher / Scientist / Computer Software in Dublin, Ireland

Occupation: Researcher / Scientist Industry: Computer Software
Country: Ireland City: Dublin
State: Dublin ZIP: 4

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Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to you in search of a job of Software Engineer odd time, parttime, contract based or any other development position for which my skills match.

I am an experienced and skillful developer in technologies like C/C++/Java/C/Perl/Python/PHP and ASP.Net. As a professional engineer, I worked as a Software Engineer in Kalsoft Corporation where I worked on development of software for different organization of the world for years. My responsibilities included designing, coding, testing and maintenance of software. I have a strong background in software design, development, and testing. 

I am looking forward to your kind response and would appreciate the opportunity to discuss position with you. 

Yours Sincerely, 

Zeeshan A. 



Apartment Room , House ,

Gelnomena Hall of Residences

University College Dublin,

Belfield Dublin , Ireland

Mobile: +


VISA Status in Ireland: Student Visa


Looking for odd timeevening time,parttime or contract based jobs in Dublin. 

Education and Experience
Degree:   PhD – Speech and Language Processing Department:  Center for Computer Science and Informatics University:  University College DublinIreland Duration:  Dec Dec Grade:   N/A Degree:   European Master of Science Computational Linguistics – nd year Department:  UFR Mathematics and Informatics University:  University of Nancy , Nancy, France Duration:  Sept June Grade:   N/A Degree:   European Master of Science Computational Linguistics – st year Department:  Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics University:  Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic Duration:  Oct July

Grade:   ./.

Degree:   Bachelor of Science Computer Science Department:  Department of Computer Science University:  University of Karachi, Karachi, Pakistan Duration:  Jan Dec

Grade:   ./.Remain st in class and th in batch

DISTINCTION :  Acquired European Union Erasmus Mundus Scholarship for Master in Languages and Communication Technology Computational Linguistics. The admission and scholarship has been provided as result of my academic performance and my interest that started from programming languages and developed towards Natural Languages. DISTINCTION : Acquire Mitsubishi Corporation International scholarship on getting distinction in st year of BS.  
Research Thesis
  • “Annotation of Textual Document using Domain Ontologies”: In this thesis, the main task is to define an annotation and querying process for documentse.g. documents on web using already built domain ontologies. .Supervisor: Amedeo Napoli, Senior Researcher, National Center for Scientific Research, France
    Work Experience
    Position:   Software Engineer C/C++/Java/C/.Net Organization:  KalSoft Private Limited Duration:  Jan – Sept Web:   

    Job Description: Analysis, design, development and testing of software products and components.

    PMP Training th March to th April

    Attended days hours training arranged by Kalsoft Pvt Ltd as a prerequisite for PMP certification. 

    Areas of Interest/Specialization
  • Computational Linguistics: Speech Recognition and synthesis Especially HMM based speech recognition, Statistical Methods in Natural Language Processing, Machine Translation.
  • Machine Learning, Semantic Web Mining, Information Retrieval, Databases, programming Languages.
    Technical Skills


  • Strong programming skills in C/C++, C and JAVA Languages.
  • Experience programmer in Perl and Python, R Language for Statistical Computing.
  • Tools & Technology :  
  • HTK Hidden Markov Modal Toolkit for acoustic/Language Modeling, Moses Toolkit for Statistical Machine Translation Modeling.
  • Programming Environment Microsoft Visual Studio. Net , for C, Visual Studio for C++, JBuilder for JAVA.
  • Database

  • SQL Server /,SQL Server Integration Services, SQL Server Reporting Services, Oracle i,MSDE Microsoft Desktop Engine, MySQL, Access

    Web Tools:

  • ASP .NET .,.,AJAX, Microsoft .Net and XML WebServices, Service Factory for Service Oriented Architectures,HTML, JavaScript

    Operating System:

  • Linux/Ubuntu/Windows Server / XP //.
    Projects MS Level
  • Continuous Speech Recognition System – Developed Continuous Speech Recognition System for Urdu Language using Triphone and Trigram modeling for speech and language respectively. For this project three different algorithms were implemented that are main operation on HMM. Development Platform – JAVA Language
  • BaumWelch Algorithm for Parameter Estimation
  • Trellis Algorithm for Forward Probability Calculation.
  • Viterbi Algorithm for finding best path.
  • Verb Subcategorization Frame Extraction from French Corpus – The task in this project is to extract the verb’s argument structure called subcategorization frame from a French corpus and build a subcategorization frame lexicon by using French verb knowledge. Development Platform – PYTHON Language/NLTK
  • Named Entity Detection Using Bayesian/SVM/Decision Tree Learning Method – Implemented the supervised learning Bayesian/Support Vector Machines/Decision Tree methods for detection of NamedEntity detection using training data, test data and development data. Development Platform – R Language for Statistical Computing.
  • HMM Based POS Tagger – In this project, the task to develop a HMM based POS tagger for an unknown language. Development Platform – JAVA Language
  • HMM based segmentation Engine for Urdu Language – Developed a word segmentation engine for Urdu language using HMM technique. Development Platform – JAVA Language
  • Diphone Based Concatenated TexttoSpeech Synthesis for Urdu Language – Developed Text to Speech synthesis System using diphones as smallest unit for concatenation. Development Platform – C Language.
  • Collocations detection using Pointwise Mutual Information – The task of this assignment is to detect the Collocations Collations are the words that mostly occur together not necessary they are adjacent. Development Platform – JAVA Language
  • Word Classes for Improved Language Modeling – The Goal of this assignment is to group the words into their class to efficiently generate good language modal and to disambiguate word sense. Development Platform – JAVA Language.
  • Document Classification Using Naïve Bayesian Classifier – This is the system that classifies the document using the Naïve Bayesian Classifier. Development Platform – C++ Language
  • Statistical Language Detection System – This is a simple system that predicts the language of text against the already developed model in the form of corpora. The method uses the cross entropy concept to compare the distribution of text. Development Platform – Perl Language
    Projects BS Level
  • Face Detection System – I developed this system as my personal research in the face recognition area. This system was developed according to the theory presented by M. Turk and A. Pentland in his paper named Eigenfaces for recognition: Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, , . Development Platform Java Language
  • JAVA Compiler The aim of this project was to get thorough understanding of the course compiler construction. In this project we implemented three phase of compiler construction.
  • Lexical Box
  • Syntax Box Syntax and Semantic analysis
  • Code GenerationIntermediate and Low level Code
  • The compiler generates the optimized code in Intel assembly Language. In this compiler, we implement the technique for passing primitive data types by value and custom data type by reference as normal JAVA compiler does.Development Platform C++ Language 

  • Text to Speech Converter – This is a simple text to speech converter built using Word based concatenation approach as course project. The aim of this project was to get through understanding of C language. This project consists of two parts.
  • A Text Editor
  • A Wave File Player
  • The wave player pronounces the text that we enter in the text editor. Development Platform – C Language/ DOS. 

  • Urdu Text Editor – I developed this project in my first year of bachelor’s degree. In this project, I developed graphical fonts in C Language and also developed the transformation rule for the orthography of Urdu language because of the fact that alphabets in Urdu/Arabic takes different representation when appear in word than alone. Development Platform – C Language/ DOS.
    Professional Projects
  • SMEDA Web Portal – This is Small and Medium Enterprise Development Authority SMEDA project that was built as professional project in KalSoft Pvt. Ltd. This Web Portal was developed in ASP.Net and MS SQL SERVER Technology and contains rich information about business environment of Pakistan . Development Platform – MS.Net, ASP. Net, C and MS SQL SERVER.
  • Web Messenger – Developed as part of Order Management web site. This web messenger was developed using AJAX Asynchronous Java and XML Technology using ASP.NET/C as server side scripting. There was no Ajax Framework used. I utilized pure JavaScript and
  • Election Commission of Pakistan Voter List Automation System – This is the system that will genera

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