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Resume for Robert S. for Consultant / Computer & IT Services in Praha, Czech Republic

Occupation: Consultant Industry: Computer & IT Services
Country: Czech Republic City: Praha
State: Hlavni mesto Praha ZIP: 13000

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Na Lucinach /, Prague Zizkov, Czech Republic

Voice: + , Cell: + , Skype: rS. email:  ,  

Robert B. S. brings thirtytwo years of experience to the development and maintenance of computer applications and operating procedures, and project management both for commercial and scientific use.  His expertise covers a wide range of clients and situations.  His work has demonstrated his technical experience and ability to understand business, engineering, and scientific procedures in producing reliable, wellstructured data processing applications.  He reads, writes and speaks English, German and French. 

Application Specialties:

Data Mining, Data Warehousing, Data Analysis, Business analysis, Project management and accounting, Financial planning and budgeting, General banking applications including commercial, consumer loans, credit cards, mortgages and letters of credit, Invoicing and accounts receivable, Purchasing and procurement including import/export, Inventory control and distribution, Marketing analysis, Manufacturing and MRP, Loss prevention, Retail, Insurance, Managed Health Care. 

Additional Specialties:

Feasibility studies, Requirements analyses, Application system control, auditability, and security,  Procedure development, Instruction and training, Technical writing and user document production, JAD session facilitation.

Software, Languages and Methodologies:

SAS Base, Macro, Graph, COBOL, COBOL II, FORTRAN, FORTRANIV, PL/I, VAX/BASIC, other implementations of BASIC, C, Natural, RPG


DB, SQL, FOCUS, ORACLE, DATACOM/DB, IDEAL, ADABAS, CICS Command Level, VSAM, ISAM, SYNCSORT, CASORT, RMS, Screen manager FMS, IDMS, EASYTRIEVE, DATATRIEVE, CDD, CDD+, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, PANVALET, LIBRARIAN,  ENDEVOR, Chordiant Decision Manager Suite 

Six Sigma 


IBM mainframe, PC/AT & XT, AS, DEC VAX, Microdata, Apple Macintosh 

Professional Certifications:

      Certified Systems Professional Institute for Certification of Computer Professionals, .


Project Details:

Shell Czech Republic s.r.o., Prague, Czech Republic  December June   Project Manager and Business Analyst

  • Managed an international development team of three business analysts and three programmers.
  • Migrated a Shell joint venture operation located near Milan, Italy from SAP to SUNSystems ERP.
  • Budget for development:  USD .  Used understanding of FOREX markets to initiate purchase of software at a very favorable exchange rate.
  • Developed business requirements
  • Managed transition to support activities; prepared transition to support material

    Teleplan Prague s.r.o., JazloviceRicany, Czech Republic  JulyOctober   Senior consultant

  • Developing a system of engineering and financial reports for three sites worldwide
  • Designing and implementing standard operating procedures
  • Documenting the database that the reports are using
  • Acting as a technical expert on SAS
  • Providing technical guidance and instruction to users
  • Introducing system development lifecycle standards to plant engineers and management staff

    SAS/Base, Macro, Microsoft Office Suite including Excel, and Access 

    LaserSoft Imaging, AG, Kiel, Germany March present  Consultant and test designer

  • Designing, running and reporting on user tests for new releases of SilverFast Ai Studio IT ME scanner driver version for the Nikon CoolScan LS film scanner and the Mac OS X platform

    KPMG, Central and Eastern European Region, Prague, Czech Republic  SeptemberNovember   Advisory/Forensic Manager

  • Conducted data analysis and mining projects in support of forensic accounting investigations
  • Produced preaudit and Forensic in the Audit FITA reports using a proprietary tool, KTrace
  • Developed operational procedures and defined requirements for data mining and preparing data for and running FITA reports
  • Acted as a subject matter technical expert on SAS
  • Provided technical guidance and instruction to audit teams.

    SAS, MS/SQL Server, Microsoft Office Suite including Excel with macros and pivot tables, Idea 

    American Dental Association, Chicago, IL  May—June    Consultant to the Department of Testing Services

  • Implemented a system that corrected data on exam results files and the Dental Master database.
  • Reviewed and documented systems that reported on the integrity of the Dental Master database.
  • Developed programs to report on the quality of the data in the data files.
  • Provided technical guidance to business project managers and analysts
  • Upgraded the documentation for the conversion verification systems

    PC/SAS Base & Macro Version e, ., SQL, Microsoft Office Suite, SDLC 


    Bank of America, Wilmington, DE  June – December    Consultant, Technical Leader for the Portfolio Conversions Technical Services PCTS group

  • Supported conversion testing and developed reporting systems that verify the conversion of data provided by credit card issuers whose portfolios have been purchased, especially that for the Bank of AmericaMBNA merger.  The platforms from which these conversions were handled include TSYS, TSYS, FDR, and HBS.
  • Developed major enhancements to the Sunday Sample online verification report system
  • Upgraded the conversion verification systems to reflect and accommodate major system design changes implemented for new releases of credit card processing systems
  • Produced design and test specifications in cooperation with business analysts and project managers
  • Provided technical guidance to business project managers and analysts
  • Upgraded the documentation for the conversion verification systems

    IBM mainframe, MVS, JCL, COBOL II, SYNCSORT, SAS Base & Macro MVS Version .. and PC/SAS Version e,  SAS/SQL, SAS/CONNECT, FileAid, Microsoft Office Suite, Six Sigma, SDLC 

    Infogain Corporation, Los Gatos, CA  JanuaryMay   Marketing Business Analyst

  • Developed operational and implementation procedures for the use of Chordiant’s Decision Manager product suite
  • Participated in the proofofconcept of a practice to install the Decision Manager suite, to instruct the staff of Infogain’s and Chordiant’s clients in the use of the suite.
  • Applied Decision Manager in implementation of applications based on behavior models either provided by the package or models derived by the client’s use of SAS in its data warehouse applications.

    SAS, Chordiant Decision Manager Suite, MS Office Suite, MS Project, Oracle 

    WellPoint, Inc, Woodland Hills, CA  SeptemberNovember    Consultant and Technical Leader, IT Compliance

  • Provided technical guidance to local users and offshore programmers and managing these programmers’ technical activities on a series of thirty tasks.  These tasks involved accounting and claims reporting to government agencies and developing periodic reporting systems as required and included:
  • Addressing data quality issues
  • Creating a system of auditing reports
  • Setting up database updating procedures for internal users
  • Promoting initially adhoc reporting systems to production and supporting the systems in production
  • Responding to subpoenas court orders
  • Reporting to government agencies on such performance matters as the settlement and payment of claims
  • Reporting on participation in government assistance programs
  • Reporting the results of member satisfaction surveys
  • Automating report delivery and distribution
  • Developed standard operating procedures for this department, including the system development lifecycle
  • Analyzed the effects of upgrading from SAS Version to Version on production systems and ongoing development.
  • Instructed business analysts on how to write specifications.
  • Ensured compliance with internal control and SOX methodologies and standards.

    IBM mainframe, MVS, JCL, COBOL II, SYNCSORT, SAS Base & Macro Version and , Microsoft Excel, FileAid, Microsoft Office Suite, SDLC 


    Positive Gamma, LLC  February March Consultant

  • Developing and testing an investment timing method by building a data warehouse for price information and using the statistical functions of Microsoft Excel against this warehouse
  • Developing the business model for using this method in trading futures and options
  • Managing the trading activity under this business model
  • Developing trading and money management procedures and producing the operations manual and other documentation for a hedge fund based on this model
  • Performing technical analysis on commodity, precious metal and currency markets.

    Microsoft Excel, Access 

    Various Projects. February April

  • Performed analysis for proposed websites and providing instruction for small organizations in Fort Wayne, IN
  • Undertook digital imaging research projects

    IBM Global Services at Lincoln National Life Insurance Co., Fort Wayne, IN. August February Consultant

  • Developed cost analysis, payment and accounting interface applications supporting Lincoln Life’s agent compensation and pension operations and merging the several systems involved in this function into one unified compensation system
  • Reviewed and corrected business, design, and functional requirements specifications
  • Performed data quality analysis tasks supporting the development and testing of the general ledger interface and migration applications using SAS Base and SAS Macro.
  • Produced management and financial reports from the pension payment and benefit systems using SAS
  • Designed and conducted unit and system tests of the unified compensation system
  • Instructed consultants and employees in using SAS with DB in connection with maintenance and enhancements to annuity systems.   Reviewed and designed enhancements requiring the use of SAS Base and Macro.

    IBM mainframe, MVS, JCL, COBOL II, SYNCSORT, SAS Base & Macro, DB, Microsoft Excel, FileAid, Microsoft Office Suite 

    Laredo National Bank, Laredo, TX. June May Consultant, project leader

  • Managed the analysis and development of general ledger and commercial, consumer, and mortgage loan applications involving both business and technical departments.  Conducted feasibility studies and data quality analyses as part of the specification process. 
  • Built data warehouses and developed data mining applications measuring customer profitability, traffic, and employee performance
  • Created interfaces between the mainframe banking system and clientserver and PCbased wire transfer, records management, funds management, and collections applications
  • Designed standard system and user acceptance testing procedures and methods
  • Designed, built and managed a model office for user acceptance testing, using the Year remediation project as the initial application
  • Implemented branch expansion revisions, redesigning applications as needed
  • Developed standard online applications for the new Argenta banking application
  • Produced both technical and user documentation on delivered systems and updates to systems
  • Provided production support activities with respect to the existing application systems
  • Managed the definition and documentation of standard operating procedures, including testing practices and the System Development Life Cycle, for the bank’s information technology department. 

    IBM mainframe, DOS/VSE, COBOL, COBOL II, CICS, Easytrieve, CASORT, RPGII, ADABAS, Natural, Microsoft Access, Word and Excel, SQL, Visio, unit, system, and user acceptance testing UAT, ETL  


    Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, Inc., Bridgewater, NJ. May April Consultant

  • Developed the Broker Commission Payment System

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