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Resume for Willie S. for Consultant / Computer & IT Services in Ettlingen, Germany

Occupation: Consultant Industry: Computer & IT Services
Country: Germany City: Ettlingen
State: Baden-Wurttemberg ZIP: 76243

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  • Project Manager, SAP FI/ HCM ECC Certified / PeopleSoft HRMS/FIN Consultant, a number of years in process definitions, identifying business needs and determining solutions to business problems.
  • Completed a Project Management Certificate in Information Technology Project Management based on the PMBOK® guide by PMI® at University.
  • An experienced Project Manager / consultant who is adept at implementing and integrating solutions to problems and at applying tools to reach rapid solutions to complex problems, as well as delivering projects directly and via subordinates, and uses metrics in oversight and reporting.
  • Is familiar with the various cultures in Europe, Africa and Asia, due to the fact that I have been on multinational projects, in various countries, Managed a support centre for Europe, and a Project Manager for EMEA.
  • Has excellent people – and negotiation skills, and can communicate with users, and management at any level. A very high level of oral and written communication skills, demonstrated throughout my career, by writing numerous manuals, technical specifications, doing extensive user training, presentations, reports and project plans.
  • Thrives in a fastpaced, challenging environment, and is openminded and comfortable giving and receiving feedback
  • __________________________________________________________________________

    Language Skills:

    English Speak/Read/Write, Dutch Speak/Read and German Understand

    ERP and Other Software:

    SAP HCM/ FI ECC ., PeopleSoft HRMS ./ SCM ./ FIN ./ Portal ., PeopleTools ., PeopleCode, PeopleTools, Process Scheduler, Query, SQL/SQR, Application Engine, Cognos Impromptu, STAT, Business Objects, MS Project, MS Office, UNIX, Oracle, MS SQL Server.


    SAP Training:



    SAP Modules:

    HCM ECC Personnel Administration, Time Management, Recruitment, Training and Event Management, Payroll, Organizational Management, Solution Management, Reporting and ESS / MSS

    FI ECC – New GL, Accounts Payable, Accounts Received, Asset Management


    PeopleSoft Training:

    PeopleSoft : PeopleTools . Delta, PeopleTools . Delta, PeopleCode . Delta, Server

    Administration . Delta, Data Management Tools , Database Upgrade , Application Engine .

    PeopleSoft : PeopleTools/, PeopleCode and SQL/SQR 


    PeopleSoft Modules Implemented and Maintained:

    Administer Workforce, Administer Training, Recruit Workforce, Position Management, Monitor Absence, Employee SelfService, Manager SelfService, Performance Management, Payroll, Compensation and Benefits Administration, Health and Safety, Purchasing, Inventory and Accounts Payable.


    Consulting Experience 

    Company: MSD EMEA HCL Dates: November – September Nature of Business: Pharmaceutical Designation: Project Manager / Technical Analyst System: SAP HCM ECC

    Project Manager / Technical Analyst in EMEA for the implementation of SAP HCM OM/PA and remediation of Payroll and Downstream systems in various countries. Identified business needs and determined solutions to business problems. Engage vendors and construction managers in the countries for remediation of the various systems. Meetings with vendors and countries regarding the successful remediation of XML file structures. Consult the countries on the SAP HCM impact on interfaces and downstream systems. Assist the countries with Gap – Fit analysis, including mapping of the required fields for interfaces and downstream systems. Consult the Global Implementation Team, regarding requirements or modifications required by the countries. Conduct various workshops on SAP functionality, configuration and reporting options. Monitor project plans from the countries and assist with remediation, testing and implementation. Created the overall Project plan, including risks and communication plans. 

    Company: IBM Dates: September – October Nature of Business: Banking Designation: Senior Technical Consultant System: Job Career Framework

    Senior technical Consultant, on the Job Career Framework implementation, including Job Career Framework, Career Planning, Capacity Planning and Succession Planning, using the current PeopleSoft system. Gap – Fit as well as business analysis of the JCF Model to the current systems, as well as the incorporation into PeopleSoft . Create Highlevel design and Project Plan for Project Board acceptance. 

    Company: ING Netherlands – NorthgateArinso International Dates: October – May

    Nature of Business: Banking Designation: Senior Consultant / Offshore Project Manager

    System: PeopleSoft HCM

    Consultant, on the PeopleSoft HRMS Travel Plan, Monitor Absence, ESS, MSS and Offshoring Projects. Design various Interfaces, User Processes, as well as the record designs, functional design specifications and reports to be produced. Develop Application Engines for interfaces, as well as the payroll interface to SAP PY. Developed various pages, wrote PeopleCode, including Component Interfaces and Workflow for the various Components.

    Offshore duties: Developed offshoring procedures and programming guidelines. Mentor to the off shore development team, as well as the building of relationships between the various onshore team leaders and the development team in Manila Philippines. Trained the new consultants in PeopleSoft functionality, as well as in the Technical aspects. Day to day management and problem solving. Contact person for the various onshore teams.

    Organisation: Ministry of Defence Netherlands – Accenture Netherlands Dates: May – August Nature of Business: Defense Designation: Senior Consultant System: PeopleSoft HCM

    PeopleSoft Consultant, on the PeopleSoft HRMS Control Project, at MinDef NL. Consulting to the Control Department, and maintenance team, regarding new modifications and Incidents. 

    Company: LUMC CapGemini Netherlands Dates: January – May Nature of Business: Medical/Consulting Designation: Consultant System: SCM./ FIN . – Inventory / Purchasing/ AP and AR.

    Developed/Customized PeopleSoft online pages, SQR's and wrote PeopleCode for the customization of the Inventory, and Purchasing system. Wrote Application Engine interfaces, from, and to PeopleSoft, for the various modules.  

    Company: AMS/CGI – Germany Dates: November – December Nature of Business: Technology Integration Solutions Designation: Portal Integration Consultant System: Portal Integration Project.

    Internet Architecture Integration Consultant, on the PeopleSoft HRMS Portal Integration Project. Prepare Integration Project Document, for presentation to Customer. Investigate the PeopleSoft Integration Broker, protocols, as well as Web Services for Portal Integration. Define PeopleSoft transactions, to be integrated, into the Customer’s Portal. Define Integration methods, as well as time estimates to achieve the integration. Document the various functions, workflow, security Roles and transaction process.  

    Company: Pfizer LTD. United Kingdom Dates: July – October Nature of Business: Pharmaceutical Designation: Senior Consultant System: PeopleSoft HCM

    PeopleSoft Consultant, on the PeopleSoft HRMS Support Project. Consulting to the Pfizer UK Support team, regarding Technical, Functional and PeopleSoft Security Support. Involved in modifications and implementations of various SQR’s and Cognos Impromptu reports. 

    Organisation: Ministry of Defence Netherlands – CapGemini Netherlands Dates: June – July Nature of Business: Defense Designation: Senior Consultant System: PeopleSoft HCM PeopleSoft Consultant, on the PeopleSoft HRMS Implementation Project, at MinDef NL. Consulting in the reporting team, to do modifications and implementations to various SQR’s and Cognos Impromptu reports. 

    Company: Pfizer GmbH Germany– IBM GmbH Germany Dates: March – May Nature of Business: Pharmaceutical Designation: Senior Consultant / Project Manager System: PeopleSoft HCM

    Consultant/ Project Manager on the PeopleSoft HRMS Implementation and Support Project at Pfizer GmbH. Involved in all the Online Modifications using Application Designer and writing PeopleCode, as well as Interfaces and Conversion of SAP to PeopleSoft, and the relevant documentation. The tasks included, data mapping, leading the overall conversion strategy and the setup of PeopleSoft Security. Was responsible for the PeopleSoft to SAP PA/OM interface, analysis and design. Led many workshops with users and consultants, regarding PeopleSoft Functionality and PeopleSoft Technical Design. Responsible for the complete testing of the PeopleSoft System, regarding Online Modifications, Interfaces from PeopleSoft to SAP and the final Conversion. Wrote various reports and interfaces using SQR and Application Engine.  Consulted with the Global Implementation Team, regarding any requirements or modifications required by the various countries. Discussed modifications with users, to see if it fit, in the global implementation strategy of the company. Involved in the upgrade to PeopleSoft .. Set up a Support Centre, which supported various European countries, in all aspects of PeopleSoft, and Cognos Impromptu. Held Training sessions PeopleSoft Functionality, Security and Cognos Impromptu, with users, from the various countries. Post Implementation duties included Security Administration, Interface Enhancements, User and Technical Support, as well as the implementation of new functionality and the PeopleSoft Portal Roll out.


    Company: Lucent Technologies – IBM Netherlands Dates: July – February Nature of Business: Wireless Networks Designation: Project Manager System: PeopleSoft HCM

    Project Manager of the EURO Project, converting Countries Currencies to the Euro. Created the Project Plans, Testing procedures and documentation. Assisted in data mapping for the PeopleSoft Payroll Interface Module for various countries. Control development and testing, as well as the budget for the project. Completed the successful transition of resources and knowledge from IBM UK to IBM India. Managing the daytoday operations and maintenance of PeopleSoft HRMS for EMEA Countries. Duties, included: Security Administration, Interface Enhancements using Application Designer, PeopleCode and SQR, Processes Definitions, Reporting, as well as User and Technical Support.  

    Company: SCMB Dates: August – June

    Nature of Business: Retail / Investment and Corporate Banking

    Designation: Project Manager / Senior Consultant / Technical Software Consultant  

    System: PeopleSoft HCM Dates: July – June Role: Senior Consultant / Technical/ Functional Consultant. Completed the preplanning phase Project plan and Deliverables of the PeopleSoft upgrade project. A complete investigation to PeopleSoft features, functionality and architecture, as well as the required hardware and software platforms were done. Created functional and technical specifications for modifications to various PeopleSoft HRMS Modules. Involved in maintaining the Production Schedule and maintaining Help Desk Procedures. Involved in execution of deployment, testing strategy, training, change control, issue management, incident reporting and status reporting. Completed the redesign of Absence Management, functionality and reporting. Created interfaces to SAP FI.  

    System: Insurance Policy Management System Dates: January to September

    Role: Senior Consultant

    Development/Technical team member. Responsible for developing and customizing Interfaces and reports, as well as online customizations, using Natural and Adabas. Created the functional and technical specifications for the project team. Developed need assessments containing users functional and informational requirements. Analyzed user's needs and developed detailed, wellwritten specifications for modifications. Established security requirements and procedures. Trained users in use of custom developed applications.  

    System: Payroll Integration Dates: January to December Role: Consultant

    Responsible for the Design/ Analysis and development of the Integrated Payroll System. Designed, wrote, tested and implemented programs. Liaised with users regarding further requirements and created system documentation. 

    System: Treasury Dates: August to December Role: Consultant

    Responsible to develop and customize interfaces, reports and online programs using Natural and Adabas. Took part in design and analysis of certain aspects of the system Domestic Treasury. Designed, wrote, tested and implemented programs.  

    Company: Total South Africa PTY LTD Dates: July July Nature of Business: Oil

    Designation: Consultant System: Stock Costing

    Took part in the design of the batch and online system, as well as several sub systems. Wrote program specifications. Created system documentation and wrote program specifications for programmers. Extensive user liaisons on all aspects of the system. Trained users for the custom developed application. 


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