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Resume for Jean-Manuel D. for Engineer / Computer & IT Services in Guatemala City, Guatemala

Occupation: Engineer Industry: Computer & IT Services
Country: Guatemala City: Guatemala City
State: Guatemala ZIP: 01010

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Name :
First Name :
Jean Manuel, Christophe
Date and Birthplace :
, April
in Avignon, France
Nationality :
Marital Status :
Address :
calle Zona
Phone number :
Email :
Skype :
Education :
High School : Frederic Mistral in Avignon
General Fourth grade from to
Scientific Fifth grade from to
Scientific Sixth grade with Math speciality from to
University :
Sainte Marthe in Avignon
First year of DEUG MIAS from to
First year of DEUG MIAS from to
Second year of DEUG MIAS from to
Third year of DEUG MIAS from to
Diplomas Obtained :
: Scientific Baccalauréat G.C.E.Alevels with Math specialty .
: “Mathematics and Informatics applied to science” Degree with
Sysadmin speciality I.T.
Languages known : French, written and spoken
English, written and spoken
Spanish, written and spoken
Professional Objective :
Invent, develop and productize solutions in networking and security space, by joining a
technical team in a dynamic enterprise or startup, bringing experience, knowledge, methods and
energy; while maintaining the continued learning the fast paced industry has to offer.
Work experience Post studies :
/ Still employed SISTEMAS APLICATIVOS, Ciudad Guatemala, Guatemala.
• Senior Support Engineer : Design and implementation of projects related to System and
Network Security : Design Internet/Dedicated High Availability links Load Balancing,
Failover Round Robin, Redundant routers and UTMs Clusters, Redundant Switches
Spanning Tree, Traffic confidentiality Vlans, VPNs SSL/IPSEC, Data and Mail
confidentiality Safeboot, PGP, Data integrity Symantec Backup Exec, Arcserve
Backup, UTMs implementation Fortigate, Checkpoint, IDS/IPS implementation
TippingPoint, Snort, Hardware and Software Antispam implementation Fortimail,
Tumbleweed, SpamAssassin, External device control GFI Endpoint, KIS , McAfee
Data Loss Prevention, Windows Domain Configuration/Migration.
/ / LEMOA, Ciudad Guatemala, Guatemala.
• Spanish/English Translator, International relations assistant.
• System Administrator : + clients with a NT Server, Users administration, Cohabitation
Wink/Debian with Samba, Database administration MySQL, Network segmentation
using VLANs, VPN IPSEC with headquarters located in the U.S, VMWARE Backup of
the NT Server and Debian Server, Use of a SQUID Proxy, Mail Server Exchange ,
Firewall administration IPTables.
/ / NGO Fundación Nueva Esperanza, Rabinal, Baja Verapaz, Guatemala.
• Investigation on the Maya Achi Culture and on the Rabinal Achi play.
• System Administrator : + clients with a NT Server, VMWARE Backups of the NT
Server, Cryptography PGP, VPN PPTP between the Rabinal and Canada offices
/ / NGO La Albarrada, San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, México.
• Elaboration of a therapeutic manual on medicinal plants.
• Support Technician: Network and Computers Support, Scheduled Backups.
/ / NGO Ak’Tenamit, aldea Barra Lampara, Izabal, Guatemala.
• English and Math teacher, High School level.
• System administrator : + clients with servers, Users administration, Cohabitation
Winx/WinNT/Mandrake with Samba, Winx Hosts restriction with Poledit, Students
desktops loaded remotely, Satellite Internet installation dish and configuration,
Scheduled Backups Rsync script, Use of GHOST images with NT Server, Mail Server
Sendmail and DNS Server Bind, Firewall Iptables, Network Segmentation using
VLANs, FTP Server, general Technical Support.
Computer skills :
Known Operating systems : MSDOS, Microsoft Windows x, NT, , XP, , Basic
knowledge of Netware, "common" Linux Red Hat, Mandriva, Slackware, Suse, Debian and its
byproducts, Security focused distribution Whax, Auditor, Troppix and mainly Backtrack.
Known Network Protocols : OSI Model, TCPIP, IPXSPX, Appletalk, Dynamic Routing
RIP, OSPF, IGRP, EIGRP, Ethernet, Token Ring, PPP, FDDI, Frame Relay, HDLC,
LAN/MAN/WAN Installation : UTP cabling TIA/EIA, ISO standards, Wireless WIFI,
Motorola Canopy, xDSL, ISDN, TCarrier y ECarrier, Singlemode and Multimode optical fiber,
handling of Cisco/Generic routers/switches/bridges.
Network Security : Software firewall IPTables and Hardware Firewall Fortigate,
Checkpoint, Watchguard, Hardware and Software IDS/IPS Software TippingPoint, Snort,
Vlans ISL y .Q, VPNs PPTP,LTP,SSL,IPSEC, Links/Hardware high availability,
Traffic Analyzer Wireshark, Network Instruments Observer, Digital Certificates knowledge.
Vulnerability Scanner and automatic remediation Nessus, WSUS, GFI Languard.
Corporate Antivirus Kaspersky, Symantec EndPoint Proteccion, McAfee.
Data Encryption Safeboot, Safenet, PGP, GnuPG, TrueCrypt.
Directory Service installation and administration Active Directory, LDAP, NIS.
Mail Server installation and administration Exchange, Postfix, Sendmail, Qmail.
Name resolution Service installation and administration : DNS Windows Server, Bind,
NetBios Wins Server, LLMNR.
WEB Server installation and administration IIS, Apache
SNMP Monitoring : MRTG, Cacti, Nagios, GFI EventsManager, Link Analyst.
Creation of an optimized GNU/Linux Kernel.
Knowledge of the most common hackers attacks and the way to prevent it : Sniffing, IP
spoofing, DNS Cache Poisoning, ARP Poisoning, “Maninthemiddle” Attack, Email Injection,
SQL Injection, WEP/WPA Cracking, TELNET Bruteforce, SSH Dynamic Port Forwarding,
Denial of Service.
Known Programming languages : Pascal, Delphi, Assembly, Bash Scripting.
Will of using free programs Gratis and Libre respecting GNU/GPL license.
I am aware that certifications are not as valuable as real experience. However, you could
be interested in one of the following :
Check Point Certified Security Administrator NGX CCSA
Check Point Certified Security Expert NGX CCSE
Cisco Small and Medium Business Engineer SMB Engineer
Cisco Small Business Communication System Engineer SBCSEN
Cisco Certified Network Associate CCNA
CWNP Certified Wireless Technology Specialist CWTS
CWNP Certified Wireless Network Administrator CWNA
Fortinet Certified Network Security Administrator v. FCNSA v.
Fortinet Certified Network Security Professional v. FCNSP v.
Fortinet Certified Network Security Professional v. FCNSP v.
GFI EndPoint Security
GFI Languard
GFI MailArchiver
Kaspersky Labs Data Security Technician KLDST
McAfee Data Protection Professional
McAfee Data Loss Prevention MSA.
McAfee Endpoint Encryption MSA.
Microsoft Certified Professional
Installing, Configuring, and Administering Microsoft Windows XP Professional
Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist
Configuring Microsoft Windows Vista Client
Configuring Windows Server Network Infrastructure
Microsoft Certified Information Technology Professional
Enterprise Support Technician
Supporting and Troubleshooting Applications on a Windows Vista Client for Enterprise
Support Technicians
Microsoft Cer

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