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Resume for Otto V. for Executive Manager / Computer & IT Services in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Occupation: Executive Manager Industry: Computer & IT Services
Country: United States City: Minneapolis
State: Minnesota ZIP: 55412

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H. Otto V. II


ENGINEERING MANAGER –  Programs, Projects, Process, Products, Systems, IT R&D, Operations, Modeling Expert, P&L, BSEE

  • Accomplished program, business, engineering and technology leader – rich history of achievement orchestrating the planning and execution of complex programs, full lifecycle commercial product developments, and business process improvements in multicultural environments
  • Motivated crossfunctional team leader who builds consensus through vision, education, and collaborative decision investments throughout small, medium and large programs
  • Organizational change agent who drives process and quality improvement through rational approaches founded in engineering discipline and scientific rigor married to strong relationship building skills
  • Motivating communicator who imparts vision and foresight, enthuses peers with confidence in success, and infuses teams with a shared sense of urgency – confident in board room, with Clevel execs, middle management, and project teams; exceptional with large assemblies or personal interaction; exemplary presentation and writing skills
  • Talented process development and improvement authority adept at balancing structure and scope with opportunity and need – experienced in process adoption, deployment and refinement across large organizations and mission critical operations
  • Nationalclass expertise in complex system, process, hardware/software, and workload modeling and simulation, performance engineering, capacity management, and application of operational laws and modeling to product/process validation, optimization, predictive analysis, and ambiguity management
  • Champion of modelbased product and process development approaches to enable early concept and architecture validation, to explore, leverage and optimize design tradeoffs, support rapid prototyping and agile development methodologies, to analyze system scalability, and to improve delivered quality
  • Skilled in structured program and project design, planning, staffing, scheduling, execution, measurement and remediation – pragmatic application of program management principles and earned value methods; adept at operations and P&L analysis and reporting
  • Reputable for elevating professional teams into highperformance organizations – extremely strong customer, vendor and management interface and negotiation skills; accomplished career development and mentoring coach and team builder; crosscultural and crossdiscipline integration leadership
  • Entrepreneurial vision for business and technology development – adept at organic growth, partner development and program expansion; participant in two high technology startup; founded two privately operated businesses; wrote business and marketing plans for a corporate spinoff
  • Quick learner with rich appetite for personal, professional, cultural and organizational growth – eager to accept new assignments and broaden skills and expertise into expanded knowledge and abilities
  • + years in engineering and product development, business development, R&D, operations, manufacturing and IT – Bachelor of Science with Honors in Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Wisconsin Madison

    Engineering, Program/Project Management Product, Process Development Systems Research

    System, Software Architecture System Modeling, Simulation Performance Engineering ITIL

    Capacity Management Operational Analysis Risk Management Root Cause Analysis MS Project

    Business Development P&L Financial Reporting Client & Vendor Relations, Negotiation Contracts

    Recruiting Staff Mentoring Strong Communications, Writing, Presentation Policy EVM WBS 


    H. Otto V. II  


    SRA International  –Present

    Principal, Deputy Program Manager – SRA USVISIT Program

    Service Quality Engineering Manager, Performance Engineering Manager 

    Responsible for SRA program management, engineering, development, process design, and operational optimization services at the Department of Homeland Security’s $M USVISIT program. This is a performancecritical, resourceintensive and costsensitive operation that dictates an ongoing assessment and reoptimization of fundamental architecture, technology, and service delivery characteristics under changing business conditions.  Program operations make wide use of predictive analysis and optimization models and processes. 

    Major Contributions:

  • Led organizational and cultural educational developments necessitated by engineering process adoption and insertion – developed key facilitative relationships with business and technical management, engineering, product development, and operations leadership
  • Equipped Government’s Engineering, Product Development. Operations and CIO offices to drive quality improvements through tailored process development, technology enhancement, organizational refinement, and operational policy deployments essential to missioncritical business service delivery
  • Spearheaded deployment of structured performance engineering resources and processes successfully employed to guide Executive Management in justification and acquisition of $M+ annually in capital equipment expenditures and to support the program’s operational budgeting exercises
  • Directed the engineering R&D and validation of sophisticated process and system simulation models of USVISIT operations – these platforms are used as virtual laboratories with which to optimize product quality and performance, and to enhance system development through rapid virtual prototyping
  • Headed up statistical analysis and ARIMA techniques for advanced regression modeling solutions for historical transaction analysis, stochastic workload modeling development, and predictive transaction and database growth model development applicable to capacity analysis and planning and budgeting
  • Created analytical mathematical configuration, operational policy, scalability, and capacity sizing models for advanced biometric processing technology analysis, and realtime processing optimization critical to deployed production systems
  • Created and maintained operational performance baseline measurement and reporting solutions to establish historical levels of delivered quality for production systems and to enable trending analysis – collaborated with operations teams for establishing requirements, solutions, tools and configurations for production performance monitoring infrastructures
  • Negotiated with government customers and teaming partners to extend and adapt existing contracts, statements of work, deliverables, schedules and staffing levels for ~ SRA engineers, developers and technicians
  • Quadrupled size of Performance Engineering revenue and staff comprising statistical analysts, simulation engineers and performance analysts – transformed group into a critical engineering resource for USVISIT executive management, engineering, operations and product delivery organizations
  • Grew program revenue and profitability % in two years as Deputy Program Manager – positioned program for improved profitability growth through contract vehicle management and program expansion through broader engineering process deployment
  • Awarded Best Paper, MODSIM World Conference, Homeland Security & National Defense Tract

    H. Otto V. II  

    CRAY COMPUTER Sylogy Software LLC

    System Performance Research Leader Cascade Program

    The renowned world leader in highperformance computing, Cray designs, develops and manufactures supercomputing products and solutions critical to national security interests and highpowered research organizations worldwide.  Cray's Cascade Program is a $M applied R&D program to develop and commercialize the world's fastest, most powerful next generation largescale highperformance computers.

    Major Contributions:

  • Led project team development of software architecture models of Linux and proprietary OS layers, equipping Cray with a predictive system simulation framework for optimizing system performance
  • Developed simulation models of Lustre/VFS file system services, RAID I/O and striping configurations, and system I/O – the delivered tools established an analysis environment for validating and optimizing data storage I/O architectures critical to high performance
  • Designed and executed system scaling simulation experiments to predictively demonstrate acceptable system performance under extreme workload conditions – these predictive results helped Cray win $M funding from DARPA in for commercial computing R&D through
  • Designed highspeed network communication models to analyze and predict performance under varying traffic patterns and workloads, providing the client with a network optimization platform



    An engineering consultancy providing project management and professional services to leading hightechnology organizations including Cray Inc., delivering engineering services that included concept development, performance engineering, system modeling, product design, and architectural validation with a strong emphasis on performance optimization. 

  • Managed member Technical Architecture team – Identified and corrected process flaws in a person business process reengineering program, saving an estimated $.M for a $K investment
  • Led design and development project for webbased environmental monitoring and energy optimization products and embedded control system hardware and software for an for a commercial Energy Management services firm, positioning the firm for substantial sales revenue growth
  • Created embedded system hardware/software architecture models, componentlevel behavioral models and stochastic workload models for aerospace client’s advanced embedded image processing system platform, equipping the client to validate architectural designs and intercomponent interfaces, explore performance tradeoffs, and optimize softwarehardware mapping assignments


    Director of Business Development, Director System Modeling & Simulation

    Driving force behind this firm’s endeavors to create a new product, process and system optimization toolsuite targeted at equipping data storage industry manufacturers with performance engineering, automated system design, and field configuration tools for rapid development 

  • Spearheaded a threecompany alliance to integrate technology, engineering and development resources needed for cooperative product R&D for launching a $M/yr new business program
  • Worked with board of directors to write business and marketing plans for a productcentered hightechnology venture built around my product and process optimization concepts
  • Conceived and prototyped a simulation based “virtual laboratory” and performance experimentation software tool suite for predicting and optimizing complex product and system performancecostschedule tradeoffs and reducing deployment risks

    H. Otto V. II  


    Sr. Systems Research Engineer

    Major Contributions:

  • Research lead for Operating System software development to optimize thread scheduling performance in symmetric multiprocessing SMP platforms – Microsoft and Intel tailored their OS NT and hardware products Pentium respectively to the technology’s capabilities
  • Designed a neural network and fuzzylogic based product architecture and OS kernel algorithms for improving SMP server runtime performance using intelligent thread scheduling mechanisms and dynamic prediction techniques – the new software increased application throughput %
  • Performed research and analysis of behavioral characteristics of Intel Pentium Pro microprocessor instruction pipeline mechanisms – the resultant analytical models formed the fundamental basis for derivative product R&D activities, architecture and designs

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