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Resume for Martynas S. for IT / Technical Support / Computer & IT Services in Brno, Czech Republic

Occupation: IT / Technical Support Industry: Computer & IT Services
Country: Czech Republic City: Brno
State: Jihomoravsky kraj ZIP: 60200

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Martynas Sklizmantas , Linux systems engineer 




I am seeking position, where I could work with high availability and high scalability solutions, mail systems, hosting platforms, messaging services or any other systems that require advanced Linux admin skills in any type of company. I believe that I could apply knowledge and experience to improve profits or save costs in most of companies, create new services or provide exceptional support. 


Freelance Linux sysadmin 

/ – current 

Successfully finished projects: several high availability LAMP hosting solution for different hosting companies drbd, crm, exim, scalable hosting platform for basketball software services company – openvz, haproxy, mysql replication, Squid as HTTP accelerator, Zabbix monitoring solution, apache, cherokee, postfix, procedures how to deal with performance tuning. 

Solutions Engineer

May / Natek | Telecommunications Services 

Assignment to work for Gemalto on OTA SIM card provisioning systems. Level support, troubleshooting and advising services for customers, using Gemalto Java based products, running on Linux/HPUX platforms with ServiceGuard enabled. Support Oracle as main database for the products.  
Objectives meet SLA and customer satisfaction expectations. 
Oracle, Service Guard clustering solution, HPUX, Smart card internals, basics, protocols.

Successful “projects” recovery of databases, products, systems after various types of failures, configuration and tuning of platforms tomcat, documentation for customers and internal team.

Have been promoted to product specialist in few months as shown very good measurable results SLA indicators, tests, customer feedback

Technical Operations Engineer/Analyst

August May  

Natek | Telecommunications Services 
Assignment for Acision, where primary tasks are troubleshooting Acision systems in the client environment, which are running on Linux, HPUX and Solaris, supporting, deploying and maintaining messaging platforms OMG, Message Plus sms related services.

Had extensive training on telecoms products OMG, MAR, Message Plus, brushed up my knowledge on Linux, HPUX, had soft skills trainings Customer satisfaction and Team building where have been evaluated within highest marks. 

SMPP, UCP, LDAP, Some exposure to HPUX, Solaris, Post sales, Acceptance testing procedures, methodologies, ITIL practices, Java tomcat

Senior System Administrator

November July  

GAUMINA | Web development company 

Here I have supervised and mentored a small sysadmin team, making sure it had 
enough interesting and useful work to do, also that business goals would be reached. The team was responsible for managing 
workstations and company servers, designing, preparing and monitoring various 
hosting platforms for our clients, sometimes it involved building a cluster or two. 
Part of my job activities was educating salesmen about various web related topics, training developers about security issues, performance tuning and other engineering activities. As a motivational exercise we have built our own distributed systems management solution, which was very simple, but very effective python. 

Sometimes I took active part in planning proposals for clients, usually they were 
related to big sites like portals or intranets. I reported directly to the director 
board and had full freedom to implement any crazy idea which could automate 
mundane tasks and save time for other departments in the company.

Among projects were NAS systems, Squid, monitoring zabbix, development platform for developers multiple configurations of the software running on the same hardware, virtualization.  

Storage drbd, nas, nfs, Monitoring with zabbix, Squid web cache implementation, FreeBSD, PHP, Python scripting, ultramonkey, LVS.

Linux System Administrator

December August  

Amen SAS | Computer/IT Services 

While working in Amen I have been responsible for management of approximately Linux servers, most of them CobaltRaq, for shared and managed hosting. Again, I had a free choice to do any useful thing I thought company and servers needed, so together with three other system administrators we have taken over management of servers from d party company, later started to use disk cloning for faster installs and cfengine for automagical configuration of different server classes. Secondary activities were server monitoring, occasional tuning of MySQL indexes or answering technical questions for support. I was main Linux guy apache, qmail, mysql servers, postfix, while other guys were responsible for other areas windows, networking, etc. 

Successful projects were migration of servers from d party provider, saving approx salaries of all sysadmin department per month, Nagios deployment and configuration for all servers with high availability, rapid deployment solution, lots of scripting for the backend system developed in house, fast newsletter sending system mail relay on postfix, antivirus/antispam gateway for all customers.  

Cfengine, Nagios, Pxeboot, Postfix, Bind, MySQL, ksh/sh/bash, Python, C

Linux System Administrator

May November  


Computer/IT Services 

Mail and hosting systems administrator Linux 

My primary tasks here were administrating and performance tuning of Linux servers for the first free web mail system in Lithuanian, later small hosting service. Both projects were highly successful and were sold for huge profit. Have been responsible for the migration of those two projects to the buyer systems, documenting, training and post sales support. Other projects were designing small websites or web systems requirements capture and preparation of some documentation for developers, Q&A.  

Linux administration Redhat, Debian, Turbolinux, MySQL administration, LAMP administration, PHP coding performance improvements, C, Customer Support, FreeBSD, SNMP, MRTG, Qmail, Sendmail,

Mr. Fix IT

April March  

Lithuanian Youth Tourism Center |  

Travel, Transportation and Tourism 

The only guy in IT in a small stateowned company mostly workstation support IMAC, development of internal tools c++/c. 

Resource planning, Network Troubleshooting, Troubleshooting, Windows Desktop Support, C++ 


VGTU, Computer Science


VGTU |  


English Fluent
Lithuanian Fluent native
Russian Fluent

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