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Resume for zahara N. for Customer Support / Client Care / Consumer Services in Durban, South Africa

Occupation: Customer Support / Client Care Industry: Consumer Services
Country: South Africa City: Durban
State: KwaZulu-Natal ZIP: +277

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SURNAME:         N. 


SEX:                     Female 

DATE OF BIRTH:    TH October  




                                   Mobile No.  or





                              , PHOENIX,

                            DURBA,SOUTH AFRICA. 




                 Makerere University. 

         Bachelor of Communications & Tourism           


        UACE                             Bweranyangi   Girls Secondary School 

        UCE                               Valley College 



To maximize my full potential in developing innovative solutions to challenging problems and seeking out opportunities to work with diverse teams. 




a  Customer Care Representative/ Call center Agent. 

  • Responsible for promoting the services offered by Uganda Telecom to existing as well as potential clients. This includes ensuring that they are adequately informed about the company's various products, and also ensuring in liaison with sales and marketing team, that customers utilize the most cost effective products.
  • Respond to incoming inquiries and complaints from customers including internal by mail, email but mostly phone in a professional manner.  
  • Provide an appropriate, timely response and enter into database. This involves resolving complaints about billings that customers put forward.
  • Execute proactive outbound calls to stores and/or customers for resolution of issues and concerns.
  • Conduct complaint investigation, process complaints through systems and follow through to resolution point.
  • Receive orders for services to be installed, turned on, turned off or changed.  
  • Gather information useful for customer sourcing by phone or in person.        
  • Explain to customers on how to use the phones both landline and mobile and solve any problems related.
  •               Assist individuals interested in opening accounts for various utilities such as landlines, prepaid     and post paid services provided by the company.     

    b Customer Care Supervisor/ Assistant Call center Manager. 

    In charge of planning and coordinating all the call center activities at the administrative level. 

    Worked as a Personal assistant to the Call center manager, was in charge of receiving guests, fixing appointments for people to see the manager, arranging for meetings and answering all guests' queries in general. 

    c Backoffice /Quality Assurance Supervisor.

    Was in charge of measuring the performance of  the callcenter Agents, forexample;

    their Telephone Etiquette,

    their level of the product knowledge,


    d Accounts Relationship Manager

    In charge of corporate accounts and sales especially post paid client. These are clients who use their mobile phone accounts and pay at the end of the month.

    Was in charge of ensuring that these clients are able to clear their used bills at the end of the month and also monitor the roaming clients so that they do not exceed their credit limits. 

    Professional Accomplishment 

  • I have in my previous assignments gained the appropriate competencies to enable me work under pressure and still manage details in complex and competitive environments.
  • I participated in the development of operational processes at Uganda Telecom Call Center. My key role was to ensure documentation of process workflow and development of process flow charts. This experience equipped me with the skills relevant systems analysis and customer relationship management.
  • I am computer literate, proficient in word, excel, power point and have strong interpersonal, good oral and communication skills, report writing, and presentation skills.


    Personal attributes: 

  • Manage details under pressure in complex and competitive environments.
  • Team player and team organizer, able to coordinate with Team members and superiors.
  • Very result oriented and pay attention to details.
  • Have good organizational skills and a quick thinker.

    Fraud and Investigations/ Audit & Risk Management. 

    Worked as a Fraud Detection Analyst.

    Over four years experience in fraud detection and one of the pioneer Fraud Detection Analysts in Uganda Telecom. The job entails the following responsibilities;  
  • Documentation of telecommunication frauds,
  • Monitoring roaming clients.
  • Carry out Fraud Risk assessments.
  • Auditing in production and at point of sales. 
  • Liaise with Auditors and Risk Analyst to identify revenue generating points and identify any loopholes/ leakages.
  • Creating filters in Fraud management system to capture the telecommunication frauds,
  • Monitor the trends of roaming customers especially those with high usage.
  • Make follow up and find immediate resolutions to reported cases.
  • Analysis of telecommunication data from various data sources such as Fraud Management system, Billing data, Roaming data, Customer care etc, i.e analysis of outgoing, incoming & transit calls for loopholes of revenue leakage/ losses by external fraud such as

    Clip on or tapping on fixed lines, this is where by fraudsters use connecting devices on someone's physical line and are able to make calls at the expense of the client. 

    Subscription fraud this is where fraudsters use false identity to acquire post paid lines with no intention of making payments, 

    Prepaid fraud where by clients manipulate the switch and do not recharge their accounts thus end up making free calls, 

    Call back fraud where by clients' makes international calls using” the call back facility”, 

    Potential future bad debts, here I have been able to detect and make followups with the team responsible for collecting revenue from the clients to ensure that collection is done on time, etc or through internal fraud such as improper process at Customer care {improper data entry}, at the switch [improper configuration], at Billing [unbilled numbers] or Data mismatch in billing and switch,e.t.c. 

    Suggesting possible solutions to avoid further revenue leakage or loss from a discovered loophole by improving on the fraud prevention and detection techniques like updating alerts on the fraud detection machines. 

        Public Relations Manager Anfield Communications Ltd  


    Was in charge of:

    the overall content for internal and external public relation campaigns to

    Improve on the products and services of Anfields Communications.

    writing press releases for the company.

    developing contacts with media professionals

    arranging special events and promotions.

    monitor societal trends and opinions and keep a clear focus on the overall message. 

    Rwanda Telecoms Ltd. 

    Personal Assistant to the Chief Human Resources.

    Some of my key duties included;

    Receiving, reading and preparing responses for incoming mail for signature of the Head of department.,

    provide effective administration services and ensure proper mail and other correspondence distribution in the entire department.

    Updating information on the computer database…..e.t.c. 


    Department of justice, Magistrate's court in DurbanSouth Africa as an Interpreter for foreign languages. 

    World Trade Consortium,Team ManagerCall Center, TeleSales.

    Managing the sales team in call center incharge of selling the products and services for the organization telephonically. 

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