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Resume for Jerzy W. for Researcher / Scientist / Education & Science in Windsor, Canada

Occupation: Researcher / Scientist Industry: Education & Science
Country: Canada City: Windsor
State: Ontario ZIP: N8W5T7

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Jerzy W.  

Shingle Creek Crt.

Windsor, ON NW T

Phone: Home


Email: l




I am actively seeking a position as a scientist in either a R&D or QC department of biotech/pharmaceutical company or biologicalchemical diagnostic laboratory. My interdisciplinary expertise also makes me qualified for a position of technical consultant/advisor in the field of broad Life Sciences. 



Experience and credentials are a hybrid of advanced scientific knowledge and professional acumen based on interdisciplinary background in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Life Science, including Medical Science.

M.Sc. in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering; M.Sc. in Biochemistry. Incomplete MD degree.

+ years of experience in most modern analytical techniques employed in research laboratory with either chemical or biological profile as well as in methods development. DNA & protein microarray technology and bioinformatics.

Expertise in the design, construction and usage of phage display technology used for serum based biomarkers for various tumors. Data mining and bioinformatics. Solid mathematical skills. Working knowledge of GLP/GMP.

Multilanguage proficiency. Independent, wellread, knowledgeable and crossdisciplinary trained professional.

aCGH expertise NimbleGene and Agilent platforms.

Superb interpersonal skills. Indepth technical expertise on operation and troubleshooting of sophisticated laboratory equipment.

Employment History:  

Detroit Medical Center, Cytogenetics Laboratory, Detroit, MI March April

Chromosomal Microarray Technologist

Responsible for assay setup for the NimbleGen CGX arrays, bioinformatics Genoglyphyx

Agilent SNP arrays.

DNA extraction and fluorescent probe labeling.

FISH probes labeling and purification.

Methods validation, SOPs preparation.


Karmanos Cancer Institute, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI February Nov.

Research Scientist

Responsible for assay setup, development and implementing DNA and protein microarray technology cDNA & Affymetrix.

Development of phage display technology in context of search for serumbased tumor biomarkers for early cancer detection. Libraries design, construction several high quality cellline and tumorbased libraries have been synthesized

and biopanning.

Protein chips production spotting and assay setup.

Maintenance, operating and troubleshooting of chip printer as well as other peripheral devices, such as fluorescent scanner, BIOMEK, etc.

Data mining & analysis, bioinformatics.

Literature search. Preparation of scientific presentations and manuscripts.

Supervising and training graduate students and visiting postdocs. 

IntelliGene Expressions, Inc., Edmonton, AB

Research Assistant

Responsible for protein purification and analysis of final products HPLC, Western blot, ELISA, IEF 

Department of Cell Biology and Anatomy, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB

Research Assistant/Graduate Research Assistant

Molecular biology of yeast peroxisome biogenesis. 

Department of Biochemistry, University of Western Ontario, London, ON

Research Assistant/Graduate Research Assistant

Member of research group working on cholesterol metabolism in rats.

Responsible for methods development and chemical/biochemical analysis using gas chromatography, HPLC, column chromatography, thinlayer chromatography, UV, IR, VIS spectroscopy, analytical techniques employing isotopic tracers. Preparation of scientific reports & presentations, library search. 

Summary of skills:


Analytical Chemistry:

GC, HPLC, TLC, column chromatography,

UV/IR/VIS/AA spectroscopy, classical methods, including wet chemistry, electrochemical

methods, isotopic measurements, Karl Fischer titration, dissolution methods, nephelometer;

Methods development & validation. 

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology:

DNA/ RNA extraction & analysis, restriction mapping, hybridization, Southern & Northern blotting, cloning techniques E.coli, yeast, sequencing, PCR, RTPCR.

Protein extraction and purification, Western blotting, ELISA, IEF, enzymology.

Microbiology & aseptic techniques.

Experience in animal care rats & mice, small animal surgery, tissue cell cultures.

Processing and handling serum and other fluids. 

DNA and protein microarray technology; phage display technology:

Expertise in the design, construction and usage of phage display libraries. Phage based and protein chips printing, analysis; assay setup, cloning techniques in various systems bacteria, yeast ;

High throughput DNA and protein sequence analysis;

cDNA chip and Affymetrix, NimbleGen CGX arrays;  


Clustering and data mining tools: SpotfirePro, GeneSpring, EPICLUST, BioDiscovery, Partek, Genoglyphix; Webbased molecular biology tools and data bases, etc..

Statistical management of experimental data using data analysis programs Sigma Plot, SStat, MatLab, etc.; statistical tools employed in microarray technology. Solid mathematical skills.

Biological data visualization, biological network analysis. Knowledge of major public biological databases.

Advanced computer literacy; familiarity with most utility software; data mining, Bioconductor/R; programming languages: R, Perl.

Computer platforms: Windows, Windows NT, UNIX, 

Other skills:

Working knowledge of GLP/GMP.

Proficiency in writing of technical reports and making presentations.

Teaching experience: tutoring and TA in undergraduate course in Biochemistry University of Western Ontario.

Languages written and spoken: Polish, Russian, Dutch, German 

Technical experience:

Management, programming and operation of sophisticated laboratory equipment BIOMEK, microarray printer, fluorescent scanner 

Main projects: 

Oxysterols as regulators of cholesterol homeostasis

 Several components of naturally oxidized cholesterols were identified as potent regulators of cholesterol absorption and cholesterol metabolism. They were subsequently patented by the University of Western Ontario in . 

ERregulated gene expression in MCFAT and MCF cell lines.

A novel group of genes which were potentially regulated by estrogen receptor and inhibited by antiestrogens tamoxifen has been identified by cDNA microarray studies. The results were then confirmed by experiments using Affymetrix chip. 

Breast cancer biomarkers

A phagedisplay based approach has been employed to screen potential immunereactive predictive biomakers for early stage breast cancer. Several potential biomarkers have been recognized.

The project involved preparation of specific phage libraries, biopanning against cancer patient sera, printing of phagearrays, immunological assay and complex statistical analysis. 

Professional Accomplishments:

Significant contribution to the patent issued in the name of the University of Western Ontario in .

Contribution to the patent serumbased biomarkers for breast cancer issued for the Wayne State University in .

Development of new original methods of separation and purification of oxysterols TLC, column chromatography. 


University of Western Ontario, London, ON

M.Sc. Biochemistry

“Evidence of inhibition of cholesterol absorption in rats by naturallyoccurring oxysterols”


Academy of Medicine currently School of Medicine, University of Wroclaw, Wroclaw, Poland

Medical School ;

MD unfinished, completed / of medical degree.


Technical University of Silesia, Gliwice, Poland

M.Sc. Eng. Chemistry and Chemical Engineering; Technology of Polymers  

Selected Publications:  

Book Chapter: Chatterjee, M., W., J., Tainsky, M.A., Discovery of antibody biomarkers using protein microarrays of tumor antigens cloned in high throughput, chapter in “Tumor Biomarker Discovery”, Tainsky, M.A. Editor, ,Humana Press. 

Pauley, RJ, Santner, SJ, W., J., Tainsky, MA, Tamoxifen and estrogen effects on gene expression in prenoplastic MCFAT and neoplastic MCF cells, abstract, th Annual Meeting AACR, , Toronto, ON, Canada

Lin, H.S., et al. ,  Autoantibody approach for serumbased detection of head and neck cancer, Cancer Epidemiol Biomarker Prev., , , ;

W., J., et al, Proteomic approaches to early detection of breast cancer, poster presentation, Annual EDRN Meeting, Washington, DC, .

Dudas, S., W., J., Onchip diagnostic immunoassays of panels of bioselected tumor antigens: binding to serum autoantibodies for the early detection of cancer, poster presentation, Annual EDRN Meeting, Washington, DC,  

References    Available upon request   

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