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Resume for shridhar B. for Engineer / Electronics in Hubli City, India

Occupation: Engineer Industry: Electronics
Country: India City: Hubli City
State: Karnataka ZIP: 580025

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Personal Profile: 

Full Name                : Shridhar B. 

Date of Birth           : // 

Father’s Name            : Totappa B.                                                                                                                                                                              Sex                             : Male                                                                                                              Permanent Address   : EWS, Navanagar, Hubli    District: Dharwad      

                                   State: Karnataka    Country: INDIA     Pin code:

Current Address         : Kottar, Mangalore       State: Karnataka    Country: INDIA   

                                   Pin code:

Passport NO               :

Email id                      : 

Mobile No                    : +


In quest of building a career with leading corporate of hitech environment involving committed and dedicated people, which will help me to prove myself convincingly.

Ability to cope and work with people in groups, fast learner leadership quality, believes in teamwork & Excellent Analytical ability.

Educational Details:

  • Diploma in Electronics & Hardware Maintenance DEHM, NTTF Center CCCT, Sikkim with fist class .
  • X standard from SDM School, Dharwad with fist class.
  • Work Experience:  


    Working as Associate System Engineer in Semnox Solution Pvt Ltd, Mangalore from Sep to present.

    Company manufactures the product called Parafait. The product parafait includes both hardware as well as software. This product find in the applications in game centers. Before day’s a coin system were used for activating or to start the game machine. The main function of parafait is to activate game machine through card, without coin and also keep update of event record, report of card, game machine…etc.

    The Hardware products are Level Converter, Hub and Card Reader, Interface board.

    Level converter: It is used for converting RS level computer logic to RS TTL logic.This Level converter is connected to RS port of the computer with serial cable.

    Hub: This hub is connected to Level converter through CAT cable. The hub is transceiver, transmit and receive the signal from server to card reader or vice versa. The process of communication is Wireless. It includes controller IC, timer IC, Nordic.Etc.

    Card Reader: The card reader comes with different types.

    *Line Display Card Reader: This card reader is made up of line display.

    *Color Reader: This is made up of color display and different then line, in this reader an images can be added. This reader is connected to game machine through interface board. The color reader is of normal type or WiFi. Normal reader need level converter, Hub to communicate. But WiFi does not need.

    Interface Board: This interface between card reader and game machine. The interface board produce coin signal when gets activation signal from card reader. 

    The Software includes installation of software. Software includes Parfait Management studio, inventory, primary server, pos.etc. 

    My Role: Associate System Engineer.

    Department: Implementation.

    Description of My role: I have visit site and have to implement the product. Have to do installation of software and hardware connections.

    Sites: where I implemented the product:

    *HiJinks Game center, Dehradun.

    *Hive Game Center, Bangalore.

    *Nmart Kolhapur & Nmart Surat.  


    Worked as Engineer Project Coordinator in D&D Dept of Pace Power Systems Pvt ltd, Bangalore. Company manufactures Products called Power Management Unit PMU, Integrated PMU.Etc. Worked from Dec to Aug . 


    Product Details :Power Management Unit PMU is a fully automatic telecom BTS power solution, used in GSM Network, CDMA, Optical repeater networks etc.. 

    Salient Features:

    *Compact & Modular design – Easy replacement of submodules at site.

    * Dedicated PMU controller with True RMS display of Voltage current and frequency display, scrolling display , lamp indications, Alarm extension features provided.

    *Automatic and Manual Modes of operation feedback from Proxy Sensor.

    *Performance, fault date storage features provided for easy maintenance.  

    Product Specifications:

    Voltage: Micro Processor based controller, working voltage volts to volts DC with battery backup and auto changeover to BTS Battery facility provided.

    Functions: AMF functions are incorporated.

    Display: Display Digital & LCD.

    The IPMU stands for Integrated Power Management Unit, comes with same as above but only difference is the SMPS power plant is inbuilt.  

    My Role: Project Coordinator.

    Department: Design and Development Department D&D Dept.

    Description of My role: Tracking and keep updating the status of each individual project. Informing the status to the HOD of Department. Maintaining the record of status report in excel format. Meanwhile have to consult the engineer’s and have to check required materials, later on order to the store persons or purchase department. Cross check and verify of the project, have to make final report of the Project, before approval of the HOD for Production. My main role is to avoid the delay in completing the projects. 

    Total year & months and present working. 

    Key Skills:

  • Electronics, Electrical & Power Electronics.
  • Automation Robotics & Programmable Logic Controller PLC LAD logic SimensS.
  • Programming CProgram, QBasic, Controller, & Processors.
  • Maintenances of Equipments and machine.
  • Communication Satellite & Analog & Digitalcommunication & Networks line field.
  • Control System.
  • Instrumentation.

    Programming & Software Skills:

  • Microprocessor and Microcontroller Programming.
  • PLC Programming Automation Software Step Lite for LAD Logic.
  • AdvanceC, CProgramming, QBasic.
  • AutoCAD Basic.
  • Protel, Proteus PCBDesigning.
  • MSDos, Microsoft Office, MS Power point.

    Academic Project Done in College:

  • PCBased Wireless Management System using Txand RxMhz modules done in college. The aim of project is to control the appliances like fan, light, motor with the help of computer. It is a wireless based, having two section. One is transmitter part and other is receiver part. The control signal is transmitted from transmitter and according to it the respective appliance switch is on in receiver part…for E.g. Consider three appliances like fan ,Motor , Light etc….and all are placed in different place…if you want to switch on the fan press key Key board of computer…same as if you want switch motor press key & for light press key …..etc..The appliances can be controlled with computer and the communication is wireless….a control signal is transmitted from transmitter connected to computer…and receiver receives the signal and switch on or off the appliances according to control signal…
  • LED Display Name, with shift register HC SIPORegister.The aim of Project is to display the name of lab, class room…etc…by Led’s. For every secend’s character should be On.For example as shown below,
  • DE LAB –When all led’s are off or @ initial stage.

    DE LAB –after secend st LED ON

    DE LAB after secend nd LED ON

    DE LAB after secend rd LED ON

    DE LAB after secend th LED ON            

    DE LAB after secend th LED ON and after second the all LEDs are reset OFF and same procedure will continue from initial stage…….The LED’s are arranged in character format or shape.

    IN plant Training:

  • Undergone one day industrial visit at S.P.I.L: NAMCHI GOVT. OF SIKKIM.
  • Undergone days industrial visit at NTTF centreNEC, electronic city, Bangalore.                                                            

    Extra Curricular Achievements:

  • Participated in College sports activities.
  • Participated in ’s Activities.
  • Completed Basic Mechanical Workshop.
  • Attended days village camp.

    Personal Websites:

  • Shridhar B. @ facebook.
  • Shridhar B. @ Google+.


    I hereby declare that the abovementioned particulars are correct to the best of my   knowledge and belief.


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