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Resume for Roberto C. for Manager / Supervisor / Team Leader / Electronics in Shanghai, China

Occupation: Manager / Supervisor / Team Leader Industry: Electronics
Country: China City: Shanghai
State: Shanghai ZIP: 201203

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  Name          :  Roberto C.

  Nationality   :  Italian

  Date of Birth :  //

  Address      :  Qing Tong Lu , Pudong new Area, , Shanghai China

  Mobile phone  :  +

  EMail        : 



  Working age: + years

  Main experiences:  Customer pre/post sales support, technical marketing, project management, system  
                                 applications, SW and FW design and testing, quality & reliability 
  Current company: SMIC Shanghai

  Current position: System application department Manager 


  Level: Master degree

  University: Politecnico of Milano

  Degree type: Electronic engineering

  Specialization: Optoelectronics

  Graduation thesis carried on in ST Microelectronics .

  Topic: Development of the SW and HW characterization environment for NV Flash memory embedded in

              the STF bit microcontroller.


  Italian mother tongue 
  English fluent

  Chinese written/spoken: intermediate currently studying

  German  written/spoken: basic currently studying 


  . Selfmotivated

  . Strong driving capability

  . Proven experience in a complex international environment

  . Strong communication and negotiation skills

  . Focus on high qualitative outcome within deadlines

  . Strategic and forward thinking


  . System definition, focusing on key factors, risks, and timetomarket.

  . Production & business evaluation, roadmap definitions

  . Coordination of the application and testing team department

  . Customer support for system introduction, improvement, validation, and failure analysis

  . Projects organization and plans, translation of market roadmaps and customer inputs

    into technical specifications for new products.

  . Interfacing with of key partners for the final system product


. Strong understanding of the product lifetime activities: feasibility study, resource allocations,  
  technology integration, tapeout, learning cycles, testing & yield enhancement, qualification, productto 
  market introduction, pricing strategies, cost reductions

. Deep experience about production test/validation practices and methodologies

. Good experience of quality control systems and standards

  . Excellent knowledge of several ATEs for both memory and microcontroller products

  . Very good knowledge of backend production operations packaging and testing flows


  Proven strong experience in developing complex applications with following languages:  

  . ASM ARM, ST uC, C, C++, MFC. and Windows API, HTML, JavaScript, Asp and VBScript 

  Excellent knowledge of following RTOS/OS and File System:  

  . Nucleus, OSE, pSOS+, VxWorks. Unix, MSDOS/Windows


   Good Java language knowledge


  Proven strong experience in developing complex SW algorithms and libraries: 

  . Engine to run data statistical analysis on databases, SW modeling of complex systems, complex layers to

    enable the asynchronous communication between RTOS tasks running on different boards


  . Excellent knowledge of  ARM, ST, , ATMEL ATRM MCU

  . Good knowledge of ARM AMBA bus, SD, MMC, USB protocols 

  . Very good understanding of MCU/DSP main technology, design problems, DFT, testing solutions

  . Deep knowledge of IP functionalities and driver implementation

  . Deep knowledge of VHDL

  . Basic knowledge of DSP filtering techniques


  . Strong experience in Nand and Nor Flashbased systems from application/marketing/sales point of view

  . Very deep understanding of Flash design architectures, testing, reliability, and applications

  . Good understanding of process &technology issues vs. Flash  functionality & reliability

  . Inhouse development of  the application test platforms and data processing tools


Company         : SMIC

Time period     : today

Profile              : Sr. Manager

Job description : Customer engineer managerApplication Manager


Company         : Qimonda

Time period     :

Profile              : Sr. Application Engineer

Job description : Customer support for Nand/Nor Flash


Company         : ST Microelectronics

Time period     :

Profile              : System of Chip SW/HW designer

Job description : Development of HW/SW environments/applications for System on Chip validation


Company          : ST Microelectronics

Time period     :

Profile              : Product engineer

Job description : Development of HW/SW environments for embedded Flash test/reliability



Company         : SMIC

Time period      : today

Profile              : Senior Manager

Job description : Head the System Testing and Application Department for the SOC ASIC 

Main activities: 

 . Coordination of various departments M&S, design, testing, reliability, planning to guarantee the  
      successful production of the customer product

 . Coordination of the test and application engineers and worldwide customer interfaces

  . Support for the volume planning and test allocation

 . System characterization and benchmark vs. competitor specifications

 . System introduction feasibility, technical support, business forecast

 . Study & monitor of new NANDbased market segments: applications, technical specifications,

   protocols, and HW/SW architectures

 . Periodic internal training

 . Coordination of the FW&SW development for application test platform

 . Handling of customer documentation datasheet. Application notes etc. 


Company         : Qimonda

Time period      :

Profile              : Sr. Application Engineer

Job description : Customer support for Nor/Nand Flash products 

Main activities: 

    . Technical documentation handling

    . Inhouse and onfield support for failure analysis

    . Benchmark with competitor products

    . SW development of application tests

    . Product enhancement analysis 


Company         : ST Microelectronics

Time period      :

Profile              : System of Chip SW/HW designer / Embedded Flash test developer

Job description : Development of HW/SW environments/applications for System on Chip validation / 
                             development of test environment for embedded Flash memories

Main activities: 

    . Development of a multiboard embedded SW platform for ASIC application selftests based on Nucleus  

    . Development of embedded SW drivers for      

        flywheel control for powertrain

        timer unit

        text/graphic LCD

        UART, SPI, interrupt controller, watchdog, ADC

  . Development of a Windows application comprising:

    production data collection and database storage  
       statistical data analysis and result data organization

    graphic chart viewer MDI application 
       engine to recognize and execute a custom highlevel language script  
       engine to create customizable GUI via highlevel language script

     . Development of a C++ model of a test system

  . Development of Windows application to enable the automatic migration of embedded SW to  
       several different test systems

     . Development of powertrain control embedded SW based on ARM dualcore processor

  . Development of the whole Assembler library for ST embedded Flash

    . Project management to enable the parallel test of an embedded Flash on vectorbased test systems

  . Project management to enable the parallel reliability and characterization test of the embedded Flash  

    . Development of a VHDL model to simulate the ARM Integrator system based

     on AHB AMBA bus

    . Mapping of a full device based on ARMT wrapped to AHB AMBA bus on

      XILINX FPGA VIRTEX E and for presilicon validation.

    . Development of asynchronous EMI to AHB and

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