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Resume for Mohamed A. for Researcher / Scientist / Electronics in Trondheim, Norway

Occupation: Researcher / Scientist Industry: Electronics
Country: Norway City: Trondheim
State: Sor-Trondelag ZIP: 7491

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Qualifications Summary

Exceptionally organized and wellqualified Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering graduate, offering eight years of handson experience within highvolume, fastpaced environments; interested to pursue a challenging and rewarding career within electrical/computer engineering firms to utilize skills and knowledge in a variety of manufacturing and production functions. Possess excellent communication, strategic planning, and layout development. Selfmotivated and focused; comfortable at working independently within competitive settings and able to apply innovative methods, procedures, and systems in solving problems.  

Career Highlights

Software Planning and Development

  • Efficiently designed website specifically in History of Arab through employing knowledge of HTML, JavaScript languages, and FrontPage program
  • This website has been designed by JavaScript and HTML. It has been posted in my university website for years 

  • Designed and developed biomedical image processing filters as well as edge detection and feature extraction techniques through MatLab Software
  • This project mainly depend on Echo cardiograph system to determine heart diseases , measuring heart parameters such as ejection fraction, faction shorting and others using Image processing techniques for systolic and diastolic  heart images, in the first stage, there was a sensor using ultra sound system to capture these images , then noise cancellation systems contains different adaptive parallel filters such as adaptive weighted median filter and adaptive weighted mean filter to remove such noises growing up in low, and high frequency bands, then this followed by edge detections system using morphological operations to detect the target in those images preparing for the final operation to extract the features such as thickness of heart wall, and other things like volume, area and .. etc. 


  • Developed an electronic program that calculates power control quality of mobiles through MatLab Software
  • This project has been done in , it was a such case study to show up which efficient algorithms have an ability to calculate power usage in base stations and mobiles phones using matlab software and all of these algorithms that have been tested all of them right now are working in the WCDMA wide band Code division multiple access and the G, G networks.

  • Provided image watermarking techniques in DCT and DWT Domains utilizing MatLab Software

          Digital watermarking provides the ownership of a piece of digital data by marking the considered data invisibly   or visibly. This can be used to protect several types of multimedia objects such as audio, text, image and video. This thesis demonstrates the different types of watermarking techniques such as discrete cosine transform DCT and discrete wavelet transform DWT and their characteristics. Then, it classifies these techniques declaring their advantages and disadvantages. An improved technique with distinguished features, such as Peak Signal to Noise Ratio PSNR and Similarity Ratio SR has been introduced. The modified technique has been compared with the other techniques by measuring their robustness against differ attacks. Finally, Field Programmable Gate Arrays FPGA based implementation and comparison, for the proposed watermarking technique have been presented and discussed. 

  • Generated electronic program to test the ZTCT card, which was used as second reactor in Egypt through Borland C , Turbo C, and C++
  •          This project has been done as a routine project in my work; I produced a new software interface for ZTCT card , which responsible to test the functionality of this I/O digital chip using C++ language.

  • Configured A/D, D/A converter sequential, cascaded, and combinational by PSPICE and MatLab Simulink Software

    Hardware Design and Maintenance

  • Programmed an image watermarking technique running through DCT domain on FPGA utilizing VHDL language; implemented the technique to FPGA XCV by applying ISE program Master Project

          This project contains hardware design and implementation of insertion operation in MMBEC Modified Midband Exchange Coefficient invisible watermarking technique based on FPGA. MMBEC technique design was specified using hardware description language VHDL and developed to run at our prototyping environment. This environment consists of a PC equipped with a custom PCI card where a Xilinx Virtex FPGA “XCV” is mounted. The VHDL design of MMBEC technique will be simulated by using a ModelSim from Model Technology, and then verified by using MATLAB package. ISE package from Xilinx is used for FPGA implementation synthesis, mapping, placing and routing, timing anA.sis and bit stream generation to generate a configuration bit stream. These bit streams are further processed with a utility from the vendor of the prototyping environment under LabView package Virtual Programming Package to configure the FPGA over the PCI bus. 

  • Monitored and controlled the input and output through Labview Program Master Project
  • In this part, I have made a Labview program to organize the data traffic between PCI bus interface and FPGA from side and another side between Computer Matlab software and PCI interface. The idea is to convert the Image to Binary X blocks then it becomes easier to send them to FPGA chip through PCI interface, once this operation happened, the FPGA chip starts to process these Binary blocks to produce the watermarked binary blocks and in the finally part these FPGA chip outputs go directly to be converted as pixel form to be watermarked Image, the benefit of this is to use the speed ability that we have from FPGA and not to overload RAMS with High resolutions image which we like to watermarked it.

  • Integrated BMW hash function in different hardware implementations approaches using FPGA and ASIC technologies  My PhD Project

    Here there are a lot of work has been done with several paper have been accepted in many conferences as I listed in publications section. The main idea is to produce small Hash function can be able to fit small applications such as space applications, right now I have introduced the low area implementation for BMW hash function as a candidate in SHA competition second round, the last result I have achieved is slice have been used to locate the Hash operations and instruction ROM to monitor the data flow between Intermediate Values’s RAM and Operations Core. All details in  

    Training/ Teaching Skills

  • Prepared and facilitated effective teachings at Electronic and Computer Department, Cairo Academy on various subjects, including Differential Equation, Microprocessor Design, Assembly Language, Electronic Circuits, Wave Propagation, and Mobile Antenna
  • Provided instruction at Electronic Department, Mansoura University on Artificial Neural Network ANN,Electronic Circuits, Tests of Electronics Laboratory, Integrated Circuits IC, Networks and Linear Systems, Electronic Circuits, Tests of Electronics Laboratory, and Project Television TV
  • Note : all of these course has been taught from . 

    Professional Positions 

    . Demonstrator, Electronic Dept., Mansoura University.

    Teaching the following courses in Electronic Dept., Mansoura University

    i. Artificial Neural Network ANN. To fourth group semester.

    ii. Electronic Circuits. To fourth group semester

    iii. Tests of Electronics laboratory. To Second group semester

    iv. Integrated Circuits IC. To fourth group semester

    v. Networks and Linear Systems. To Second group semester

    vi. Electronic circuits. To Second group semester

    vii. Tests of Electronics laboratory. To First group semester

    viii. Project Television TV. To fourth group semester

    . Demonstrator, Electronic and Computer Dept., Cairo Academy.

    Teaching the following courses in Electronic and Computer Dept., Cairo academy

    i. Differential Equation. To first group semester.

    ii. Microprocessor Design. To second group semester.

    iii. Assembly Language. To second group semester.

    iv. Electronic Circuits. To Third group semester.

    v. Wave Propagation and Mobile Antenna. To Fourth group semester.

    . , Demonstrator, The reactor Dept, The Second Multi Purpose Reactor, Atomic energy

    Authority, Inshas city, Cairo

    . ,Assistant Researcher, The reactor Dept, The Second Multi Purpose Reactor, Atomic energy

    Authority, Inshas city, Cairo

    . present PhD fellow research, Norwegian university of Science and Technology ,Trondheim, Norway

    . present Visiting Researcher, Electrical Engineering Department, University of Massachusetts, Lowell, MA 

    Work History

    Electrical Engineering Department, University of Massachusetts, Lowell, MA

    Visiting Researcher, Present

    The reactor Department, The Second Multi Purpose Reactor, Atomic Energy Authority, Inshas City, Cairo

    Assistant Researcher,


    Electronic and Computer Department, Cairo Academy, Cairo, Egypt


    Electronic Department, Mansoura University, Mansoura, Egypt



    Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Engineering Present

    Norwegian University of Science and Technology, QS Centre, Trondheim, Norway

    Master of Science in Electronics and Electrical Communications, Minor in Image Processing

    Mansoura University, Mansoura, Egypt

    Thesis: Improvement of Digital Image Watermarking Techniques Based on FPGA Implementation

    Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Electrical Communications

    Mansoura University, Mansoura, Egypt

    Graduated with honors and ranked fourth of the graduating class

    Professional Training

    Network Essential Hours, Microsoft Partner, Information Technology Experts
    Concern Improvement for the Electronic Cards in Power Plant of Talkah under the Supervision of Concordia University
    Image Processing Toolbox Project Grade: Excellent, Mansoura University, Faculty of Engineer, Communication Networks Unit
    Medical Devices, Medical Center Surgery of Eyes at Mansoura City in Egypt
    Turbo C Level , Dakhlia Governorate Computer Training Center

    Technical Skills

    Programming Languages Assembly, C, C++, Basic, VHDL, MATLAB, LABVIEW, Java Script, FrontPage, and HTML
    Software Packages FPGA ADVANTAGE, ISE, PSPICE, WORK BENCH, SIS Program, and Espresso Program


    Reviewed Journal Publication 

    ElHadedy, Mohamed; Gligoroski, Danilo; Knapskog, Svein Johan; Margala, Martin. Compact Implementation of BLUE MIDNIGHT WISH Hash Function on Xilinx FPGA Platform. Journal of Information Assurance and Security. Vol. , No. , May, . 

    Reviewed Conference Paper

    ElHadedy, Mohamed; Margala, Martin; Gligoroski, Danilo; Knapskog, Svein Johan. ResourceEfficient Implementation of Blue Midnight Wish Hash Function on Xilinx FPGA Platform. The sixth International Conference on Information Assurance and Security IAS, August , Atlanta, USA. Aug, . 

    ElHadedy, Mohamed; Margala, Martin; Gligoroski, Danilo; Knapskog, Svein Johan. Implementing The Blue Midnight Wish Hash Function on Xilinx Virtex FPGA Platform. To appear the International Conference on Reconfigurable Computing and FPGAs ReConFig , December ,, Cancun, Mexico. Dec, . 

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