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Resume for Mohamed Cherif B. for Engineer / Energy & Utilities in Workover Supervisor, Algeria

Occupation: Engineer Industry: Energy & Utilities
Country: Algeria City: Workover Supervisor
State: Alger ZIP: 16000

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Name: B.

Surname: Mohamed Cherif

Date of Birth: //

Citizenship: Algerian

Familial status: Married

Address: Batiment , N, logmt

              O.yaich, Blida,


Algeria: , GMT +

Oman:     , GMT  +



Education:                                                                                                                                                                    from to , High school, years.

from to , National institute of chemistry and hydrocarbons INCH Boumerdes, Algeria, years.

Diplomas: High Superior technician in petroleum production, Graduated in .

Training and Formation:

May , attended seminar on tubular handling, running & testing, cementing & centralization at HANOVER, West Germany.

September – , & f/ December – , attended management courses at Hassi Messoud Naftogaz School, Algeria

November , Achieved & completed technical training regarding operating procedures at Weatherford School

In , training with Sonatrach company, about well controls PEP

Risk assessment course attended on //.

Safe and defensive driving assessment course attended on & //

Gas detection & confined space entry completed and achieved on //.

Lifting operations & lifting equipment regulations achieved on //.

HS training concerning procedure applied on wells producing with different concentration on HS



Achievement certificate on tubular handling, running & testing, cementing & centralization

Achievement certificate on management

Achievement certificate on fishing technology Best practices

Achievement courses on: Risk assessment, safe drive assessment, Gas detection & confined space entry, Lifting operations & lifting equipment regulations.

HS, Gas access to location producing with HS Gas


Reference document given by a Drilling Manager at Amerada Hess Company

Reference document given by a Senior Drilling & Workover engineer at Amerada Hess Company

Reference document for safe work completed & achieved without incident for & years LTI.

Reference document as a Base Manager given by Shaleem Petroleum Company, SPC Co

Work Experience:

I have been working as a rig Supervisor on Workover, completion & Snubbing Rig for a long time, so I have got a large experience in oil field operations, for more than years,ElBorma, HassiMessoud and Elgassi oil field, in Algeria, Nimr, Murmul, saih rol, Quarn Al Alam,  Burhan West , SAFAH & Wadi Latham Field in Oman.

On I was a Base manager, assigned to Nimr area in south of Oman, I got under my control operating Workover and hoist rigs for year, at SPC Company at Oman

From to Now, I have been employed at MB Petroleum Company since //, and still working for the same company as a completion Engineer and staying @ Occidental company to Run completion Operation In SAFAH & Wadi Latham  field in north of Oman 


From June to June

Daily production reports & calculations of well testing parameters

Production facilities operations

Daily well monitoring including manifolds and satellite separators

Well kickoff, using nitrogen unit and supervising coiled tubing and slick line operations                                                                        

Well activation, gas lift and pumps for well equipped on Reda and Centerlift Baker pumps

Field surveillance: Traveling to production sites anywhere in the field to make surface measurement and suggest solutions to optimize production of wells.

From to : WorkOver and Completion.

Workover supervisor: Intervention on wells having production problems                                                                Well Completion, and recompletion

Repair on ” casing, & set up Casing patch.

Setting Bridge plugs, retrievable, & permanent packers.

Restore cements behind, ” casing

Fishing, milling, washOver pipe, & cleaning out.

RIH Reda & Centerlift Baker Pumps, Reda pump stages, Baker pump stages

Change out XMass Tree or wellhead.

TO AT Hassi Messoud Field

From to : worked at HassMessoud oil field as: A snubbing and Completion supervisor where operations were more intense with several of complexity

Completion supervisor: Well Recompletions, on workover Rig

Completion of New Wells drilling Rig

Run & set up Bottom Hole Completion, in general liners, preperforated liner & slotted liner. The size from /” to inch

Snubbing Supervisor:

Supervision of snubbing operations on both small and heavy Rigs, lbs maximum load for small Rig and lbs maximum loads for heavy Rig

Run and change completion with small diameters, ”, ”, ” and /’’, /’’ tubing if necessary.

Run and Change Completion of /’’, /, / & /” and ” tubing with heavy Snubbing Rig, ENSP, Algerian company HK, HALLIBURTON Rig, & CUDD both American companies. Capacity of load @ lbs min, and lbs maxi

Fishing, milling, and cleaning out with specifics tools depending on each operation

From to included : Workover & Snubbing Supervisor

Supervisor on both Rigs Workover & Hydraulic Snubbing, the job at Elgassi oil field was a reel challenge including drilling sidetracks, total wells achieved on short and medium radius are wells, and other wells completed and achieved just on simple Workover as recompletion and cleaning out.

The same challenge for snubbing Rig that has been involved on well maintenance and workovers activities including fishing, milling, recompletions and cleanouts. Many of wells were more than years old.

From to :

Base Manager

I was a Base Manager in Oman, Managing Workover hoists, operating in south for PDO, Petroleum development of Oman and Shell Company.


Apply procedures and respect rules of PDO on HSE.

Logistic support for Rigs on fields

Discuss job order or well program with rig manager before rig move to new location

Prepare the MUL Materiel Utilization list for the next well, callout for requested materiel as per  job order, well program

Prepare and coordinate the rig move

Covering the position of field superintendent when he is away from the field

Coordinate between the head office, Base workshop and field operations

Manage the Base and different departments, workshop, ware house, and transport departments

Participate in decision in case of problem, fishing operation, completion or space out,

Run with different pumps in Hole, such as

Pampa Pump /Barrel, with long and short plunger

Insert pump,

PCP Pump progressive cavity pump

ESP Pump electrical submersible pump

The pump ran in hole on Sucker Rod string inside ½” or ½” tubing

From // up to present

Field Completion Supervisor

Employed at MB petroleum as a field Completion Supervisor: worked for Occidental company for years as a completion engineer to run and perform completion operations in SAFAH & Wadi Latham field, the main completion is a gas lift with /” GLM,s , SSD, ‘X’ & ‘XN’ landing Nipple, and ” PHL Hydraulic HALLIBURTON Packers

I have got under my controls wire line units, operating in the field, beside that I am Client engineer at Occidental

The activities are:

Change out gas lift valves, and Sparteck gauge Survey. In addition, Routine operations such as RIH Gauges cutter, clean out, jarring and fishing … 

From to Now:

Right now I am still working for MB Petroleum as a field Completion Engineer carrying out completion operation at PDO & Shell Area, duties is to run Completion Items, such as Packers, SSD, Nipples, TRSSV hydraulic Valves, ON– OFF connector tools, & GLM’s, gaslift Mandrill & perform all operations related to Completion on well site, including completion program.. 


I am speaking & writing both languages, French and English, In addition, I am speaking fluently Arabic language

I ‘have got the energy and enthusiasm to get good results

I am used to organizing and planning

I ‘have got a good communications skills my experience has given me the opportunity to develop the Sense of communications

Good understanding of French, English & Arabic

Ready to travel & work everywhere

Able to make quality decision

Good knowledge of Computer, windows , Word, Excel & Windows xp, power point, and outlook


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